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Riff's POV

I awoke to see a PR girl standing over me, holding a pillow and whacking me with it. Hard. At first I was confused; a PR in Tony's house? There had been Bernardo's sister of course, but Bernardo had made it clear to her not to see Tony; so why would she be here?


It all came flooding back to me; last night was the Rumble, I was stuck in Bernardo's body, and his girl friend was insanely mad at me for reasons I'd rather not get into right now.

"Stop…" I moaned at Maria in Bernardo's heavily PR accented voice.

She hit me harder with the pillow.

" 'Nardo, you really hurt Anita's feelings last night! She thinks you don't like her any more, go apologize."

Unfortunately, all of this was said in very rapid Spanish, so I didn't understand a word of it.

I sat up on the couch I had slept on.

"I'm going for a walk, see you around lunch."

She gaped at me in disbelief for a moment, then spoke in english.

" You really hurt her feelings last night, you should go apologize, now."

" I had a bad night last night Maria, I wasn't in the mood." With that, I walked out the door, intending to find the real Bernardo and find out if his first night as a Jet went any better than my first night as a Shark.

Bernardo's POV

This was going to be fantastic, I thought to myself as I walked down the street, closely followed by a few members of the Jets: Diesel, Snowboy, Action, Baby John, and (to the gangs surprise) Anybodies. The pesky little girl who had been begging me all morning to let her join the gang. I hadn't, but I had let her come along for the day.

Though I was excited to pull this off, I wasn't sure it was smart. He was bound to retaliate some how. But I couldn't help but give him a taste of revenge.

We had reached the edge of Jet territory. A block away, Riff emerged from my apartment building. He turned away from us into the alley next to the building. I told the jets what to do, and that I would meet them from the other side with the other five. It was a lie. I didn't want to have to participate in jumping my own body.

Riff's POV

I sighed as I walked down the alleyway next to Bernardo's apartment building. I had hoped this would reverse itself overnight, or that this had all been a very bad dream, or a hallucination, or even something similar to a bucket of ice water to the face, shocking, but not lasting long. Half way down the alley, I heard footsteps. I whipped around to see four jets and a pest standing there, blocking my way out of the alley. They all had a glint in their eyes that I knew meant they were up to no good.

"Hey spic!"

I turned around the other way to see five more jets blocking the other way out. It was the same strategy we had used to jump Bernardo the first day he was here. Nothing in the alley was good for climbing out, which left running through them. As they began to close in, taunting me, I debated which side to try to break through. Baby john and Anybodies were on one side, and they were certainly the weakest, but diesel was on that side too. On the other side, every one was roughly the same size, with no particularly big or talented fighters, but no one was younger or weaker on that side either. I opted for the space between Anybodies and Snowboy. Baby John was on the other side of the line.

Running at them, I suddenly felt someone grab my collar from behind and throw me to the ground. They pinned me in place, and one of them kicked my face. In a burst of pain, Bernardo's nose broke. I struggled against them, but it was one against ten. They began pummeling me.

"Sharks!" I cried in complete despair. I couldn't believe this, I was being beaten up by my own gang, my brothers.

I never thought I'd be thankful for this, but the sharks came, one stuck his head out of a window above and got more. They ripped the Jets off of me and I sat up, feeling slightly guilty that I had set the sharks on my own gang. Baby John was being beaten badly by a much bigger shark. I longed to dig him out of that hole as I had many time before, but as Bernardo, I couldn't. Fortunately, Diesel came to his rescue.

I looked around, wondering if Bernardo had shown up. He wasn't here, but I had no doubt he had planned this. The situation was too much like what we had pulled on him to be a coincedence. As quickly as I could, I ran off, unnoticed by the two gangs.

Bernardo's POV

"Geez Riff, who did that?" I taunted him, feeling slightly nauseas about my broken nose. That wasn't the kind of damage I was hoping for.

He glared at me, which was really weird feeling, since I was looking at my own face. "You know perfectly well who did this, Nunez. I think I'm going to let your nose set in the worst way possible."

We were at the end of another alleyway. I was sitting on a wall a few feet above him, just out of his reach. He clutched at my nose, trying to figure out how to get it to set.

" Were already even Lorton, you did that to me on my first day. Besides, that was technically me that just got beaten up, not you." I reminded him.

"You thought I'd settle for EVEN? " he asked incredulously. "When has either of us ever settled for even?"

It was true, Even wasn't a word to live by when it came to the Jets and Sharks.

"We haven't Riff, but-" i tried to think up some sort of compensation. "My face is going to be wearing a bandage over my nose for the next few weeks, isn't that enough?

He frowned thoughtfully. "No, maybe I'll dump Anita."

"Don't you dare! That's not the same kind of punishment." I reminded him desperately.

"True. I'll think of something."

He turned around a walked off, leaving me praying he wouldn't act on that last threat.

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