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Ikuto: Loovvee you Amu …

Amu: S-Shut up perverted cat!

(Start bickering)

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"Class, don't forget your homework!" The Biology teacher told the middle school class. Ikuto was gazing out the window, not paying much attention to anything around him. After all, he was thinking of Amu. He couldn't help but smirking.

"Ikuto-kun!" The teacher called.

"Yes, Amu?" He said, slightly dreamily.

"Amu?" His friend leaned over, shaking him. "Who's Amu, Ikuto-kun?"

"Huh?" Ikuto shook his head slightly. "Oh… Nobody important." He lied. His friend didn't seem to believe him at all, but he didn't push it.

"Oh yeah, you've got to see the teacher about the homework." He told him, laughing still. Ikuto nodded and went to the teacher's desk.

"Ah, Ikuto-kun. You know what the homework is, right?" He asked Ikuto. Ikuto shook his head.

"Experiment the heartbeat of a friend when in a certain circumstance. Like embarrassed or after exercising." The teacher collected his papers. Ikuto smirked.

Amu sat on her bed and sighed.

"Hey, Miki. Why is Yoru here?" Amu asked.

"I wanted to be with Miki-nya." Yoru laughed and leaned against Miki. Miki blushed a deep pink.

Yoru had been over Amu's house a lot more now, and she felt it was because of Miki. They were getting closer for sure.

Amu sighed again and went out on to her balcony to get some cool air.

"Amu." Ikuto said as he dropped down in front of her. Amu screamed but Ikuto covered her mouth with his hand.

"That excited, Amu?" He teased.

"S-Shut up, perverted cosplay cat!" She stuttered. Ikuto laughed.

"So Amu... What would you say if I asked you to help me with my homework?" He smirked.

"W-What? What homework?" Amu murmured.

"Biology…" Ikuto smirked again.

"This sounds somehow perverted…" She muttered to herself, rubbing her head in frustration. "But you help me so… Fine I guess." Amu smiled up at him. He smirked the smirk he seemed only to have for Amu.

"I have a bad feeling about this…" Amu whispered to herself. "A bad feeling indeed…"

Amu was right, of course. Ikuto held his hand to her neck gently and pressed down lightly, finding her pulse. Amu blushed and she knew he could feel her heart speed up the moment her touched her.

Ikuto just smirked.

"W-What's your circumstance?" Amu asked, stuttering still. Ikuto leaned in close.

"Embarrassment." He whispered in her ear and nipped it. Amu blushed a dark pink and her heart sped up more. She wished he couldn't feel it right now.

"Pervert…" She muttered but Ikuto's ears picked it up.

"You seem to forget the time when I was asleep and you stared and stroked my hair." Ikuto teased and Amu's heart leapt.

"I didn't stare that time!" She said confidently. But Ikuto always had something to come back with.

"That time? So, Amu stares at my sleeping face other times then?" Ikuto smirked. Amu was rendered speechless. He came up close, so close their noses were touching and their lips a few centimeters apart.

"I don't mind, Amu. You can look at every part of my face if you want…" Amu eyes widened and her heart felt like a jackhammer.

"Or my bo-"

"Stop right there!" Amu told him and looked away, but his hand was still on her neck. She put her hand up to her cheek, feeling the red-hot heat of her skin.

"Are you okay?" Ikuto asked, slightly worried if he'd gone overboard. Amu sighed.

"Y-Yeah. But I was pretty sure if you continued, my heart would have stopped." Amu told him honestly, which surprised Ikuto. His eyes widened as she continued.

"This only happens with Ikuto… Nobody else. You're the only one who-" She looked up at Ikuto with watery eyes. "Makes me so messed up." Ikuto felt himself blush. He pulled her closer.

"I'm sorry Amu. It's exactly how I feel." Ikuto smiled. "Now, you should go to bed. It's getting late, little Amu." Amu nodded.

"What about your homework?" She asked, curious.

"I've done it already."

"HUUHHH?" Amu shouted in disbelief. "Why did you come here then?"

"Because Amu is like a ball of string, she's fun to play with and…" He leaned in close.

"She excites me."

Amu pushed him away.

"Perverted cat!" She shouted. "Shoo! Shoo!" Amu said, making shooing motions. Ikuto smirked.

"Come on Yoru, we have to go." Ikuto told Yoru. He turned around and saw Miki sleeping against also sleeping Yoru's chest. Ikuto smiled,

"Maybe we should do the same…" He whispered, edging closer to Amu. Amu blushed but stuck her arm out and pointed to the door.

"Out. Bad kitty." She told him. He smirked widely, he remotely reminded her of The Joker. Ikuto leaned in closer.

Ikuto purred and licked Amu's cheek.

"I'll show you how much of a bad kitty I can be."

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