Lost Child - Chapter 7

Claire's POV

When we got home to the Glass House to I left Eve to get Sarah Jane out of the car and went up to my room. I needed to study for this test at university then some books that Myrnin gave me. I got them out of the bag and started studying.

Eve's POV

We pulled up to the house and Claire got out, ditching me with Sarah Jane. I sighed and turned to the 3 year old.

"You need to be nicer to her, Sarah. That means no puking on her or crying whenever shes near or any of that sh... Crap." I said, stopping myself. I guessed young children are impressionable and Amelie would not be pleased if Sarah Jane started cussing in her presence. Crap is a bad word. I un-strapped her and got her out. She doesnt speak much.

Its day 2 on the looking-after-Sarah-Jane job so we were doing well. I put her down in the living room and went to get food. When I was making toast and eggs I heard crackling and thought it was the toaster but it was fine. I went into the living room looked at Sarah Jane.

She is holding her hand out to the TV and crimson red flashes/mini lightning/pulses were going from the TV to whatever she was holding in her hand.

"Umm... Sarah. What the hell?" I asked her. She spun around and hid whatever was in her hand.

"Oh nothing. That was nothing." She said.

"Right." I said. "Claire get down here!"

Claires POV

I had just finished studying logic when Eve shouted my name. I sighed and went downstairs.

"What is it?" I asked.

"This Sarah Jane dude was just trying to electrify the TV." Eve said.

"You know how unbelievable that sounds. We get that she is from a different but she can't electrify the TV." I said.

"You dont believe do you? You know what happened to the truck ages ago? With the red flash and stuff? That was what she was doing to the TV." Eve said.

I sighed. "Ev if your so paranoid about her take it up with Amelie."

"You know Amelie doesn't believe for a second thst she has powers so why bother?" Eve asked.

"'Cos Amelie's her mom! And we're her babysitters. If she does freaky things we just tell Amelie when she comes to pick her up. Freaky things happen all the time. We live in Morganville, if you haven't noticed." I saif. Before Eve could say anything else Shane walked in.

"Hey, heard the commotion. What are you arguing about?" He asked.

"Apparently Eve says that Sarah-Jane is trying to electrify the TV." I said.

"The kid. Eve hate to say it but you might need therapy." Shane said.

"I'm not crazy! I saw her trying to electrify the TV!" Eve said, well shouted.

"I'm not saying your crazy. Rekax. You just might need therapy for your hallucinations." Shane said. He is not helping.

"Shane quiet! I just don't believe that Sarah Jane was trying to electrify the TV."

"So she needs therapy for her hallucinations." Shane said and took me out of the room for a "chat".

Eve's POV

Urgh I hate them sometimes! They know what Sarah Jane can do, why the hell are they dismissing it? The crackling started again and I turn and Sarah Jane is at it again. Oh right so start when Claire and Shane are out of the room but stop it when they go out. In a fit of anger I kicked Sarah Jane and she instantly started crying and screaming.

I gasped. How could I have done that?

"OMG Sarah-Jane I am so sorry! I didn't mean to kick you!" I said, hugging her but she pushed me away and cried for Amelie. Thank god she doesn't come till tommorow or I'm dead. Claire and Shane come in to hear what the noise is about.

"Why is Sarah Jane crying?" Shane asked.

"I don't know." I lied. "I think she got shocked or something." Claire must have heard or seen something because she looked out the peephole.

"Well whatever it is, make her stop crying because Amelie's coming!" Claire said. I cursed and went to try and get Sarah Jane to stop crying.

"Stop crying please?" I asked her. It was no use. The door knocked. Claire sent me a nervous look then went to the front door and answered.

"Why is Sarah-Jane crying?" I heard Amelie say.

"She must have got an electric shock on the TV. Well thats what Eve said anyway." Claire said. Amelie pushed past her and went to the kid and picked her up.

"What's wrong?" She asked. I begged Sarah-Jane not to say anything.

"Eve kicked me!" She cried. Amelie turned to me with red in her eyes and fangs coming down.

I was in big trouble.

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