"Wow…I really hit my head hard didn't I?" Alois asked as he stared at the still noticeable bump on the side of his head. He winced in pain as the touched the injury with the pads of his fingers. He hated seeing that bump mock him; The bump that made him lose so much of his memory that he couldn't even remember what he did the day he passed out.

"You collapsed from nearly the top of the grand staircase and fell all the way to the bottom. Elizabeth had told me she saw you slam the side of your head on the marble floor when you got to the bottom so that's probably where that bump came from. Just be glad you didn't crack your skull open or get any broken bones" Ciel said as he kept his gaze down at the paperwork he was doing. Alois sighed in frustration as he walked back to the chair in front of the boy's desk. He sat down and moved one leg over the other as he relaxed his sore body into the comfortable chair. When he had gotten changed into some clean clothes he had noticed his head wasn't the only place where there were bruises from his fall.

"Elizabeth? I don't remember her being here…" The blonde said as he knitted his brow together in concentration, trying his hardest to remember what happened that day. He could hardly remember what the girl looked like even though he had seen her on a few occasions before…

"You hit your head very hard Alois. You could have lost a portion of your memory from that" Ciel said, as he stood up from his chair and stretched his sore muscles; Carrying twins in a body that was never made to be impregnated with children in the first place was a lot more stressful then it would be on a woman's body. Alois looked up at the bluenette as a concerned look flashed across his face. He stood up from his chair and went over to Ciel's side.

"If your back is hurting you then let me give you a massage" Alois said, as he watched Ciel sit back down at his desk. He could hardly pull his chair in all the way to his desk because of his largely grown stomach.

"I don't want your hands on me. Just go sit back down and rest your head so it gets better" Ciel said, as he placed a hand on his back before bending forward to continue doing his work.

The blonde rolled his eyes at the boys' stubbornness and swiftly moved behind him before placing his hands gently on his back.

"Come on, you'll feel better" Alois said as he gently started to rub his hands on the spots he thought Ciel was having the most pain.

The younger earl was about to push him away but…surprisingly it actually felt good having Alois massage his sore back for him. It only took a few minutes before Ciel was able to relax in the chair and start doing his work normally.

"In a few months you'll have to be in bed most of the time and you should start putting your feet up as well so your ankles get less swollen" Alois said as he started working on the bluenette's lower back.

Ciel was surprised the blonde had actually known that considering he had just lost a large portion of his memory.

"How did you remember that?" Ciel asked curiously. He already knew the procedures he would have to take soon since he had read some pregnancy books but he was still surprised Alois remembered that.

"Well the nights that I wasn't able to sleep I read a couple books on pregnancy and what would help back aches because I knew that carrying twins would be very painful for your back and ankles. I also looked at a book on what massages were good to give pregnant woman so I learned those so I'd be able to help your back feel better" Alois explained.

"You remember all that…and yet you forget everything else?" Ciel asked, shaking his head at how illogical the whole thing was. Alois was silent for a while before a small smirk spread across his face at Ciel's frustration.

"I guess I just remember the important things" the older male said as he took his hands off Ciel's back. He hoisted himself up on the edge of his desk and crossed one leg over the other.

"Does your back feel better now?" Alois asked as he smirked at the smaller male.

Ciel looked up at him and felt his expression twist into one of hate as he stared at that annoying smile spread across the blonde's face.

"I suppose it feels a little better" Ciel said as he straightened his posture.

Letting a small sigh of relief escape past his lips at feeling no more sharp pains in his back. The two boys looked up at the sound of a knock at the office door. Alois's expression immediately went into one of pure happiness when he saw his butler enter the room.

"It is time for your schooling Master" Claude said, as he stared at the two with that emotionless expression of his. Alois slid off the desk and bent his head down to kiss Ciel's cheek.

"I'll be back in a little while. Keep the babies company while I'm gone, and make sure to talk to them so they don't get lonely" the blonde said with a large smirk spread across his face as he patted Ciel's pregnant stomach gently.

The younger boy glared at him as he rubbed the spot where Alois had kissed him on the back of his hand. After Alois had left, Ciel sat there in the silence of the room as he continued to work on the paperwork in front of him. As he looked down he couldn't help but stare down at his bulging stomach.

