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Here's yet another story from me that's about Robin's past! Please read and review! I know that I'm the middle of two other stories but I just deleted two of my stories ("Where You're Heading" and "Love and Death") because I wasn't feeling them anymore. So I decided to make up for that by publishing this story! :)

Note- My chapters will be 500-1000 words long depending on where the cliffhangers are.


Who was Robin exactly?

Of course they knew that he was human and had no powers but that was about it.

They knew nothing else.


The team knew nothing of his parents, his name or what color his eyes were.

But that hadn't bothered them. They knew that Batman had forbade him from telling his teammates anything about himself.

That was the first lie.

Batman hadn't foridden Robin from telling them some things about himself. Robin had made that up.

Because, apparently, he didn't WANT them to know anything.

But why?

Did he not trust them? Were they not worthy or something?

. . . Or was it because he was hiding something, something that he didn't want anyone to know?

Of course he wasn't. That was his reply when they had asked him.

That was the second lie.

He WAS hiding something, something very dark.

But they didn't know.

. . . Yet.

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