Welcome to Anime's Amazing Races of 2012.

Cullendaughter45 and I are writing this to make me feel less upset about my recent breakup.

Anyway, onto this amazing idea.

We've decided to start a reality show...

One which pairs two animes together.

The characters of the two shows are brought into the real world and paired with another character. They then race around the world, kinda like Amazing Race, but much more zany and fun.

10 pairs, one game.

Onto the fic!


It was a sunny day in Karakura town. Birds chirped pleasantly overhead, and the mail man had just finished escaping the usual Chihuahua attack from apartment 6B. Inside Ichigo's mailbox was a suspicious letter, coloured gold. A letter like this was planted in every mailbox of his friends'. The moment they opened them, they would be sucked into a portal bringing them into the real world. Several letters were planted in the Soul Society and Heuco Mundo.

In another anime universe there are golden scrolls. Letters were not invented yet. Only one person got a letter in an envelope. Yes, the Inuyasha universe. Demons and holy people alike will join this game.

Look, the Bleach characters are opening their letters. And look, there goes Ichigo. And Renji, and Zaraki. And Grimmjow.

Just watch them fly.

Here come the Inuyasha characters!


Ichigo was disorientated. Utterly and completely. Around him, his friends, and enemies shook themselves.

"Hey! Ichigo!" Renji waved a hand in the air. "Do you know whats happening?"

"I have no idea!" he shrugged.

"Maybe we've been kidnapped by aliens!" Orihime clapped her hands together and smiled. Ichigo sighed, shaking his head. Grimmjow stood from his sprawled position on the floor, gazing around the room, before ramming his shoulder against the wall. Ichigo snorted.

Across the room from Grimmjow, a door slid open and air rushed into the sterile white room. A young adult stood in the door way, chewing on the end of a pencil. She lifted her green eyes from the papers on her clipboard and smiled.

"Good, you made it in one piece." She scrawled something on her papers. "I'm going to make sure you all made it. The faster we get through this the faster you'll be de conuzzled."

Extremely disturbed looks were sent around the others in the room.

"Right, anyway… Ichigo Kurosaki, Visored and Strawberry?"

"I'm not a Visored! Or a Strawberry!" He yelled, striding across the room to the girl.

"Bullshit. We got lazy, and we know you're not. Suck it up." She waved away Ichigo. "Renji Abarai, Shinigami?"

"I'm here." He waved, peering around the room.

"Good. Blair will be very pleased. Toshiro Hitsugaya, Shinigami?"

"That's Captain Hitsugaya to you!" He frowned, narrowing his eyes.

"Whatever shorty. Sado, Hollow classified?" Toshiro's outraged yells had no affect whatsoever in the background.

"Yeah." the deep voice was heard from the corner, where the large boy was laying, staring at the rotating ceiling fans.

"Inoue Orihime, unclassified?" The girl snarled, after making a check mark by Chad's name.

"Hai! I'm here!" The girl smiled, waving happily.

"DAMNIT. Zaraki Kenpachi, Shinigami?" she grinned cheerily.

"Over here." He stood up, towering over the others. Ichigo gave him a terrified look, sliding closer to the open door. The young adult looked slightly distracted for a moment as a glazed look appeared in her eyes. Stupid fangirlishness.

"No fighting, boys. Yoruichi, Cat woman?"

"Yes, I'm here." The woman nodded lazily with a cheery smile.

"Nice to meet you. Grimmjow Jaquerjaz, The Sexy Espada?"

"Will you tell us what's going on?" he grumbled, sinking to the floor and rubbing his shoulder. At the girls offhand comment, he sweatdropped and looked as though he wanted to dig himself a hole and bury himself for protection.

"Ulquiorra, other Sexy Espada?" The white haired female looked up and searched the room. Finding the desired person, she lowered her eyes back to the clipboard. "And Rukia Kuchiki, Shinigami?"

"I'm here."

"Great! Let's have a seat, drink some milk and cookies, plot Inoue's destruction, and wait for my partner." She stood aside and left the door open to the Bleach characters. After they had all filed out, she lifted her wrist to her mouth. "They're all here, Blair."

A voice crackled from the other end of the transmitter.

"Thanks Seren~I'll get started with the others."


Blair cut the transmission, and took a deep breath before sliding open the door. She smiled, adjusted her clipboard and entered the room.

"Everybody-" Ten pairs of eyes turned to the newcomer and she smiled. "Well, I guess I don't need to tell you to calm down." She gave a nervous laugh, eyeing the occupants of the room. "Anyway-"

"What do you want with us, demon?" The baritone floated across the room, and Blair ignored it. Stupid annoying yokai...

