Semper Fidelis,(Always Faithful)

12th Frostfall 4E201
Helgen, Province of Skyrim

Fidelis ad Mortem

The Jolting of the carriage stopping aroused me from my sleep. I looked around the carriage to see where I was and who I was with. Glancing to my right I saw a Nord wearing fine clothes and was gagged. The Nord directly opposite me was smiling at me, his dirty blond hair dangling in bangs across his face. "Finally Awake I see."

The Third man, also a Nord with dark hair leant across to me and said "You and me, we shouldn't be here, It's these stormcloaks the empire wants"

An imperial solider came and opened the back and we exited the carriage" with the dark haired nord still protesting his innocence.

"The Empire and their damned lists" The Blond haired nord muttered

"You will step towards the block whan we call your name" The Imperial Captain said, with a quite noticeable twang of hatred in her voice.

"Ulfric Stormcloak, Jarl of Windhelm" The List Bearer called. I swear that I recognise both Him and the Captain.

"It's been an honour Jarl Ulfric." The Blond Nord said, a hint of devotion in his voice.

"Ralof of Riverwood" The Blond Nord walked towards the block

"Lokir of Rorikstead"

"No, I'm not a rebel. Your not gonna kill me" Lokir started running towards the gate

"Archers" The Captain Shouted, the Archers fired, three arrows burying themselves in lokir's back "Anyone else feel like running" That's when I recognised the Captain and the list taker.
"And who are you?" Hadvar asked
"Oh Fuck off Hadvar, still doing damn lists I see, What are you not nord enough for a promotion"
A loud cheer erupted from the captured stormcloak rebels.
"Qaester Gaius Tragus, Well I guess the legion finally caught up with your rebellious streak"
"Captain Eloe, It's been a pleasure but let me guess that I have a date with the block."
"What, how did you"

"Eloe, I know you"

I walked towards the block as General Tullius addressed Ulfric.
"You started this war! Plunged Skyrim into chaos! And now the Empire is going to put you down!" A Roar echoed around the valley.

"As we commit your souls to Aetherius, Blessings of the eight divines upon y-" The priestess said before being interrupted by a stormcloak shouting.

"For the love of talos let's get this over with"
"As you wish" The Stormcloak had his head placed upon the block.

"My ancestors are smiling at me imperials, what about you"
The Headsman's halberd glinted in the sun as it fell cutting through the flesh, sinew and bone. The Stormcloak's head fell with a thud into the basket. The Headsman raised his axe which now glinted crimson in the cold, crisp sunlight.

"You Imperial Bastards"

"As Fearless in death as he was in life" Ralof said remorsefully.

"Next, Gaius"

Another Roar echoed around the valley, with some of the younger imperials looking around, worryingly. As I walked towards the blocked, staring at Eloe as I passed. I felt a boot in my back as my head was pushed towards the block. Feeling the still warm blood of the previous executed stormcloak really pushed home the situation I was in. I was about to die. Not only that but being executed by my own side. The Army I had bled for during the Great War. The one I was running from due to an inability to follow orders. As the headsman raised the halberd ready to strike I heard a cry.

"What in oblivion is that?"

From my position what I thought I saw was a dragon. But the stress of the situation must have been messing with my head. The dragon then shouted. The Headsman stumbled and I took my chance, slicing my binds on the corner of the block and then jumping up off the block and swinging a right uppercut into the jaw of the headsman. The Headsman dropped the halberd and fell over backwards. I bent down and picked up the Halberd and advanced slowly. I swung the Halberd Burying it in his chest and looked around, it seems as though every stormcloak prisoner had taken advantage of the confusion. I then looked up to see the dragon circling the town and burning everything in sight. I turned around to see Ralof gesturing me to join him. I ran across the courtyard just as the dragon landed and spat a jet of fire out towards me singing the bottom of my roughspun tunic. I leapt through the door which was slammed shut behind me.

"Did you see that, A dragon! Just like the legends." Ralof said excitedly.

"Legends don't burn down villages" Ulfric replied

"Quick up the stairs, Imperial. Go" Ralof shouted towards me

I ran up the stairs to see the dragon sticking its head through the window. The dragon flew off towards another part of the village. I then leapt through the window into what appeared to be an inn. I kept running through the inn and out into the centre of the village. The dragon landed in front of a small child. Knowing I only had a few seconds I ran out and grabbed the child and ran behind some cover. The cover had two imperial soldiers and Hadvar behind it. Leaving the child with them I started to make my way to the keep, keeping to the shadows. After passing Tullius leading the defence of the village I ran into the courtyard. Ralof ran past shouting for me to follow him, while Hadvar also ran from behind me calling for me to go with him. I decided to go with Ralof mainly due to the fact Hadvar was running straight towards the Dragon. We entered the keep cautiously and closed the door behind us. We turned to see 3 imperial soldiers and Eloe stood in front of us. Ralof raised his axe as I raised my fists.