Quite a few lines here are from Catching Fire, they all belong to Suzanne Collins. I am but a Fanfiction writer who wished to use them.

I'm aware of nothing else except the frigid cold water that is running down my face and soaking my already soiled clothes. I spring up form the chair, probably sending it twenty feet across the room. My mind on autopilot, I slash my knife this way and that, spewing curses.

"What are you doing?" I demand. I've just spotted Katniss who is sitting on my filthy windowsill who is wearing a rather bemused expression.

"You told me to wake you up before the cameras came"

"What?" I bet you I was drunk when I said that…

"Your idea," she tells me with a shrug of her shoulders. My mind starts to rewind like a film reel, going over anything I might have said, drunk or otherwise. Oh yea… I remember now.

"Why am I all wet?" I ask then, not remembering the part where I asked her to douse me in water, or maybe this is her indication that I need a bath.

"I couldn't shake you awake." I give her a look, not quite believing her. "Look," she says in response. "If you wanted to be babied, you should have asked Peeta." I start to grumble something not so polite but I'm interrupted by a: "Asked me what?" It's Peeta, looking better now then he did when he came out of the arena, and bless him, he brought me bread. Most of it goes stale anyways.

"Asked you to wake me without giving me pneumonia" I say grabbing he bread. I chuck my knife on the table, and then decide I would like to be a little drier. I take of my shirt, leaving me in an undershirt and proceed to wipe the excess water from my skin. I see Peeta entertain a bemused smile as he cleans my knife and slices the bread. He hands me the heel of it, still warm. I rip a chunk out of it with my teeth as Peeta asks whether Katniss wants any.

" No, I ate at the Hob. But thank you." She seems really hostile, I mean, more hostile than usual. And Peeta surprises me with an even more uninviting " You're welcome." I wipe my mouth on my shirt, then through the sailed garment away, I'll probably never see that shirt again.

"Brrr. You two have got some warming up to do before showtime." I thought I would need to give Katniss this t little lecture but Dear Old Peeta is usually so good at this, what's up?

"Take a bath Haymitch," She says jumping from her spot on the sill and exiting my house. I notice that she takes great care to put a nice distance between her and Peeta.

Peeta turns his head as she leaves, looking like a kicked puppy. He sighs as he finishes slicing the bread. He lays the knife on the table.

"I'd better go too, " he says , it sound like he's apologizing but really I don't care if he leaves or not. " And I agree with Katniss, you need a bath."

I did not take their advice. When the door swung shut behind him I immediately went to retrieve my chair. Once I had it back to where it was before I grabbed my knife and then proceeded to restart my nap that Katniss had so rudely awoken me from.

I don't know why I woke up, it was just Effie. But her annoying little Rat tat tat on my door was getting old. And the " Haymitch? Haymitch, are you there?" 's every twenty seconds were really getting on my last nerve.

"What do you want?" I asked as I flung the door open. There stood Effie, looking very disgusted about my disgruntled appearance.

"You need a bath," she declares.

"Yes, I've been told. I just chose not to cave to Peer pressure, sweetheart." She looks past my shoulder. I'm not kidding when I say she looks a little green when the scent of my house reaches her little Capitol nose.

"Haymitch, you need to present yourself better. You got two tributes out of the arena. Two!" she says again in case I didn't already realize that Katniss and Peeta both came out of the games alive. And One Tribute Plus another tribute equals two tributes. "And, the Quarter Quell!" She says. "You will be getting so much publicity because of it!"Oh joy… " That reminds me, I think you should let Katniss and Peeta mentor these games. So you can be free for interviews."

"I don't want to be free for interviews." I tell her.

"Why not?" she asks incredulously.

"I don't want to be interviewed." I deadpan. I don't want to tell people about my experiences in the Quell. I don't want to remember my experiences in the Quell. I don't want people to glorify the Quell or any other sadistic Hunger Games.

"But it would be such a great experience for them! Their first year mentoring and they get to do it in a Quarter Quell! Not many people get to do that Haymitch!" she continues talking bringing up many points that, in her eyes, are perfect reasoning as to why I should not mentor. Her lips just keep moving as they form new syllables and words that are articulated with her capitol accent. I don't really hear any of the words, or at least they don't make an impression on me.

But after a while my legs start to get tired. I didn't invite her in to sit down and talk (not that she would have ventured inside my house anyway) so we are still standing on my step and to be honest, I am getting a bit cold.

"I thought you wanted me to have a bath!" I say, seeing as this may be my only way out of this one sided conversation. My words seem take her back to earth. She looks me up and down, as if trying to remember what she had said about me before.

"Yes," she decides. "You need a bath. Go." She orders.

"With pleasure," I say under my breath. I quickly close the door before Effie can come up with anything else annoying to say.

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