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June 7th 11.00am and a 8 month pregnant Quinn woke up to an empty bed, she would usually hear Puck get up for work. She was sweating, she got up, it felt like her stomach had grown over night, her top would usually cover her belly, but today her PJ top showed her belly button, she looked in the mirror and laughed as she felt and saw her daughter kick. after sticking her hair in a messy bun and freshing up, she went downstairs.

"Morning Deb." Quinn said to Puck's mom who was sitting in the lounge.

"Morning sweety, your up late." She said to Quinn who had by this time took the biscuits that were on the coffee table and sat on the couch and started munching on them.

"I know, I feel really horrible... Is Grace still at her Friends?" Quinn asked, She was half way through the packet.

"Yeah, i called her before, she wont be home until 3, so it is just me and you today."

"That should be nice i havnt really spent any time with you properly since i moved in, which i appreiciate a lot."

"Your welcome Quinn." Debbie smiled back taking a biscuit.

"I feel sorry for Puck, he has 8 pools to clean today and it is like 100 degrees outside."

"8 Pools Wow! He wouldnt mind, he keeps on telling me that he will work in any conditions, doing any job, to provide for you." Quinn just smiled. "Go get dressed, were going to the mall." Quinn smiled, as she stood up, her baby kicked really hard which caused Quinn to hold her stomach and squeal a little. "Are you ok Quinn?" Debbie said with panic and standing up and rushing to Quinn's side.

"Yeah I'm fine she just done a backflip in my stomach and kicked me really hard." Quinn said recovering and laughing. "I wouldnt be suprised if she came out in a cheerleading kit and pom poms all the jumping around she has been doing latley." Debbie said laughing, Quinn laughed along and went upstairs.


Quinn and Debbie arrived at the mall.

"I'm going to be a pain but i am starving can we get something to eat please." Quinn said.

"Dont be silly, your not being a pain, and i am quite hungry to, come on lets go." At the Cafe, Quinn couldnt decide what she wanted, just latley her daughter was moving around a lot her belly was going hard of a night and she was always hungry.

"Can i just have a Sandwich and a black coffee please." Debbie said.

"Erm i will have a sandwich, a side salad, pasta erm a cookie and a bottle of water please." Quinn said she felt greedy but she was starving.


Quinn was half way through her pasta, she had eat everything else and Debbie was just waiting on Quinn.

"So have you and Noah decided on what you are doing after the baby is born?"

"Were giving her up, i cant look after her, i can barely look after myself."

"You can look after her though, you and Noah babysat my 8 month old nephew...Look i think you should keep her, you will be great mom, you will make sure that what happened to you never happens to her and if it does you would never leave her side, you may not think you can but you can... I will support you no matter what your desicion, i just think you should really think about it, sweety." Quinn smiled as she finshed her pasta.

"I will... Thankyou... For everything, letting me live with you, supporting me, giving me advice, Being on my side when Puck thinks he is right when he cleary isnt, your everything i wanted my mother to be." Quinn said smiling, just then she got another kick.

"You might have to get that checked out hunny she is really active just latley."

"I will after regionals."


Quinn and Debbie done a bit of shopping.

"Aww how cute is this." Debbie said picking up and pink babygrow.

"That is cute."

"I have to get this."

"Debbie i might not be keeping her, i dont need it."

"You need it for when she is born, unless you want her to stay naked for hours." Debbie said gigling.

"I thought the nurses would sort that out."


It was half 9 at night, Quinn had put one of Puck's hoodies on with her Pj bottoms and she joined Debbie, Puck and Grace in the lounge.

"Is there any point in you having clothes, you just wear mine all the time." Puck said smirking. It was movie night, It was dark, the lights where off and the T.v was on. Quinn had snuggled into Puck. She loved cuddleing him.

"God! you two might as well be dating, your allways hugging and cuddeling eachother." Puck's 13 year old sister said.

"Shut up Grace!" Puck said trying to watch the film.

"Or what?"

"Or I will drop kick you so hard you wont know what hit you!" Puck said nastily to his sister, Quinn and Debbie just looked at eachother, they were always at eachother's throats.

"Oooo I'm so scared... You wouldnt hit a girl, you probably couldnt anyway...Faggot."

"Grace!" Debbie shouted.

"First of all i aint a faggot and if you think you could really hurt me by your pathetic none insulting words then your wrong." Puck said, The arguing went on for a while, when Quinn finally decided she wanted to go to bed.

"I'm going to bed."

"Good luck at regionals tomrowo Quinn." Grace said.

"Yeah me too, I'm Beat."


Quinn and Puck cuddled in bed.



"I'm Keeping the baby."

"What made yu changed your mind?" Puck said excited.

"Your mom, she was telling me that we could do this an..." Quinn was cut off by Puck. Who had ran downstairs just in his boxers, and hugged his mom. "Thankyou, Thankyou, thankyou." He had even kissed his mom on the forhead 4 times, and he never kisses his mom.

"For what?" Debbie said.

"Quinn's keeping the baby." he said he ran back upstairs, and popped back into bed with Quinn.

"Where did you go."

"Lets just say i kind of lost my cool for a second."

"Oh Ok, Well night Puck."

"Night Q, night Baby." Puck put his hand on Quinn's stomach, and felt a huge kick he smiled, and fell asleep still holding Quinn.


June 8th 2010, 2am. Quinn shot up, in a pile of water, it wasnt wee.

"Debbie!" Quinn shouted with panic. Debbie came rushing in, Puck had woke up not knowing what was going on, Grace had came in after her mom.

"I think my water just broke."

"Ok Dont panic, let me see. ( Debbie helped Quinn up and took a look at her bed.) Well it looks like it and it certainly smells like it, i think We best get you to the hospital."

"No no Its too early, I'm not sue for another month."

"Quinn i cant belive you leaked all over my bed." Puck said.

"Oh i'm sorry, i cant help the fact that your daughter has bad timing." Quinn said sarcasticly

"But we havnt got anything for the baby." Puck said

"We will sort something out, lets just get you too the hospital." Debbie said.


It was now 8am, Quinn was still in labour. Puck got a text from Rachel.

Noah were are you and Quinn? we were supposed to meet at Mr Schue's 10 minutes ago.! -Rachel

Puck completly forgot.

"Shit." Quinn looked at him with panic. "what?"


"I complelty forgot about that." Quinn said worried.

"Rachel just text me, Im not leaving you, they will understand."

I'm Sorry Rach, But Quinn is in labour has been since 2 o'clock this morning, i completley forgot, we cant make it i dont want to leave Quinn,I am really sorry, Good luck though.- Puck.

Puck got a text back Quickly.

What? We understand, i have told the gang, tell me when she has had the baby, and we will all come and visit once she had your little bundle of joy good luck, Tell Quinn we will be thinking of her!- Rachel.

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