Author's Note: It's been a while since I've done fanfiction so I may be a little rusty. This story deals soley with Persona 4 and focuses mostly on the protagonist and Yukiko. I'm using Seta as the main character because Yuu's personality from the Anime doesn't fit my story. Forgive me if his character isn't very true though, there isn't a lot of research on Seta's personality. Chapter one is mostly set up, It's not my favorite but the next one should have more action.

This story is rated teen but I try to keep with the dark tone of the game, so it's not for kids.

Thank you very much for reading.

Disclaimer: I do not own Shin Megami Tensei Persona 4 or it's characters.

Act One...

"I don't care where we go! Anywhere's fine! As long as it's not here, I don't give a damn!"

-Yukiko Amagi


It was a mild winter for Yasoinaba; hardly any snow had fallen. Shoiji Seta enjoyed his walk to the Amagi Inn despite the ups and downs of the streets. He was pretty nervous; he was constantly fixing his hair and black school uniform, which was pretty futile considering he had to repeat the ritual every time the wind blew.

Seta was a third year. He had come to Inaba to spend a year with his uncle and despite a string of high profile murders, he managed to enjoy every day of it. His year in Inaba wrapped up with the arrest of a deranged police detective for said murders, and soon after he had to say good bye to all the friends he made. He also had to say goodbye to an adventure too mind blowing for him to remember clearly. He was sad, but his frown quickly spun around when his work-addicted parents sent him back to Inaba to finish his last year of high school.

And he did. In fact, his second year in the sleepy town went by quicker than the first. But now it was coming to an end, he and his classmates Youske, Chie and Yukiko were set to graduate very soon and go their own ways. Seta himself felt intimidated to think about the university he'd be attending back at his old city. His parents had enough money to put him through college twice. This fact had a huge part to play in what he was about to do.

He walked up the empty steps of the Amagi Inn and peeked inside. Because it was an off season, the lobby was empty save for Yukiko's mom, Rin. She was all alone at the check in desk wearing a blue and white kimono. She spotted him before he could step inside.

"Shouji-kun?" she asked, "Please come in, what are you doing sneaking around? You're not a stranger."

"Rin-san, didn't mean to hide from you."

He walked in and looked around at the traditional Japanese decorations. Rin closed the thick record book she'd been writing in, "If you're here to see Yukiko, she's cleaning the dining room."

"Thanks, is she alone?"

Rin gave him that mother's look.

"No, I mean, that's not what I meant."

"I know, "said Rin laughing, "Please, she'd be happy to see you."

[] [] []

Shouji walked the wooden Inn halls counting the squeaks in the floorboards. He spied a young woman's silhouette from behind the dining room door.

He walked in, "Yukiko?"

Her Kimono was bright red and her shiny black hair glowed in the sunlight when she turned to meet him.


"Wanted to stop by, things are going to get busy with graduation coming up."

"I know, hard to believe it's been three years already. Chie has been so depressed."

Shouji laughed, "She really that sad to leave Yasogami?"

Yukiko picked up a few empty dishes, "No, she can't pass any of her college entrance exams."

Seta wanted too laugh at that too but held it in, "While we're on the subject…"

"Yes, you told me you scored a great college, congratulations."

She continued to clean up. Shouji bit his bottom lip and took a seat on a pillow, "And what are your plans?"

"Oh, haven't changed. I've decided to take over the inn. I know I've been going back and forth with it and…I know my tactless fan-girl shadow-self said I didn't want to take over the Inn, but I think it's the right choice."

Shouji nodded half heartedly. There was a long pause while Yukiko carried on her job, she really was a woman committed to her responsibilities. Shouji's emotions started flaring. In the two years he'd known Yukiko, he felt his heart go through a number of phases. He knew her heart had done the same, but now two years had passed. He knew where his heart was, but not where Yukiko's was.

Shouji took a deep breath, "Come with me."

Yukiko stopped right in the middle of moving a gravy lamp. Shouji felt the sweat down his brow, what was he thinking saying that so suddenly?


"I said…come with me. You're smart enough to get into college."

Yukiko finally faced him, "That's…t-that's… called."

"Eloping, I know," Seta got up, "Your shadow didn't lie. I know there's a part of you that doesn't want to inherit the Inn. I know there's a part of you that wants to leave Inaba. And there's a big part of me that wants to see you turn loose that amazing personality on the world."

