AN: This fic was inspired by a prompt pic (will be on profile). I loved the idea, so here we are :) I originally planned it to be a one shot, but that doesn't look like it's going to happen!

Idea: Sheldon and Penny switch places. Penny is the physicist and child protégé and Sheldon is the 'cool' new neighbor with dreams of making it big in Hollywood. I'm passing along this prompt along with the pic (again, in profile) to anyone that wants to take it on!

"Hey Penny!" Leonard called as he closed the door behind him. Pushing her oversized glasses up on her face, Penny turned to glare at her roommate.

"Although you have trouble comprehending this, please try to respect it: I'm working." She gestured to the piles of books around 'her spot' on their couch.

Leonard and Penny have lived together for years, and Leonard still seemed to have trouble respecting her preferred decibel level. He openly violated the roommate contract on several occasions, and actually had the audacity to hit on her after he first moved in! Truth be told, Penny hadn't even noticed what he was doing until her best friend Amy pointed it out. Penny didn't care for social interactions, especially of the physical variety.

"Relax Penny, your hair is going to turn white." Leonard attempted to joke. He always said that Penny stressed herself so much, it made her hair lighter. He even told the others he was sure she was born a brunette. "I just wanted to let you know that a new guy moved in across the hall. I invited him to dinner."

Penny's pen stopped moving. "Why would you do that?" She asked with a frown. "Now we'll have an odd ratio of dumplings to people." She groaned as she started to twist her hair - a habit she had never been able to break.

Penny was actually a very pretty woman - when she tried. She often hid behind pants suits and her oversized glasses though. It was rare her hair was in any other style but hanging down, and she never wore makeup. Leonard had tried to spark a relationship between the two, but for a genus she was socially inept.

"Relax Penny, I'll order extra." He held up his hand to cut off her protest. "I'll make sure there is exactly enough." He sighed and sat in the arm chair opposite her, moving several papers around. "He just seems kind of… cool." Leonard shrugged.

"Is you trying to befriend the new neighbor some kind of ridiculous attempt to compensate for your lack of popularity throughout your life?" She asked as she peered over her glasses. She actually didn't need them all the time, but they had become a security blanket of sorts.

"Of course not… maybe." Leonard relented as a knock sounded at the door. With a 'be good' look, Leonard went to answer it. "Sheldon! Come in!"

Penny placed her books down and stood to greet the newcomer (as was socially expected). She wasn't prepared for the sight that she was met with however. Sheldon was a tall man, standing about two heads taller than Penny. His frame appeared to be lanky, but it was hard to tell under all the layers. He wore faded blue jeans with a jacket to match, a white v-neck and what appeared to be cowboy boots. His hair was mused on his head, and a half-smoked cigarette rested behind one ear. His gaze swept lazily to Penny, blue eyes intense and impassive at the same time. For once, Penny was at a loss for words.

"Sheldon, this is Penny." Leonard said with a smile.

"You didn't tell me your roommate was a female." Sheldon said in a bored tone. "Is she one of those genus' too?"

"Excuse me, but she is standing right here." Penny said with a frown as she crossed her arms. "And with an IQ of 187, I surpass genus. You could say I'm a whole new breed of Homo Sapien."

"Homo huh?" Sheldon asked with an amused, taunting little smirk. "That explains the pants suit." He nodded to her typical Monday outfit.

"Leonard." Penny said his name dangerously, bristling at their new idiot neighbor.

"Play nice Penny." Leonard warned as she ushered Sheldon to the couch. "Have a seat."

Penny was about to relent and play nice when the new comer sat in her seat. "You can't sit there. That's my spot."

"Oh boy." Leonard groaned as Howard and Raj walked in.

"We could share it." Sheldon winked up at Penny causing her brow to furrow.

"That would be highly uncomfortable. Besides, it's my spot."

"I don't know who you are, but trust me when I say you don't want to bark up that tree." Howard said as he sat on the other end of the couch.

"He'd have better luck with the tree." Raj joked as he sat on the arm next to Howard. He had never had a problem talking around Penny, seeing as she wasn't exactly a female to him… his money was on robot.

"You guys are weird." Sheldon said with a tiny smirk as he stood. "But whatever you say doll face, it's your spot." He watched in amusement as she quickly sat, shooting him a glare. "Is she always like that?" He asked Leonard in a mock whisper.

"You have no idea."

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