Alois let out a long sigh as he laid back against the carriage seat; it was a content sigh as he neared the younger earl's manor. Things had gotten quite boring at his own manor, so he thought this would be a good time to piss off a certain blue haired child. The young Earl of Trancy moved his fingers threw his light blonde hair as he watched the town go by. He simply scoffed and went back to twirling the bluebell flower he had between his finger tips. An evil looking smirk spread across his face as the carriage was stopped and his door was opened. He stepped out of the carriage with his brown high heel boots making a light "clack" sound as they hit the ground.

"Let's go." Alois ordered the demon butler as he started towards the stairs of the manor. Claude bowed as he followed his young master to the door. Alois kept the bluebell tightly closed between his finger tips as he knocked loudly on the door. For the past few days he had been bored out of his mind so this would certainly cheer him up. Annoying Ciel was one of his favorite activities which always guaranteed some kind of entertainment.

"Hello Earl Trancy, how may I help you?" Sebastian asked as he answered to the guest of the Phantomhive manor.

"I came to see Ciel" Alois said, as he smiled slyly up at the other demon butler. Claude stood behind his young master as he kept his eyes locked on Sebastian.

"The Young Master is busy with paperwork at the moment, you could come over an…" Sebastian wasn't able to finish his sentence before he was pushed aside by the young Earl. Alois started off towards the stairs, the sound of his boots hitting the floor filled the seemingly empty mansion.

"All I hear about him is how well he does in his damn work; I'm bored out of my damn mind so he can afford to take a break to play with me!" Alois started to climb the stairs.

"Claude, you just do whatever with Sebastian. Both of you just stay out of my way" Alois said, as he leaned against the railing to yell down his orders to the butlers. He hardly heard the "Yes your highness" from Claude followed by an emotionless expression as he started walking towards the other young earl's office. Alois didn't even bother knocking as he grabbed the knob and swung the office door open, revealing Ciel sitting in his office chair staring intensively at the paperwork in his hand. The sudden slam of the open door made Ciel look up in alert since he knew none of his servants would do something so abrupt like that….well…maybe Pluto would.

"Hey Ciel!" Alois said in a cheerful tone as he walked towards the boy's desk. Ciel scowled at him as he put his paperwork back down on the desk.

"What do you want Trancy? More importantly, how the hell did you get in here?" Ciel asked angrily, it was the only emotion he would really show and this emotion was always saved up for the blonde haired teen.

"Your demon let me in" Alois said, as he sat up on the edge of the wooden desk. He crossed his legs which were only covered by a pair of forest green shorts, black knee high stockings, and a pair of brown high heel boots with green lace. Ciel laid his cheek on his fisted hand as he glared at the older male. He had made a mental note to order Sebastian under any circumstances never to let this boy back in his manor again.

"Get out Trancy. I have work to take care of" Ciel said fiercely, as he used his free hand to pick up his paperwork again. He gasped when it was suddenly taken from him and thrown up in the air. Various papers scattered across the floor as the young boy stared wide eyed at the sudden action.

"You can afford to take a break; I'm so bored I feel like I'm going to die! Come play with me." Alois said as he reached over and messed up the boy's hair.

Ciel growled as he stood up from his chair to push the boy off his desk and order him to leave. However, Alois was quick. He had jumped off the desk and pushed the boy back in his chair.

"Ciel~ Play with me" Alois said in a seductive tone as he got up on the chair to sit in the boy's lap.

Ciel's eyes widened as he tried to push the older male off of him. Alois just laughed and wrapped his arms tightly around the boy's neck so he wouldn't be able to escape him.

"Don't you want to…play with me?" Alois whispered before licking the side of the boy's ear.

Ciel shivered in what was supposed to be disgust as he was teased by the blonde.

"G-get off me A-Alois" Ciel hissed through his teeth. He would have called his butler to get this vulgar beast off of him but he wasn't about to be humiliated with being seen like this…being sexually teased by the Earl of Trancy.

