The Book That Made a 13-Year Old Boy with a Cool Moustache Cry

I like to read, but I never do. So I asked my dad to buy me a book. Randomly looking around, my dad buys me a book called 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher. So he notices that it is a mystery, and I love mysteries, so he bought it.

Friday, my dad comes home with the book and sets it on the table. I see it and tell him 'thanks'. Around 6:00, I grab the book and start to read it. So far it is pretty cool. I keep reading and they say that Hannah Baker committed suicide. I think, "That sucks, oh well." Then, Clay Jensen gets the tapes. When he pops the first tape in to hear Hannah Baker's voice, I get the chills and become hooked. The thought of a dead girl talking about whom influenced her to kill herself is petrifying. Especially, if you were one of the influences. As the tapes go by, I start to think differently of Hannah Baker. In that day, I ended up reading 70 pages.

The next day is Saturday and I wake up at 7:00 am. At this time, I usually go downstairs and watch TV before my sister comes down and takes it from me. But instead, I go straight to my book and dig in like a paleontologist. This book kept me reeled in all day long isolated from anything else that wanted my attention. For example, my brother wanted me to help him, but the book kept me captive in its cage. Each tape began to change my views even more. I was a monster, devouring each page. My parents asked me to clean my room and make my bed. If I didn't, they would've murdered me. The book asked me to stay, but I had to go and clean my room. Soon, I started to tear-up upon each transfixing and thrilling tape. When Clay Jensen's tape came up, I was about to explode in excitement of why he was on the tape. Once Hannah says that Clay didn't lead to her death, I was jumping with joy! This entire tape made me nearly bawl because it was so marvelously miraculous. My heart broke when Clay left Hannah to cry in the room. If he stayed, she would be alive. Several tapes later, I was shaking my head in disappointment with the selfishness of some of the people in the top five. In the last tape, Clay Jensen went to the playground that Hannah was speaking about and Hannah was in the counselor's office talking to the counselor. The counselor was practically letting Hannah commit suicide answering her deep question vaguely.

Reading this book with a melancholy expression, I thought I could hear Clay Jensen screaming in quiet night. His screams tore through the night like an explorer cutting through a jungle with a machete. Clay was lamenting beside me at my own table because I felt his pain. This book was stronger than a bull on steroids. I read 230 pages in one day; the book was like an onion, the more you cut, the more you cry. The taste of tears are terrible. They are salty and warm and once you taste them, you spit the horrible taste from your mouth. 13 Reasons Why changed Clay and I. We both realized how every little thing you do to someone makes the biggest difference. Also, you truly do not know how people feel even if their appearance doesn't seem to show their thoughts.