Me + Doctor Who +One Piece+ Crack= RANDOMNESS.

I love her. Her hair smells perfect, her lips, her body. Oh how I wished we could have stayed with each other forever.

I still remember her name. Nico Robin. Her name was so beautiful, just like the rest of her. If I could have talked, I would have told her how beautiful she was every day, just to see that smile of hers plastered across her face. The smile that could brighten my day, a day that was full of hatred and sadness. I love her.

Our love is forbidden though. Countless have tried to separate us. Crocodile, Eneru. If only I could have survived then, maybe she wouldn't be taken by those CP9 jerks. The fact that I couldn't protect her, that I was useless, angered me more than anything, even that purple Stetson bastard who got between me and my love.

Luckily, Robin seemed to understand my feelings and let Banchi eat it. Good. No more whore Stetson.

My happiness didn't last very long, though. Shortly after we came up to Skypiea, we met a so called Eneru. Now, my Robin-chan was doing the best she could, being badass and tricking Eneru, until Eneru hit my girlfriend –MY GIRLFRIEND, ZORO, NOT YOURS!- with a bolt of lightning. That was when I died.

I don't know if she did, but Robin surely cried days and days after she lost me.

I'm sorry Robin. I love you.

Meanwhile in the Thousand Sunny…

"Hey, Robin," Nami called out, holding a familiar looking hat in her hand. "Isn't this the hat that got ruined in Skypiea? What is it doing here?"

Robin looked up from her book. "Ah, thank you, Navigator-san. I believe it is," Robin replied, walking over to Nami and accepting her hat. Nami frowned, clearly confused. I could of sworn that hat got burnt…

"Stop. Stalking. Me," Robin hissed to the hat, which merely swayed in the wind. "I am willing to wear any Stetson but you in honour of my friend." At this the hat seemed to drop. "Go away."

Robin light one of Sanji's matches and set the hat on fire. "But… I love you…" the hat whispered. Robin let the flame engulf. "You betrayed me!"

Robin left the room without another word. "I already have a romantic interest," the archaeologist replied. "I'm in love with Zoro."


Don't worry. It lived a happy life on a man named the Doctor's head, until he was blown off again…