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"Oh Sheldon that ceremony was...it was...just lovely, The lack of God was deliberate I am guessing" said Mary to her newly married son.

"It wasn't deliberate but it was desiderate" replied her son, as her handbag was in the house Mary didn't have to hand her pocket thesaurus that she normally did when her son was around.

Rory and Sheldon were going around, thanking guests for coming, Meemaw had baked a wedding cake for the occassion, the happy couple had cut this and helped to share it out, the fireworks were set off, catherine wheels had been attatched to the surrounding trees, children were running around with sparklers, followed by thier frantic parents.

Rory's foster parents the Gregs were haveing a talk with Mary, comparing what their children were like growing up, it turned out that Rory had kept in touch with them a lot, they had visited her quite a lot, on their last visit a few months ago Rory had cut out columns of science magazines that Sheldon had written, on a few of them the text was accompanied with his picture, they recognised him instantly earlier that day.

The party went on until the early hours, Raj had had quite a lot to drink and so Missy took him to her room so he could lie down, 'my sister has a kind heart' Sheldon thought.

Howard was flirting with Sheldons cousin Sandra, she worked for NASA as an engineer, they went for a walk and weren't seen for the rest of the night, Leonard and Penny were dancing in the clearing/ makeshift dancefloor. they had been discussing how nice it would be now that they didn't have to look after Sheldon anymore, after a while the music turned to a more romantic genre, Just a kiss by Lady Antebellum came on, Sheldon escorted Rory to the dancefloor for their first dance as Man and Wife, Penny looked at Leonard's eyes behind his thick lenses, she saw a spark, like the one Sheldon saw in Rorys and vice versa, she asked if he saw a spark in her eyes, he said yes but commented that it could be a reflection of the fireworks.

Penny didn't care, she saw it in his eyes, she thought that if a man as emotionally redundant as Sheldon could have the courage to say I love you to another one of his species then surely she could say I love you to Leonard, so she did.

Leonard and Penny thanked Rory and Sheldon for allowing them to be a part of their day, Penny gave Rory the Dr Who scarf she had in her handbag, Penny and Leonard left the congregation and were, like Howard and Raj, not seen again that night.

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