"Your father is a real moron, you two better not turn out to be like him" Ciel said, quietly as he placed a hand on his stomach. He winced when he felt a sudden kick to his insides.

"Don't kick me you ungrateful demon children! You should be thankful that I haven't had Sebastian rip you out and kill you." the boy said angrily.

When he didn't feel any more kicks to his stomach he gently rubbed the bump and kept his hand there as he let his other hand be busy with his writing.

"Good, now stay quiet while I work."

Alois was surprised that he had remembered all of his scales and exercises Claude had taught him for his piano lesson. He knew Claude liked it when he remembered what he taught him so that could have been the reason why he had kept that in his memory.

"Play this song. I taught it to you in your last lesson" the demon said as he placed the sheet music for 'The Slightly Chipped Full Moon' in front of the younger male.

Alois smiled as he got ready to play. This was one of Alois's favorite songs so he was glad Claude had picked this one for him to perform; especially since he basically knew the entire piece by heart.

Alois placed his skinny fingers on the piano and started to play; moving his fingers to the rhythm of the metronome Claude had set up as he concentrated on the music. He was so focused on the song he was playing he didn't notice the smaller boy leaning against the doorframe, watching him. Since it had gotten late Ciel had started heading up to bed but he stopped when he heard the beautiful music coming from the main room.

"It's surprising Lord Trancy is able to play such a piece even after the accident he had just had" Sebastian said, as he stood next to the young boy. Ciel looked up at him and shook his head.

"He only remembers it because he knows it pleases his butler. Whatever he knows that something will make Claude proud of him he'll be sure to remember it and do it" Ciel said, knowing how obsessed the blonde boy was with the spider demon. He shook his head again as he turned to head back to his bedroom, not wanting to be around when the boy finished his lesson.

Once the song had ended Alois folded his hands in his lap and looked up at his butler with a large smile spread across his face, awaiting the praise he was sure to get for performing the song without fail.

"Very good master, that will be our last lesson for today. Now you should get to sleep early to rest the injury on your head" Claude said, as he took the sheet music and put it in the folder he had in his hands.

Alois stood up from his seat and followed the demon out of the room and up towards his bedroom. His head had started to ache again so it would be best to sleep…well at least try to sleep. Once they had got there Ciel was already dressed in his night shirt and was laying on his back in his king sized bed. He didn't protest when the blonde walked in and started to be undressed by his butler; there was no use arguing with him anymore about sleeping in a different room.

"Goodnight master" Claude said, as he bowed to the young teen before going towards the bedroom door.

Alois sat down on the opposite side of the bed and stared down at the floor. His legs hung off the edge of the bed as his hands clutched at the sheets underneath him.

"Alois…go to sleep" Ciel said, as he stared at the boy. He watched as Alois slowly shook his head and continued to just watch his legs dangle off the side of the bed.

"I don't want to have another nightmare like last time…I'll just stay awake…" the blonde said a little quietly.

They stayed quiet for a while before Ciel let a long sigh escape his lips. He pulled the blankets down slightly and reached an arm out towards the older male.

"Come here Alois. You can sleep close to me if it'll help you fall asleep" Ciel said, as he waited for the boy to crawl in next to him. Alois just turned his head slightly to stare at the smaller male with those tired looking blue eyes of his.

"Are you teasing me or do you mean it?" Alois asked, not believe the kind act Ciel was putting on was actually true.

"I'm not teasing you. I just don't want you to almost die from exhaustion again. Mostly because you need to be healthy to take care of these children of yours after they are born. Now come over here before I change my mind" the bluenette said fiercely.

Alois turned onto the bed and moved in close next to the smaller male. He laid on his side and used Ciel's outstretched arm as a pillow as he snuggled in close next to him, enjoying the comforting feeling of being close to another person.

"Now go to sleep" Ciel said, once Alois had gotten in comfortably next to him. He opened his eyes too slightly at the feeling of the older male placing a hand on his stomach. He looked over to see Alois had fallen asleep quickly and was already deep in his blissful unconsciousness. Ciel sighed as he let his eyes slowly close at the comforting feeling he was also having from having the warm body close to him.

"Goodnight Trancy…" he mumbled before slipping into his own unconscious bliss.