Yukiko forced a laugh despite turning pale, "You've been practicing that one, haven't you."

"It was a long walk up here."

"Shouji-kun, I've spent a lot of nights thinking about leaving but my mind always comes back to Inaba. This is my home."

Shouji felt himself crashing and burning. Before coming to Inaba he had never even kissed a girl, and now he was considering eloping with one. And now that his plan was failing, he felt the urge to run away as fast as he could in embarrassment.

Yukiko could notice his distress. She walked over and gently hugged him, "Shouji, you know I love you. But I want to stay here."

Shouji knew there was nothing he could say once Yukiko set her mind on something, "I understand."

The moment was right for a kiss, so without delay, Yukiko closed her dark eyes and showed off her soft red lips. Seta bent in. Suddenly, the sound of a plate shattering outside the door ruined the moment. Seta looked around, "Did you drop something?"

Yukiko's brow contorted, "Oh no!"

Rin Amagi stumbled in with a terrified look on her face.

"Mom?" Were you outside?"

"I was bringing you some tea when I…when I…"

She threw her hands up in rage and stabbed a finger at Shouji, "How dare you! You think you can just walk in the front door and take my daughter away!"

"Rin-san it's not what it looks like. We were just talking."

"Well you might be used to getting what you want in that sink-hole city called Tokyo, but here in Inaba boys are expected to act like gentlemen."

"Mom!" Yukiko interrupted her but it was short lived and defused by and soft slap across the face, "Don't interrupt me!"

Shouji scowled, "You hit her?"

"Stem the attitude or I'll do the same to you. Now get out."

Shouji's skin burned, the last person he wanted to fight was Yukiko's mother. Most of his friends considered him the leader during their Midnight Channel adventures, but in reality confrontation always put a knot in his stomach.

This time was no exception. Yukiko started to cry, she back up into a corner.

"Listen!" Seta boomed.

"I have no reason to!"

"I don't care! You're going to listen to everything I have to say!" Shouji opened his mouth to rebut but he was cut off.

Yukiko, in a fit of grief, managed to say what Seta had been praying for, "You've ordered me around for the last time! I'm going with Seta to the city! I'm going to college!"

Rin was speechless. Shouji didn't know what was more of an impact, what she said or the fact that she raised her voice to her mother for the first time.

She took Seta's hand and pulled him from the room. He didn't look back.

[] [] []

Outside, the wind was blowing harder.

"Yukiko, hang on a second. I'm sorry. If you don't want to do this, just say so. I'm not going to force you to do something you don't want to."

She wasn't facing him; her red kimono was flapping in the fall wind.

"The boys always called you "The Amagi Challenge" at school. Because they knew you weren't like other girls, you couldn't be won over with sweet talk."

Yukiko turned around and her face lit up with resolve, "You're right," she took his hand, "I'm going to Tokyo with you, and It's because I want to. I want to get out of this town. I want someone to take me away from this place, while I still have the chance."

Shouji couldn't deny the happiness he felt, but there was also a sense of responsibility that was bearing down on him like a train.

"Okay," he said, "Let's go."

"This is going to be a huge responsibility for both of us."

Shouji understood. Behind them, a sobbing Rin Amagi stumbled to the Inn doors. She now looked exactly how any mother would look if they were losing their daughter to a boy: Heartbroken…and scared.

Shouji felt a surge of confidence as he took Yukiko in his arms, "Let's go."

Yukiko smiled wide. She was shaking, Shouji could tell. So was he.

[] [] []

Two months later…


Tokyo. Aside from Yukiko almost passing out upon exiting the train, everything went perfectly. Shouji had spoken with his parents but naturally they weren't very interested in his life. He said he was going to college with a friend and they signed off on it. Shouji suspected that even if he had told his parents this friend was a female of his age, they would have still paid for his apartment on campus.

Shouji had already gone over his first semester schedule. At Yasogami he had taken some economics classes at Youske's suggestion; he liked them and figured that'd be the direction for college. Yukiko was still finding her way but somehow she managed to score an internship for a trading company.

Shouji and Yukiko watched the door to their first apartment swing open. It had a new smell to it, and although small it was perfect for just two people. They turned on the lights and walked around in silence.

