This is my sequel to my Adventures Of Blinky Bill fanfic Scars Are Forever. It's my 3rd ShiftyDingo X Nutsy fanfic and since they're teenagers, they are taking their relationship to a whole new level. Expect to see a mild sex scene between Shifty and Nutsy in chapter 3 as well as Shifty cutting himself in chapter 5, so this is rated M as well. All characters are copyright to Yoram Gross except Jeromy who appears in a nightmare Shifty has.

It had been a year since that fateful day, the day Danny Dingo took his own life with a gun to prevent his suffering from AIDS. Shifty had grown into a young teenager and had gotten bolder and wiser than he once was. With his silky blonde fur, lean build and puppy dog eyes, he was also extremely handsome. Even Marcia would deliberately avoid eye contact when speaking to him for fear she might blush upon looking in his eyes yet she still treated him like trash and denied finding him attractive. Despite being popular with the ladies, he was still very shy and very devoted in his love to Nutsy. Physically speaking, he was growing to be as handsome as his brother Danny but personality-wise, he was pretty much the opposite being honest and caring. About the only personality trait he shared with his deceased brother was sarcasm. He really knew how to make a snappy comeback which is why Blinky and Flap started backing off from him. Like Nutsy, Splodge was also quite protective of Shifty, often serving as a bodyguard to him due to his large size. Academically, Shifty was one of the smartest kids in the class, getting straight A's and B's but he was rather clumsy and weak when it came to sports. Musically, he was great at playing instruments and was quick to catch on to learning new ones. His singing however was nasally and raspy so the kids usually discouraged him from singing in school plays.

Shifty opened a wallet his mother recently gave him and took out a photograph of Danny Dingo. Shifty could feel a tear gently sliding down his cheek as he thought of his big brother. If only Danny was given the chance to turned his life around and redeem himself. Shifty remembered how Danny hugged him goodbye, it was the only time Danny had ever hugged his little brother. The hug felt warm, as if Danny had been holding a warmth in his heart deep down. The dingo wiped the tear away before anyone noticed he was crying and put the photo away.

It was everyone's first day at Greenpatch High and it was much bigger than any elementary school. All of Miss Magpie's students graduated from her class and on their last day at school, they all attended the graduation ceremony. All the kids were crying when they said goodbye to Miss Magpie, including Blinky and Marcia. Shifty was practically crying a river when he said goodbye to Miss Magpie, he remembered the bittersweet feeling of graduating and bawling so hard he could barely say a straight sentence as he hugged Miss Magpie goodbye. Blinky was eventually dropped out of reform school and joined Miss Magpie's class for the ceremony. While Blinky was away, Splodge took over as the leader of the Blinky Bill gang. A lot had changed and Blinky's friends had to fill in Blinky on what he missed. Blinky was shocked that Danny died and he actually hugged Shifty and told the dingo he was sorry for his loss.

The school bell rang and the young teens filed into class, what really surprised the kids was the fact Wombo was standing at the front of the class "Hello children, you all know me as . I've decided not to retire and spend the rest of my days teaching class."

"Gee, that's really nice of you." Shifty said.

"Yeah, It's nice to know you've still got energy in you." Splodge said.

Nutsy smiled, "So you'll be our teacher from now on?"

Wombo nodded, "Just please don't call me Wombo."

Two years passed in high school and a lot had changed yet a lot of things remained the same.

Blinky was practically the Ferris Bueller of Greenpatch High, always getting in trouble and pulling all sorts of stupid pranks, a couple of which got him suspended. He now wore a black leather jacket with sunglasses.

Nutsy became class president and leader of the cheerleading squad. A few cheerleaders questioned her relationship with resident emo kid Shifty Dingo but other cheerleaders kept oggling at Shifty and trying to flirt with him, finding him cute despite the fact he was a bad athlete. Nutsy was very kindhearted and helpful and wore a white cheerleader uniform with a red heart on it and a purple miniskirt.

