Rory sat and watched Jess wipe down the tables at the Diner. He was appealing to her, but not in a Dean way, this way was special. Dean had always seemed to boring and definitely not someone who read the same books as Rory. Jess, he was perfect for her. He liked to read even though he was a trouble maker. His poof of black hair was adorable and for once in her life she had become adventurous.

"Rory" Jess called.

Rory awoke from her daydreaming and freaked when she noticed Jess was watching her.

"You want some milk or coffee, you look tired"

"No. I am just waiting for you to come study." Rory replied.

Jess said "fine" and plopped down in the seat next to Rory. He watched he as she read the book aloud. Her blue eyes were attractive, but he knew that he would never have a chance, because this girl is to perfect. The pressure was too much and Rory finally leaned in to kiss Jess. Their lips touched in a long kiss. They pulled away for a second. Rory had never been kissed like this before. Jess leaned in again to continue the kissing. Rory hugged him and felt a chill down her spine. Just then a knocking came from the window of Luke's diner. Outside the window was a large eyed Dean with a red face and hate in his eyes.