Finally, they looked at each other and smiled. A playful Yukiko pulled him onto the bed to roll around and laugh.

"This is so cool!" she beamed, "It's so Spartan I feel like a common person now!"

Shouji's smile froze as he tried to find a compliment in that. She was used to rich living; maybe this was cool to her because it wasn't lavish.

Shouji crawled over Yukiko and looked out the window. Their university was in the distance.

"I'm home again!"

"Are all the buildings in Tokyo this tall?"

"Pretty much," Seta got up and turned on the television. It was the news and to his relief, the same weather lady he watched as a kid was still on.

"I want to make you something to eat just like in high school, "Yukiko said while wiggling out from under Seta.

"Yukiko-san, it hasn't been that long since high school."

The sound of pots and pans resonated from the small kitchen. The news was pretty generic, a couple of robberies, a drug bust, the story about a police detective who committed serial murders in a rural town. Shouji smiled upon seeing that one, Tokyo News wouldn't even call Inaba by name.

"How did Chie take the news about us?"

"Expected. Don't worry, I told her I was leaving by myself. Nobody knows about our relationship."

Shouji lay back in bed, "I'll take the floor until a two bedroom apartment opens up."

"Well thank you. Do you like your curry with miso or soy sauce?"

Shouji went to answer but thought about it hard. Yukiko's cooking was improving but it had been a while since he tried the latest version.

"Uh…surprise me."

A few minutes later, Yukiko brought out two plates of curry. Shouji took the plate while still on his back. He took a bite. And chewed. Yukiko's head appeared rather comically over his own, etched with anxiety, "…Well?"

"Well…" said Shouji nervously.

"Be honest!"

"Okay, okay, it's not too bad…I can eat this."

Yukiko straddled him and took the fork. Shouji couldn't believe it, was she actually going to feed him curry?

"You know this only happens in Anime."

Yukiko put a fork full of curry into his mouth with a smile, "Then pretend this is an Anime."

She pulled the fork from his lips and hovered it threateningly over his face, "No harems though."

"Got it," said Shouji, "Things have been going pretty fast. Are you sure everything is okay?"

"I'd tell you if I was unhappy. Now here, try the pork."

She fed it to him. Shouji's tongue recoiled. If she wanted honesty it could of been a long night.

[] [] []

And a long rainy night it was. Shouji was happy to crawl into his couch-bed but only four hours into the night he woke up for some reason, jostled by a strange noise. His drowsy head couldn't diagnose the source but as he woke, he could have sworn it sounded like…static. He scolded himself, static of a television? The static that appeared before an episode of the midnight channel? Those days were over for good.

He went back to bed, but couldn't fall asleep again. He told himself that the sound wasn't the Midnight Channel, but a sure way to confirm that would be the time. He looked at the clock.

It was 12:01 AM.

Coincidences couldn't be this perfect. Shouji stayed awake the rest of the night.

[] [] []


Yukiko's internship with a company called Maejima Trading started in the morning, and then from there she had classes. Seta was already at school when she passed through the glass doors of her company's lobby.

She promised herself she wouldn't be intimidated by the city, but the plan had some holes in it. She had traded in her red kimono for an office lady's attire and no matter what she did, she couldn't stop feeling out of place. She smiled at the security guard and made her way to her boss's office.

Her job was simple, take messages, get coffee, and learn what she could about the company. She opened the doors to her boss's office. It was empty, but mammoth with a big glass window on the back room. Despite the insecurity, Yukiko was absolutely thrilled by one simple fact: No one recognized her here. That alone made her thankful she took Seta's hand in this adventure.

The office doors opened and closed, Yukiko caught sight of an older man with hair as thick as his glasses. Mr. Keitaro Suitengu.

"Ah!" he said opening his massive maw, "You must be Yukiko-chan, my new intern!"

"Uh," Yukiko stammered, "It's Yukiko Amagi but…"

"Yeah, you're the girl form Yasoinaba! Welcome aboard!"

Yukiko shook his hand but still didn't think "Yukiko-chan" was very professional way to address her.

"Thank you sir," She bowed, "I'll do my best."

"Oh, I'm sure you will," He took a seat behind his desk, "Your workstation is right over there. So tell me, what brought you to the city?"

"Well, opportunity I guess. I wanted to pull up my roots Suitengu-san."

