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"Why did you do it Bella? Why did you join them?"

Bellatrix Black, soon to be Mrs Lestrange sat at her dresser applying the last touch ups to her make up before she went out. Although no one had said, it was well known where she was going and why. With careful precision Bella chose a scarlet red lipstick and began to apply it before answering her cousin's question.

"Hmm, why did I join who? What are you talking about Regulus?"

She spoke so calmly and matter of fact that Regulus, would have been convinced except he caught her eye in the mirror. The way she looked at him, it was almost teasing as if she were simply playing with him.

For once Regulus wasn't going to play along. He raised an eyebrow, a trick he had only recently mastered.

"I'm not stupid, I know everyone thinks I am but I'm not. I know what you are Bella and I know what you do when you go out. What all of you do. I just don't understand...why."

Bella dropped the powder puff in her hand creating a small white cloud in front of her. She rose steadily and turned to face Regulus, who was perched on the edge of her bed.

"I don't see why I should have to explain myself to you, but I will just this once. Don't you believe in the cause cousin or are you going to do a Sirius and run off to be a blood traitor?"

Ouch she had mentioned Sirius and Bella had done it knowing the pain it would cause him, that was why she had done it. Nearly everything Bella did these days was intended to cause pain.

"Of course I believe in blood purity Bella, I just don't understand how violence is the answer. Can't things stay the way they are?"

Bellatrix narrowed her dark eyes and stared icily at Regulus, "Don't be silly it's the only answer to our problem. The muggles have to be eliminated and I want to be there when it happens."

Regulus shivered. The way she said muggles, with such venom and hate... it disturbed him. He didn't understand why, he thought of them the same way didn't he?

"Don't you ever get tired of it all Reg?" This time her question was one of curiosity and anticipation.

He didn't understand what she meant, the cause? Surely not, Bella lived for her cause.

"What do you mean?"

"Don't you ever get tired of fighting it? Fighting that part of you which wants to cause pain and suffering. That part of you that's trapped inside but desperately wants out. Part of you wants to be bad Reggie you just have to let it take control, and once it has it's the most wonderful feeling...like being free. Do you understand?"

She paused to draw in air. There was a madness in her eyes as she spoke, unlike that Regulus had ever seen before. Her lips parted in deadly smile as she floated across the room to stand before him.

"Sirius understands, it is why he sent the Snape boy into the werewolves den. It motivates a lot of his actions."

Bella laughed but it wasn't a joyous laugh no it was almost evil. Regulus began to shake ever so slightly.

She reached out a pale hand and cupped his chin. Even her touch was cold.

"It really is a pity he was sorted into Gryffindor. Sirius would have made an excellent addition to our ranks. I suppose we will just have to be content with the left overs."

Her hand fell and she strode back to her chair then paused before sitting down, "you."

Bella had whispered the word but she had spoken loud enough for Regulus to hear it, just as she had intended. She returned to her earlier position and admired her reflection once more.

"Regulus be a darling and pass me my scarf, the blue one with the white lace."

It was as if they had never spoken at all.

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