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A Love Truth or Dare

Amu layed her head on her desk, waiting for the bell to ring. But just before it did, she fell asleep, and didn't wake up when it did.

Rima, Nagihiko, Kukai and Utau sat around the sleeping Amu. The classroom became empty, besides them. When Amu finally woke up, they all came close up and shouted,

"BOO!" Amu screamed and nearly fell backwards. Everyone laughed. Amu glared.

"Hey!" She complained, and looked around.

"Why are we all still here?" Amu asked, looking at all of them.

"I believe for Truth or Dare." A silky voice came from behind her. Two arms snaked their way around her, and a head leaned on her shoulder.

"Ikuto! You came!" Utau smiled at her older brother.

"I want to play, if Amu is playing." Ikuto whispered the last part in Amu's ear. She shivered and waved him away. Ikuto leaned back, got a chair and sat close to Amu. Very close. Utau brought out a glass bottle and spun it on the small desk. It landed on Utau. Utau spun it, and it landed on Amu.

"Amu, truth or dare?" She asked.

"Dare." Amu said adventurously.

"Kiss Ikuto on the lips." She giggled and Amu blushed. Ikuto smirked, as she turned towards him. She shut her eyes and leaned forward. When she felt Ikuto's lips against her own, it somehow felt natural. She pulled away, blushing madly. Ikuto smirked, but looked slightly out of it himself.

Amu spun the bottle and it landed on Rima.

"Rima, truth or dare?" She asked.

"I'm not embarrassed about anything. Dare."

"Rima, lick Nagi in three different places." Amu said, and Rima blushed bright pink at Nagi. She reluctantly leaned forward and licked his neck. She pulled a sour expression and licked his cheek. Finally, she licked his hand. Rima sighed in relief, though Nagi seemed pleased. Rima spun the bottle, and it landed on Ikuto.

"Ikuto, truth or dare?" Rima asked, looking bored.

"I'm going to say truth this time." He said. Rima smiled.

"Do you plan to marry Amu?" She asked, deviously.

"I do." Ikuto smirked, and then laughed at Amu's expression. Ikuto spun the bottle and it landed on Utau.

"Utau?" He asked.


"Have you ever thought about Kukai in a romantic way?" He asked, smirking. Utau flushed pink and she blinked, before putting her head down.

"I have." She admitted, and quickly spun the bottle. Utau glared at Ikuto, who just smirked. Kukai looked surprised, but happy.

The bottle landed on Kukai.

"Kukai?" Utau asked.


"Do you love me?" Utau asked, her cheeks hotter than ever.

"I do love you." Kukai answered, lifting Utau's head up and kissing her. The only bad vibe in the room was around Ikuto.

"I love you too." Utau replied, leaning her head against Kukai. They both smiled happily.

"I'm bored. I'm out." Rima said, getting up. Nagi followed after her, as she went out. Ikuto took Amu's hand and dragged her outside, leaving Utau and Kukai alone.

As Amu stepped outside, a cold wind wrapped around her and she shivered. Ikuto noticed and put his jacket around her. Amu smiled up at him.

"Won't you get cold?" She asked.

"Why, worried about me?" He teased, smirking.

"Yes." Amu said, clenching her fists. Ikuto stopped, stunned.

"I am constantly." Amu admitted, turning her head away. She turned her head back to him.

"Truth or Dare?" She asked.

"Truth." He replied.

"Are you aware I love you?" Amu said, and Ikuto's eyes widened. He smiled and leaned down to her.

"Truth or Dare?" She asked.


"Kiss me again." Amu said, and Ikuto smiled. He kissed her, holding the back of her neck. He pulled away and smirked.

"Want to do something dirty?" Amu blushed bright red, a colour he'd never seen before.

"N-No! B-Bad…" She muttered.

"I'm your bad kitty, baby."

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