"I like your attitude already!"

Yukiko took a seat at her desk. There was a lot to take in, she wasn't computer illiterate but they weren't familiar to her. She began pecking at her keyboard.

"I shouldn't get too many calls today so just focus on learning the system, " Keitaro said, "And of course don't hesitate to ask me questions."

Yukiko felt a little better, "Thank you sir."

"Just as long as I get to ask you questions as well, ha, ha!"

That feeling of security walked away as fast as it came, "Um, excuse me sir?"

"You married?"

Now it was running away at full speed, "What?"

"Come on, a cute girl like you, I have to ask."


"What about a boyfriend?"

Yukiko got up, "I just remembered, I forgot to pick up my ID from security, I'll be back in a second."

She was out in a flash. As soon as she closed the door behind her she ran into two older office ladies. The closest one to her had a head of shiny black hair like her own the second was more petite with a pair of glasses and a perm.

"Amagi-san isn't it? Nice to meet you, I'm Natsumi and the shy one with glasses is Fuyuki."

Yukiko took her hand, "Nice to meet you."

"We need to meet up later; I'm really busy now though. I just wanted to drop you a line about your new boss."


Natsumi got close to her face and advertised a dead serious look, "If you're in a relationship, don't tell him. He's a creep who gets off flirting with taken women."

Yukiko could feel her face turn to stone. It couldn't be. A trading company with hundreds of executives and she lands the creep? What was this? A Soap?

Her two new friends hurried off. Yukiko shook her head in depression and pulled off the ring Shouji gave her as a graduation gift. Hopefully Keitaro didn't see it already.

[] [] []

Shouji felt like a freed convict once he left the college campus. He was enjoying his classes but they had a tendency to be dry. He fought off the anxiety by telling himself it was only his first day.

While walking down the sidewalk, he wondered if Yukiko was already at the apartment. He really wanted for her to be happy but he fought the urge to call her every two hours asking "Enjoying your day? Enjoying your day?".

There were tons of sounds in the city, cars, people, etc. There was one sound that hovered on the edge of his senses though, one that made him feel nostalgic. It was a jingle, and it was coming from the store beside him.

Shouji stopped, looked up and lit up like a child on Christmas, "Junes?"

It's wasn't as big as the one in Inaba, but upon entering Shouji was immediately familiar with the layout. There was a gigantic banner that read "Grand Opening" over the doorway.

He milled about the place for a while. There was no television department which was too bad. There was a massive grocery department though, and a pretty girl gathering dinner supplies.

Yukiko screamed in surprise when Seta tickled her from behind.

"Gah! Shouji-kun! What was that?"

"Joke, sorry hon."

Shouji didn't see it often but Yukiko had a glare that could disarm a pit bull, "Don't do that again."

"How was your day?" Shouji couldn't stop himself.

"It was…I'll get used to it."

"Pretty neutral response."

"Yes, I thought I'd play it safe."

Shouji tossed something he wanted into Yukiko's basket, "I didn't have a perfect day either."

Yukiko tossed out Shouji's choice, "I don't want a fat boyfriend. I wasn't expecting things to be perfect right off the bat. My boss is a little…and my mathematics teacher is really…"

Shouji's phone began to ring, "Oops, give me a second. Hello?"

"Shouji!" It only took one word for Seta to recognize that it was Yosuke calling him, "Shouji! You busy?"

"No, I'm just shopping right now."

Yosuke knew Shouji was heading back to the city, but he didn't know Yukiko went with him.

"What's up Yosuke?"

There was a long pause, "…Yosuke?"


Shouji and Yukiko hit the ceiling; Yosuke wasn't in Inaba, he was right next to them.

"Surprise guys!"

"Yosuke-kun? What are you doing here!"

Yosuke was in a shirt and tie, a little too professional for his personality, "Would you believe it? My dad dragged me out here for the grand opening."

He rubbed the back of his head, "I made the mistake of telling him wanted to be floor manager at the Inaba Junes so now he wants me to shadow him and learn what a manager does."

His innocent face landed on Yukiko, "I thought it was you Yukiko-san, what are you doing here in the big city?"

Shouji moved his elbow over her hand, hiding the ring he gave her, "Coincidence."

