Sylphiel sighed happily for the millionth time. Gourry sighed happily for the millionth time but for a completely different reason from Sylphiel. She was happy that Gourry had finally left Lina's troupe and was now going to live with her. He was happy because he had a seemingly endless supply of food.

"Gourry-dear?" Sylphiel said in a daze. "Would you like some more breakfast?"

"Hmm..." Gourry thought for a moment. "I'm so full I think I might burst!" He exclaimed.

"So you're finished?" She asked as she started cleaning up the plates.

"Maybe some more chicken?" Gourry asked. "Yeah! I think I can manage some more of your delicious chicken!" Sylphiel sighed. Any woman would say she's being taken for granted but Sylphiel didn't care. As long as he stayed with her, made her a good home and made her happy. And he did make her happy.

Except maybe he didn't. Not quite yet.

Sylphiel wanted to marry Gourry but he was yet to ask her.

"Gourry-dear?" Sylphiel said as she began cooking more chicken. "Do you intend to stay her for a while?" She asked.

"Umm...Well now that Zelgadiss is with Lina I don't have to travel very far anymore." Gourry said as he rubbed his slightly bulging stomach. He somewhat resembled a pregnant woman, but Sylphiel chose to ignore that fact.

"So you are going to stay?" Sylphiel asked.

"I guess so..." Gourry replied. "I haven't been home in a while though." Sylphiel dropped her knife and the piece of chicken she was chopping and rushed over to his side.

"We can visit your home together!" She exclaimed.

"Uuhh..." Gourry uttered. "...okay!" He agreed but he wasn't exactly sure as to what he was agreeing to.

"I'll begin making the preparations as soon as I've finished making your chicken!" Syphiel made a happy sound and resumed chopping the chicken.

Gourry didn't mind, as long as he got the chicken.

A Few Days Later

"Ahahaha! Look at all this treasure, Sylphiel!" Gourry exclaimed and he dumped the sack of stolen treasure in front of her. "Those bandits were so easy to defeat!"

"Um..." Sylphiel began. " many more bandits do you intend to rob?" She asked in a soft voice. This is not what I had in mind!

"Erm...well Lina and I would attack bandits everyday if we could." Gourry replied. Sylphiel sighed. "Are you tired Sylphiel?" Gourry asked her. She shook her head. "Okay... Well I'm going to find us some firewood. Take care while I'm gone!" He gave a big wave and then disappeared again.

"This is certainly not what I had in mind, Gourry-dear." Sylphiel said to herself. "Maybe its time to take things into my own hands." She added as she began working out her new plan of action.

Author's Note: Yes I know this is short but have no fear, we're going to come back to Gourry and Sylphiel soon after we find our what our Seyruun Princess is up to and how Lina and Zelgadiss are settling into their new life. Also, I apologise for the wait. I actually had this written a few weeks ago, I just forgot to upload it. ^_^'