"When I call your name, confirm you're here. It will make things easier. Ayame?"


"Kagome Higurashi?"


"Stupid undead bitch, Kikyo?"



"Here. Miroku, you pervert!"

"And Miroku is here.. Kouga?" She blinked. The wolf was standing in front of her.

"I'm here. I'm gonna make you my woman." He grasped her hands. Blair sighed, bending to pick up her dropped clipboard and smacked him when he attempted to grab her.

"I'm flattered, Kouga, but you already have to deal with Ayame and Kagome."Blair checked her list. "Sesshomaru?"


"Screw you too. Inuyasha?"

"What, wench?" a tick mark of annoyance crossed Blair's features, and she fought the urge to cause bodily harm to the irritating half demon.



"And Hojo?"

"Yes, I'm here!"

"Great. Everybody into the next room. Everything will be explained there."


Once everyone was assembled in the dining room, Seren and Blair got everyone's attention.

"HEY! SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Seren slammed her clipboard on the table with a bang, cracking it in half. "We've brought you here for one reason. My partner, Blair and I are the hosts of a TV show called Anime's Amazing Races." The black haired demon stepped forward.

"A TV is a box with moving pictures. Ichigo and Kagome will explain for those of you who don't understand." She smiled.

"Anyway, before i was so rudely interrupted, i was talking about our show. You have been chosen to be the first contestants during our first season. Those of you who don't want to be here, SUCK. IT. UP."

"What Seren is trying to say is, we cant send you home until you lose. The rules are simple; you follow clues to each destination, until you reach the last rendezvous point of each episode. Last team to reach the rendezvous point is eliminated and sent back into their universe. The winners of the show are each given a bunch of cool stuff. We haven't decided what yet, so don't bother asking."

"Any questions?" Seren crossed her arms. Kagome's arms shot up.

"We have the Amazing Race on the TV at home,is this going to be anything like that?"

"You'll have to wait and see wont you?"Seren cackled.

"I'll be coming around with a package for each of you. Open it and put on your new clothes. Change rooms are over there." Blair pointed to the wall with two doors. Pulling a pile of brown wrapped packages from the shelving unit behind her, she began walking around the room.

"When all of you are done, go through that door and find a seat. You have half an hour." Seren and Blair disappeared when they were done, white lap coats swishing behind them.


Blair patted her hair, making sure the elaborate hairdo wasn't going to fall out. Seren looked at her, raising an eyebrow and tugging her jeans higher.

"We're about to go universe-wide on television for the first time and you're wearing jeans and a t-shirt?" Blair sighed, smoothing down her knee-length kimono style dress.

"Yeah. So?" Seren shrugged. "I like my comfy clothes."

"Go change." Blair narrowed her eyes and pointed to the change room they shared. Seren lowered her green eyes to the floor and slunk away like a scolded puppy. Her co-host shook her head, turning and making her way to the stage across the building. She peered at the security camera footage of the characters, and sighed. Turning on the audio she began scolding.

"Sesshomaru, put Inuyasha down. He is NOT a chew toy, even if it is tempting. Kouga stop flirting with Kagome. Miroku keep your hands away from Orihime and Sango. Grimmjow and Ichigo, stop fighting. Kagura, Sado is not a target for you to practice on. Toshiro, put Renji in a corner. Hojo, shut up." She watched in satisfaction as the orders were taken care of. Seren raced up to Blair, wearing a dress, looking thoroughly disgusted. "Good girl, Seren. Let's get this show on the road."

"Wait. Where's Zaraki?"


"Hey, you two freaks. Where's emospada?" Grimmjow drawled.

Seren and Blair shared a look.

"Zaraki...and Ulquiorra..."their eyes twitched.






On air!

"Welcome to the very first episode of Anime's Amazing Races!" The white haired girl on the left crowed.

"This is a game show where we take characters from different animes and send them around the world. But these aren't normal worlds. I'm Seren Cullendaughter." she smiled brightly.

"And I'm Blair Dragonsinger." The purple eyed girl on the right smiled. "Let's introduce our two anime's characters." They turned to the big screen behind them and watched as the opening song for both the animes started playing, and then they stopped on the title.

"Ahh, screw it. Let's get to the teams. They'll be made up of one Bleach character and one Inuyasha character. Seren, what do we have?"

