Zelgadiss sighed and slammed the heavy book shut. Across the table, Lina jumped at the bang but didn't say anything. She was too engrossed in the book she was reading. Zelgadiss heaved the heavy book back to the shelf and started choosing another one. He was just about to pull out an even bigger book when he heard the giggling.


Zelgadiss' immediate reaction was Xelloss. He spun around but there was no one there but Lina, sitting at the table. A smile appeared on her face.

"Heeheeheehee!" It was her that was giggling! In all the years Zelgadiss had known Lina, he couldn't recall a time where he had heard her giggling like a child.

"Lina?" Zelgadiss called, grasping her attention. Lina looked up, her ruby coloured eyes wide with shock. "What are you reading?"

"Uh...nothing..." Lina said, pulled the book off the table and onto her lap. "Just a story..." Zelgadiss walked back over to the table.

"What kind of story?" Zel asked in an almost teasing tone.

"A romance..." Lina admitted.

"Hmm..." Zelgadiss mused. "I didn't imagine you were one to read romance stories." He said as he sat down with the next book he was going to conquer.

"I'm not, but I came across this one," Lina smiled, mischievously. "Guess what the hero is called?" He shrugged in response. "Zelgadiss..." Lina replied. "His name is Zelgadiss!"

"Wha?" Zel sprang up from his chair and moved around the table to see. There it was, clear as day.

Zelgadiss, stroked the ivory skin of her inner thigh...

Zelgadiss blushed.

"I see why you were giggling." Zelgadiss commented, clearing his throat. Lina blushed.

"It was just weird...reading about 'Zelgadiss' doing...that..." Lina averted her eyes. Zelgadiss chuckled.

"I guess that would be weird." Zel replied. Lina snapped the book shut and shoved it on the table.

"Well I'm gonna hit the hay!" Lina said as she stood up. She faked a yawn and stretched out her arms.

"Lina...it isn't even dinner time yet." Zelgadiss stated. Lina stopped mid-stretch.

"Oh...well...then..." Lina sat back down again. "I'll just finish the story." She muttered as she pulled the pull onto her lap again and put her feet up on the table.

"Really?" Zelgadiss asked as he went to take his seat. "I thought it was weird."

"Well...its not really you." Lina replied as she opened the book at the right page. She started blushing the minute she began reading.

"You're blushing." Zelgadiss noted. "What's the heroine called?" He asked curiously. Lina just mumbled the name. "What was that?"

"The girl is called Lina!" She yelled. "Alright, she's called Lina! But its just a book, it doesn't mean anything! And besides, this chick has big boobs!" Lina replied. "She's nothing like me!" Zelgadiss blushed. "The idea of you and me! Pfft, its ridiculous!" Lina held the book tightly and tried to concentrate on the story.

"The idea of me and Lina..." Zelgadiss began to think about it and he came to a surprising conclusion. "Maybe its not such a ridiculous idea..."

"Hey Lina..." Zelgadiss said softly. He stood up from his chair and walked to her side of the table. Lina looked up at him. He bent down and placed his cold, hard lips on her warm soft lips. Lina dropped the book and wrapped her arms around his neck, deepening the kiss. Lina pouted when Zelgadiss pulled away.

"Hmm..." Zelgadiss mused. "Not so ridiculous..." He whispered.

"No...it was..." Lina tried to think of the right word. "It was good...nice..."

"It was..." Zel replied. At that moment, Amelia and Gourry decided to burst into the room. "Ah, yes!" Zelgadiss said loudly, grabbing the book. He opened it at a random page and pointed. "These were the ruins I investigated!"

"Hows it going guys?" Gourry asked.

"Zel and I were just throwing around some ridiculous ideas." Lina replied, smiling at Zel. He smiled back at her and closed the book.

"We'll talk about these ridiculous ideas after dinner." He smirked and went to put the book back on the shelf.

Author's note: I might add another part to this story, I haven't decided yet. This was initially a little fluffy story to cheer myself up one day. I found it last week and started wondering what might happen after dinner. Teehee ^_^ Reviews are always appreciated! *hint hint nudge nudge*