"Why? You seem like you're enjoying yourself." Alois laughed again as he nudged his lips on the connection of Ciel's neck and shoulder, making the boy hiss by having the sudden pleasure shoot threw the veins under his pale skin. Alois bit down lightly. He could have given the boy some pain but he always looked like he was in pain; He wanted to see Ciel's pleasured face. Ciel shuddered again as his strength started to suddenly disappear at trying to push the blonde off of him.

"Ciel…" Alois whispered as he moved forward until he was inches away from the boy's lips. The ghostly breath made Ciel shudder again. He closed his eyes tightly, knowing it was useless trying to push this boy off and that he would just have to let the boy kiss him. He pressed the back of his head against his office chair, waiting to be tongue fucked by Alois…but nothing happened. All he heard was Alois's girly evil little laugh as he jumped off of the boys lap and back onto the desk.

"Freaking tease…" Ciel hissed under his breath as he relaxed back in his chair.

"Oh? You want me to continue?"

Alois asked as he crossed his legs again, grinning slyly at the younger male. Ciel just gave him a 'if looks could kill you'd be dead right now' kind of look before going to pick up his scattered papers.

"So now back to the matter at hand, want to go do something fun for once in your life? We could go play a game of pool or a game of chess, just something to cure my boredom."

Alois sighed heavily. He grinned when the boy started bending down to pick up his papers, being able to get a nice view of the boy's area.

"I'm not stopping my work just to entertain you, go bother someone else" Ciel said in an annoyed tone and continued to pick up the papers. He really should have Alois do this since he was the one who threw them but he knew the blonde would never do something he asked him to do.

"There's no one else I want to bother. It's not like I have any other friends."

"Tch. I wonder why that is…hey wait since when did I be categorized as your friend?" Ciel asked as he stacked the papers on his desk.

Alois laid back on the desk with his hands behind his head, smirking at the younger male.

"It's not like you have any friends either and if you count that girl Elizabeth as one of your friends then that's pretty sad."

Ciel made no comment; He just glared at Alois who was now sprawled out over his desk.

"Why can't you just go back to your own manor? Why do you insist on bother me at mine?" Ciel asked irritably. He sat down in his chair and continued to glare at the skinny body.

"Because I wanted to play with you Ciel. I need you to cure my boredom" Alois said, staring up at the ceiling, still trying to decide a good game they could play.

"If I play one game with you then will you leave?" Ciel huffed, figuring if he played with the earl he would finally leave him alone.

"It depends, can I pick the game?"

Ciel nodded not really caring what game they played.

"Ah! I know a game we can play! It's a game we've played before that is both of our favorites" Alois said as he quickly sat up in his excitement.

"Chess?" Ciel asked. If it was that game he wouldn't mind that much taking a break to play it.

"Nope!" Alois reached a hand forward and grabbed Ciel's eye patch right off his face. He immediately jumped off his desk and started running out the door.

"Catch me Ciel!" Alois called out as the sound of his boots echoed through the corridors he ran through. Ciel gasped as he stood up from his chair. He had to be careful when running after the boy as to not agitate his asthma.

"Since when did I like this game?" Ciel yelled out as he tried to find out where the boy had ran off to. He growled as he started down the stairs and he sighed in relief when he saw the two demon butlers still by the now closed front door.

"Where….did…the blonde go?" Ciel asked as he doubled over, trying to catch his breath.

"He was heading to the garden. He instructed us not to interfere since it would be cheating" Claude said with his usual indifferent expression.

Ciel let out a loud huff as he started off towards the garden. Of course there was Alois, sitting in one of the chairs wearing Ciel's eye patch.

"Looks like I won" Alois said happily as he placed his boot covered feet on the table and smiled at the younger boy who was wheezing away.

"Give….it…b..back!" Ciel said. He held his chest as he doubled over again to catch his breath. Alois took the eye patch off and held it up in the air.

"Come and get it." Alois said, holding it out towards the blue haired boy.

Ciel tried to gather himself as he moved forward and took his eye patch with a shaky hand.

