The Green Effect

Chapter 1: Game and Pork

Beep! Beep! Beep!

"Finally, I'm going to beat you!" screamed Beast Boy, jamming the buttons on his control.

"You are so not going to beat me, you little grass stain!" shouted Cyborg. He quickly pushed the yellow button, which blew up Beast Boy's vehicle right before he got to the finish line. Cyborg then did a victory dance and poked Beast Boy's face, laughing.

"Dude! That was so not fair!" cried Beast Boy.

"Is too," laughed Cyborg.

"Is not!" retorted Beast Boy. They argued about it until they noticed Raven standing behind them with clenched fists of dark energy.

"Is there a problem here that I need to solve again?" said Raven in a voice that chilled both Beast Boy and Cyborg's (if he even has one) spine.

"Uh, nope! Nothing's wrong, we're just shouting congrats to each other!" They both replied. They wore angelic smiles and patted each other's back. Raven sighed in annoyance and left to her dark room. When they were sure she was gone, Cyborg left and started to cook ham for his lunch.

"MURDERER! CAN'T YOU GIVE THAT POOR PIG A CHANCE?" screamed Beast Boy. His face had turned chalk white when he heard sizzling noises and fainted on the couch. Cyborg whistled and laughed, and at the same time, Robin and Starfire entered the room.

"May we eat the cream of ice after?" asked Starfire. She gave Robin the puppy face which caused him to melt like butter.

"Sure Star," said Robin.

"Oh, joyous day!" said Starfire, and gave Robin an affectionate hug. Robin's face turned deep red which caused Beast Boy and Cyborg stifled laughs. They knew that if they laugh out loud, Robin would call Raven to beat them up mercifully (yes, he can be that mean.) "Oh, and I would like some yumness of mustard." Everyone (except Starfire and of course Raven, since she is not in the lounge) groaned. They all knew that Starfire is obsessed with mustard and uses it for a drink or to eat (sauce).

"I'm going," said Beast Boy. He got off the couch and headed to the door. Cyborg stared at his green friend and began to calculate the options Beast Boy have. One option hit his mind.

"Are you going to see Raven, Beast Boy?" asked Cyborg. Beast Boy stiffened for a second and turned to face his friends' curious faces.