"Really?" Yosuke mused, "Funny, I've got to tell you about this insane rumor going around at Yasogami, who knows how it started."

Yukiko smirked, "Rise-chan?"

"I've got 1,000 yen on it. They all say you two eloped after graduating and are now living some kind of Manga fantasy. Living with each other, going to school together…"

"Ridicules!" Yukiko blurted out.

"I know! Inaba's princess running off with this dweeb?"

Shouji had thought about hitting Yosuke before but this time the urge was almost overpowering.

"How long are you in town?" Yukiko asked.

"Only today and tomorrow, barring some calamity," He laughed but it trailed off into something more serious, "I was hoping to ask you something. Last night, did your TV do anything funny?"

Yukiko shook her head no; she must have been sleeping deeply. Shouji bit his bottom lip and Yosuke was sharp enough to catch it, "You did, huh?"

"What?" asked Yukiko.

"You think it was an episode of The Midnight Channel?" asked Seta.

"I didn't wake up in time to see. Hell, I thought you had to stare at the damn thing first."

Yukiko's head was flying back and forth, "Wait a second, wait a second, what are you guys talking about? We haven't seen that awful channel in over a year, the murders are over."

"Think we all just miss the adventure a little too much?" asked Yosuke.

Seta tapped his foot and said yes, even if he didn't fully believe himself.

"Stop talking about it," Yukiko demanded, "That's all behind us now, we're got lives to live without persona's, without Midnight Channels, without…"

"Okay, I get it, ugh," Yosuke messed around with his hair, "You're right, what are we thinking. You two carry on, I've got to find my old man. Or else he'll find me."

"See you Yosuke," Said Shouji.

He wanted to discuss the possibility of the Midnight Channel re-appearing with Yukiko but she was already back to shopping.


She didn't respond.

[] [] []

That night it rained, but it wasn't supposed to last. Yukiko was in her night gown ready for bed. She was reading wrapped up in her comforter, glancing out the window whenever there was a flash of thunder.

She had hoped reading would clear her mind, but it wasn't working. It had been a couple days since she packed up her life to move in with Shouji. She would have to be unconscious to return to Inaba, but she wasn't convinced of her life in Tokyo. Listening to Shouji and Yosuke get all sentimental about their battles inside the TV made her wonder just how serious Seta was about moving forward.

The boyfriend in question stepped out of the bathroom after a shower, "Still raining?" he asked.

"On and off. It's thundering more than anything."

Seta shrugged and got into his couch slash bed. Yukiko sighed and put her book down, "Seta-kun?"


"Do you um…" Yukiko couldn't bring herself to say it so she motioned to the empty spot beside her in the bed.

Just as she feared, Seta tensed up, "Thanks Yukiko but I think I'll just kick you all night like before."

During their second year at Yasogami, she and Seta had shared a bed for one night. It was right after Nanako's near miss and they had both discovered how deep their feelings ran. Nobody knew about it. She never told Seta this but she felt herself take the first steps over that girl – woman line that night. But one step wasn't enough for her.

"Seta-kun, can we try again? Don't get nervous, I don't care if you snore or kick."

Seta collapsed into the couch and grinded his teeth, "What about…tomorrow?"

She knew she needed to take that or leave it. Yukiko turned out the lights, "Okay. Good night honey."

"Good night."

[] [] []


The next day was pretty routine for Yukiko, intership in the morning, classes in the afternoon. Youske was supposed to return tonight but he managed to meet them both for a quick breakfast first.

Yukiko found herself staring out her boss's glass window, looking down at the city. Her desk was piled high with work, but she wasn't one to be intimidated by deadlines. She had faced far worse at her mother's inn.

The office doors opened and her boss, Mr. Suitengu, walked in amid the flashes of cameras. Yukiko almost hit the ceiling, he was fighting off reporters and video cameras, "This interview is over! I'm not going to take this kind of abuse!"

He slammed the doors shut, "My God, do people really believe everything they hear nowadays?" He zeroed in on Yukiko, "Your generation and its technology, you think everything you see on television is true"

"Is everything okay?"

Keitaro lumbered over to his desk, "Nothing outside the usual, lies perpetuated by ex-wife. Do I have any messages?"

"You're 12:00 has been moved to 1:00 and Tokiwa says his flight to India has been postponed again."

"Oh, today is going to be perfect isn't it?"