"Want to play another game?" Alois asked, grinning at the panting boy.

Ciel just gave him a death glare before going to sit in the chair next to Alois.

"Are you trying to kill me? You know I have asthma." Ciel said as he slowly caught his breath. Alois just reached over and patted the boys head.

"Hm it's getting late" Alois said, as he looked over at the sunset. He hadn't realized he had been annoying Ciel longer then he had figured he would want to.

"Yeah, so why don't you leave?" Ciel hissed. Alois ignored him for a moment before turning his head to smile at the younger earl.

"Can't I stay the night? I don't really feel like going back to my own mansion."

"No! I'm having renovations done on the part of the house with the guest rooms; You won't have anywhere to sleep." It was a complete lie, but Ciel didn't think Alois was smart enough to notice. Alois sighed heavily as he stood up from his chair. This made the younger Earl feel quite pleased with himself as he watched Alois start walking back inside to leave.

"I guess I'll be snuggly with Ciel in his bed tonight" Alois called over his shoulder as he head back towards the stairs.

"Wait…what?" Ciel jumped from the chair only to chase after the boy again. Alois looked back at the butlers as he stood at the stairs.

"Claude you can leave now, I'll be staying here tonight" Alois said before starting to go up the stairs.

"Yes your highness."

He heard as he also heard Ciel's heavy panting and running after him. Before Ciel could scream something like 'Who the hell said you could stay here' or 'there is no way I'm going to let you sleep with me' Sebastian had come to the end of the stairs.

"Would you like me to dress you for bed young master?"

Before Ciel could answer Alois let out a taunting laugh. He leaned against the railing and grinned at the two.

"How pathetic. You really are useless without that demon of yours."

Alois laughed as he started to walk down the hallway towards Ciel's room.

"I can dress myself. Sebastian that will be all." Alois heard Ciel yell to the butler angrily. He finally caught up with the blonde as he opened the door to his room.

"Hold on Trancy, I never said you could sleep with me" Ciel said as he grabbed at the boy's arm. Alois looked back at him and smiled.

"It's too late now. Claude has left and you said yourself that the guest rooms were unavailable. Besides, your bed was made for two adults, we're two…young adults so I'm sure there will be plenty of room between us."

Alois found one of Ciel's night shirts he could change into, they were about the same size so it would be fine for him to wear Ciel's clothes.

"….Fine…but hey don't get changed in here! Go to the bathroom and change!" Ciel said shocked as Alois started stripping out of his clothes right in front of him.

"We're both males so it's not like you haven't seen it before."

Ciel just mumbled something under his breath as he went into the bathroom to change into his own pajamas. By the time he had gotten back Alois was already curled up in his bed and sleeping soundly…on his side of the bed.

"Move over" Ciel said, irritably , as he shoved the boy to the other side. Alois just rolled over onto his back as Ciel got into the bed next to him. He had to turn himself over on his side so he didn't have to look at the damn blonde before he slept…it was his mistake to think Alois would try anything when they were in bed together.

"Mmmnn." Alois let out a small moan as he turned over on his side, wrapping his arms around the boy and pulling him close against his chest. Ciel gasped and started squirming in the boys arms.

"Hey! Let go of me dammit!" Ciel barked angrily, a shiver ran up the young boy's spine as a knee was shoved right between his legs and up to a very sensitive area on him.

"You know Ciel…I really was looking forward to that second game." Alois whispered into the boy's ear.

Author's Note: Alright so as some of you know this is my first Kuroshitsuji fan fiction, I LOVE this anime/manga so much I thought it was time I made a fan fiction. I RP on a Black Butler site as Earl Alois Trancy so me and Ciel decided to write this fan fiction together~ She doesn't have a Fan Fiction account so I'm posting this but a lot of credit also goes to her too! We based this on some random RPing we were doing and we're really excited to put this series forward so we really hope you enjoy it! BTW Ciel we are sooooooo getting married~ I'll have Claude prepare a ring~ XD *inside joke from our RP*

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