"On team Orange, we have Ichigo Kurosaki, the.." here Seren coughed out a low "Cockroach!" before continuing. "The main character of Bleach, and Ayame, a minor character of Inuyasha. Come on up here you two." Seren held out two orange paint cans, looking very much like the cheshire cat. The two characters dressed in jeans and plain white shirts appeared on the screen. They took a seat at the tables to the side and began talking nervously. Obviously they weren't used to this kind of rough treatment.

"On team Red, Renji Abarai, also known as Pineapple-head, from Bleach, and Kagome Higurashi, who is the superduperawesomekickass main female character of Inuyasha." Blair held out jars of red paint, eyeing up Renji as he turned away.

"On team Blue, Toshiro Hitsugaya from Bleach, and Kikyo from Inuyasha." Blue paint from Seren, along with ruffling the tiny Captains fluffy looking hair.

She dutifully ignored his roars of outrage as Blair dragged him away to his table.

"Team Pink, Chad from Bleach and Sango from Inuyasha." Pink paint from Blair. Sympathetically, she patted Sango's shoulder at the look Miroku was sending her.

"Team Green, Orihime and Miroku!" Green paint from Seren, who had to resist the urge to slam it on the annoying Orihime's head.

"Team Black, Zaraki Kenpachi and Kouga." Blair handed the large Captain a jar of paint. Zaraki got an odd gleam in his eye as he felt the pairs reiatsu.

"Team Yellow, Sesshomaru and Yoruichi." Seren resisted the urge to cuddle the moko-moko, while Blair was physically dragged off of it three seconds later.

"Team White, Grimmjow and Inuyasha. I thought it might be the best idea to not give the two of them paint." She really didn't want them getting the wrong idea because of their team colour.

"Team Purple, Ulquiorra and Kagura. Don't you give me that look you two. It was either you two or everyone else would be dead. Yeah, I'm talking to you Emospada!" Seren ranted.

Blair sweatdropped and took it upon herself to introduce the last team.

"And Team Brown, Rukia and Hojo." Blair handed them the last jars of paint, snickering at Rukia's horrified look at the dull colour.

"Oi, shorty, think on the bright side. Rabbits can be brown too."

Rukia's face lit up like a kid on Christmas morning.

Seren and Ulquiorra were currently having a glaring match. Amazingly, Seren wasn't losing focus for once. Blair stared in shock, mouth hanging open for a couple of minutes before clearing her throat and throwing the nearest object at her partner.

Which just so happened to be Hojo.

Seren let out an ungodly screech as she was bowled over, ears pinned to the sides of her head and teeth bared as she drew a knife out of nowhere, disturbing most people. Minus Blair and Zaraki.

"SEREN! PAY ATTENTION ALREADY!" Blair shrieked, reiatsu spiking. Zaraki's grin grew considerably.

"Umm….Didn't you say we were on air?" a tentative Sango asked.

Blair froze.

Seren started snickering.

"Why me? I could be in the feudal era right now, but noooo. I got stuck with babysitting a bunch of immature Shinigami, Hollow, Miko, and YOKAI! I should just kick all your asses into D. Gray Man already and get this over with!"

"Actually, that isn't such a bad idea…" Seren giggled. "I WANNA SEE LAVI-CHAN!"

"AND I WANNA SEE YU-CHAN!" Blair yelled, clapping her hands together in glee.

Suddenly, without any warning, a neon blue hole opened up in the wall behind the competitors.

"Ahh, times up. Oh well. Have fun guys! You'll get your instructions when you wake up!" Blair cackled.

"…If, Blair. If." Seren corrected with an evil laugh.

The next thing everyone knew, the two evil little women had shoved them through the portal.

With the exception of Sesshomaru, who regally entered with a chilling glare sent at the two.

After there was silence.

"You know, no matter how many times he does that…I still love him~!" Seren declared, turning to walk out of the now empty studio. Unfortunately, she tripped over her own feet, falling backwards with a squeal.

Right through the still open portal.

Blair facepalmed.

"That's all for today, guys. We'll be back tomorrow."

AN- Right, so that's the first chapter. These are the teams for you guys. We'll keep a record of who's still in the game for you.

Orange: Ichigo - Ayame

Red: Renji - Kagome

Blue: Toshiro - Kikyo

Pink: Chad - Sango

Green: Orihime - Miroku

Black: Kenpachi - Kouga

Yellow: Yoroichi - Sesshomaru

White: Grimmjow - Inuyasha

Purple: Ulquiorra - Kagura

Brown: Rukia - Hojo

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