Yukiko detected a hint of angry sarcasm in his voice so she kept her lips shut.

"By the way, you never answered my question Miss Amagi."

"What question, sir?"

"You married? Have a boyfriend?"

Yukiko remembered what Natsumi had told her and got nervous, was Keitaro really into taken women?

"Well…" Yukiko shook her head of paranoia, "I'm actually here with my boyfriend, Seta Shoji."

"I see…"

The conversation ended. Yukiko felt better; there really wasn't anything to worry about. That feeling shattered like a mirror.

"So, how does a girl your age feel sleeping next to a man?"

Yukiko accidently sent an email before it was finished, what the hell was this?

"Excuse me?"

"Oh, sorry, you haven't slept together?"

"I don't see what bearing this has on my job!"

Keitaro laughed and kicked up his feet, "Calm down honey, I'm just trying to lighten the mood."

"Well it's making me uncomfortable, stop it."

"You seem pretty demanding, what does he think of that?"

Yukiko got up, "I'm leaving!"

She opened the door so angry she worried the heat would melt the knob.

Keitaro wanted to get one last punch in, "So let me get this straight, you love each other enough to elope and get your own apartment but you don't love each other enough to have sex?"

Yukiko's eyes flew open, what hurt her more than her own boss saying such a thing was the truth in it. She looked back and snarled, "This is sexual harassment in its most blatant form! I don't have to take it!" She slammed the door shut.

[] [] []

A disgusted Yukiko got home early and decided to start making dinner for Seta. It was raining harder today than it had yesterday. Yukiko recalled the night she stayed up waiting for the Midnight Channel to come on. She was wearing the same red sailor suit and nylons she did in high school. Not a lot of time passed since then she felt more comfortable in her own clothing.

Shouji opened the door, "Hey Yukiko, wasn't expecting to see you."

"Well I had kind of had a rough day; I wanted to bail as soon as I could. Please take a seat, this is almost done."

Yukiko began setting the table, unable to get her bosses harsh words out of her head. What exactly was Seta's reason for moving in with her?

Shouji managed to eat, study and talk to her all at the same time. He was taking economics but she suspected he wasn't enjoying it. It was still raining when they both decided to go to bed. Yukiko took a quick shower. She hadn't forgotten what Shouji promised.

She took a big breath before stepping out of the bathroom. Shouji was right there cleaning up his books; he stopped dead when he saw her. She was wearing a thin red night gown with a skirt that stopped at her wrists. Her midriff and chest sported only minimal coverage as well.

Shouji laughed nervously, "You remembered what I said last night, huh?"

"Don't get nervous, I don't want to make you uncomfortable. I was just hoping we could use the same bed tonight."

"Well...if it means that much to you," Said Shouji.

The lights went out. Yukiko took the left side of the bed and Seta took the right. A few minutes passed. Neither of them were moving, Yukiko worried this would be a disaster. Then suddenly, Shouji rolled over to her and kissed her on the lips. And it wasn't a high school kiss either, Yukiko could feel the passion. Her world made sense again.

Yukiko slept like a baby despite the heavy rain and thunder. She had every reason to; the love of her life was right next to her. But fate was cruel, had she known what the next few days had in store, she would have hugged Seta for as long as she could.

The young Amagi princess slowly opened her eyes to the sound of television static. Their TV was on.

"Shouji? Shouji?" Yukiko rocked him awake.


He saw the yellow static and sat up fast, "Oh no…"

There was a loud bell, rather like the ones you hear on game shows and in a flash; a person appeared in the television.

It was Yukiko's boss, Keitaro Suitengu. His eyes glowed yellow.

He was dressed in his usual fancy suit, behind him was the set to a low budget game show called "Who's More Pathetic?".

"Hello everyone!" Keitaro boomed with a big smile, "Thank you for tuning in! We hope you enjoy tonight's game of Who's More Pathetic!"

Shouji grabbed the remote and tried to change the channel but nothing happened.

"I'm Keitaro Suitengu, your host and only contestant. I'm a big corporate executive; I'm successful, rich and powerful. But would you believe I'm also a divorced dead-beat father too?"

He ran over to one of the contestant booths and rang the buzzer, "Now without delay, let's find out if anyone is more pathetic than I am!"

