Her Protector



We cannot separate,

Cause' you're a part of me.



It was seen when she sparred with Darres, when she tasted her food for poisons, when she went to her classes. It was seen throughout the entire day, everyday. And though she couldn't see it, and seemed almost ignorant to it… They saw it.

Just the faintest hint of crimson in the shadows, just the slightly darker outline of a figure, and just the flash of silver. It was there, what they didn't know, but it was there. Always watching.

Ishtar smiled as she looked into the mirror, grinning at the silver haired male that stood behind her in her reflection before turning towards the door and walking through empty space. She greeted the guards outside her door with a nod before striding down the hallway, long raven locks flowing behind her, along with her black form fitting dress.

They watched her progress with interest and whispered to themselves making snide comments when- crimson eyes materialized from the shadows and stared back at them angrily as fangs bared in a snarl.

They jumped in shock, staring into angry pools of eyes the color of blood –a thought that made them sweat- as terror consumed them and their bodies froze and they swore they saw their own deaths- and then Ishtar turned the corner and it disappeared.

They both let out a sigh of relief, collapsing against each other as one muttered something about 'to much alcohol' whilst rubbing his eyes.

… And hidden in the shadows lips pulled back as fangs glinted in a smirk.

Yes. It was always there, always watching…

-Red eyes followed the princess protectively-

…And always protecting.



And though you're invisible,

I'll trust the unseen.



So this was originally supposed to be a part of my song fic: Never Alone but when I was done writing it I realized it made no sense and didn't go together with the other parts at all (!) Soooo I loved it to much to delete it and decided to just give it its own one-shot.

I actually quite like it. :)

So saying that… The song is called Never Alone by BarlowGirl.

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