"Who is this?" Shouji asked alarmed.

"He's my boss at Maejima Trading."

"This…this isn't happening," Said Shouji, "It's been a year, why is the Midnight Channel coming on again?"

On screen, Keitaro ran over to the booth usually occupied by the host, "First question! The new girl from sales is making copies, sticking her ass out like she wants it. What do you do? A. Politely ask her to not tempt you. B. Spank her and ask her to dinner. C. Tell her she's fired unless she makes a few copies of her ass for you?"

Keitaro then ran over to the contestant booth and rang the buzzer, "I know! The correct answer is…C!"

Bells went off and Keitaro won 100 points, "I got it right! And you know what? I actually did that once!"

Seta glared at Yukiko, "This low life is your boss?"

It was time for the second question on Keitaro's episode of the Midnight Channel, "Question 2! Your ex-wife is slamming your with alimony, what do you do? A. Curse her out over the phone. B. Dress the new intern just like her and make her cry. C. Tell the media she's a whore."

Again Keitaro ran over to the contestant booth, "I know! The answer is…B!"

100 more points are added to his score.

Shouji got out of bed and grabbed a glass bottle.

"What are you doing?" asked Yukiko, "You think you can go into the TV and defeat his shadow with a bottle?"

"This channel should be gone! Why is it back in our lives?"

"Last question!" said Keitaro's shadow, "You've just met your new secretary from the countryside."

Yukiko felt a cold sweat on her brow; he wasn't talking about her was he?

"What do you do? A. Stare at her chest all day. B. Ask her if she wants a promotion, wink, wink. C. Ask her if she has made love to her boyfriend yet?"

Yukiko covered her eyes in embarrassment, Shouji had to know Keitaro was talking about her. She couldn't even look him in the eye.

Keiatro's shadow was all excited, "I know this one! It's C!" The bells go off once again, but this time, he doesn't celebrate. In fact, Keitaro breaks down into tears and collapses onto all fours, "I'm pathetic! I'm a loser who harasses women because I…because I hate myself for losing my wife and kids!"

Yukiko and Shouji could only watch. The television went off and their only light came from a streetlamp outside their window. Shouji took a seat on the bed next to her.

"So. Has he made any passes at you?"

"I'd never let him."

"I believe you," said Shouji honestly.

Yukiko got up to make some coffee. There weren't going back to sleep any time soon.

[] [] []


A very thick fog hug over Tokyo the next morning. Shouji decided to skip classes; he had too much on his mind. The news was on fire, the fog was causing airplane and train delays all over the place, one train even had an accident. Shouji had stepped out to get breakfast and saw a newspaper with a headline explaining Tokyo's shock at such high levels of fog.

He curled up under the kotasu and began drafting one of his term papers. He had almost forgotten about his troubles when there was a knock at the door.

"Yukiko?" He wondered if she was skipping work or something.

He opened the door and found a very bleak looking Yosuke standing there. He cut right through the formalities, "You saw the Midnight Channel didn't you?"

"Yosuke? Well, yes but…shouldn't you be back in Inaba?"

Much to Shouji's displeasure, Youske pushed past him and entered his apartment, "The trains are all tied up and the fog is causing delays and accidents all over the place. It's so messed up."


Shouji tried to stop him before he reached the den.

"I tell you Shouji, this is insane! We need to get in there fast, talk to Teddie and see if he knows something…"

He trailed off. It was too late; Yosuke saw the couch which was made up like a bed. He saw the extra set of shoes near the television.


"I see," Youske faced him with an accusing expression, "Things were more complicated than I thought."

[] [] []

Yukiko was thankful she wasn't hit by a car on her commute to work; the fog was creating pandemonium in the streets. Her determination not to be pushed around by Keitaro pushed her on though. She wasn't the kind of woman to be take abuse with a forced smile.

She burst into Keitaro's office, "Mr. Suitengu!"

He wasn't there, the big office was empty, "Don't try to hide you letch! I want to talk to you face to face!"

He really wasn't present, she looked everywhere. She opened the curtains behind his desk and saw a city submerged in suffocating fog.

She was about to avert her gaze but she saw something else as well, something on the roof of the building just below her. She gasped and felt her heart slow to almost a complete stop. Keitaro Suitengu was hanging dead from an antenna, his face frozen in agony.