Splodge was the lovable quarterback of the Greenpatch High football team. He often wore a blue football jersey with pants as opposed to the overalls he once wore. Unlike the other football players, he treated Shifty with respect, often acting as a bodyguard to him.

Flap was the nerd of the class and the one kid who could rival Shifty as the smartest kid in class. He now wore a red bowtie and glasses along with a white buttoned shirt. He'd often buy a ton of junk food and hang with his gamer friends, playing video games when chowing down on chips and soda.

Marcia was still a big bully despite her small size and had one time bit all the strings off of Shifty's guitar for a quick laugh. She was suspended multiple times from Greenpatch high and eventually expelled for biting another mouse. She was then kicked out of Blinky's group for excessive violence and anger problems. She dressed like a gangster, wearing a black hoodie with a red ski hat.

Shifty Dingo was the kindhearted and sensitive emo kid of Greenpatch High. He now wore a black shirt with black and white striped sleeves and he also wore a silver earring on his left ear. Unlike the other emo kids, he often stood up for himself rather than cry if bullied as he had taken martial arts. He still cried pretty easily though. Many other emo kids as well as football players were jealous of him for dating Nutsy, the big cheerleader on campus. Shifty would often write poetry and music and play acoustic guitar. He wasn't very athletic but he made up for it with his high intelligence.

The school bell rang and the teens got out of class.

"So Nutsy." Shifty said, "How's about another date this Saturday?"

Nutsy blushed, "I'd love to, Shifty but I have cheerleading practice. How about Sunday?"

Shifty smiled, "Okay, Sunday it is." And with that Shifty licked Nutsy on the cheek and she licked Shifty on the nose. He giggled a bit.

The dingo and koala's romance was quite the gossip on campus. Nevermind the fact one was a placental mammal and one was a marsupial, Nutsy was a popular cheerleader and Shifty was a nerdy emo kid. Many cheerleaders asked Nutsy why she dated Shifty and she always responded with "he needs to be loved". Although they were practically the nicest kids in high school, the koala girl and dingo boy often recieved ridicule for their romance but no matter what, they were deeply in love with one another. Ma Dingo always expected Shifty to be a late bloomer, but she was surprised by the ammount of time he spent cuddling with Nutsy. However, Shifty took a vow of chastity and swore never to have sex with Nutsy until after they marry. This made Nutsy a bit on edge as she wanted to get intimate with the shy young dingo but she respected his wishes.

Shifty arrived home and sat down, "Hi, Ma. I'm home."

"Oh, that's nice. Now go to your room, I don't feel like talking." Ma said.

Shifty rolled his eyes, "So warm and understanding." The young dingo said sarcastically under his breath.

Shifty walked to his room and thought a bit. He thought about how his friends used to laugh at him for being a coward. He snarled at the thought of Marcia laughing at him and verbally abusing him. Then he turned his attention to the attic, he remembered how terrified he was of the attic. Danny used to scare him with tales of a boogieman that lived in his attic who ate little dingoes and kept their bones as trophies. Shifty remembered how these stories scared him so bad he would run to his mother in tears and beg for her to hold him until he stopped crying. Ma just ignored him and told him there was no such thing as monsters, not even bothering to hug Shifty as he cried his sad puppy dog eyes out. She then told him to turn off the waterworks because "real dingoes don't cry."

One time Danny even hid in the attic and pretended to be a monster to scare the daylights out of Shifty. Shifty ran to Daisy crying really hard and Daisy scolded Danny for his mean prank. Gathering all the courage he could, Shifty had entered the attic of the dingo household for the very first time.

Shifty looked around and shivered, he frantically looked for a light switch and he flipped it on. Even with the light on, Shifty felt as if he was being watched by something in then shadows. He could feel the salty tears of fear sting his eyes and he rubbed his eyes with his paws. No, there was no way he was gonna cry over something this mundane, he was a big dingo now.

He walked over to a stack of boxes and saw a bunch of dusty old papers in the boxes, he wiped the dust off with his paw and he noticed he was holding what appeared to be Daisy's birth certificate. He then looked under that paper and found Meatball and his own birth certificates. His eyes scanned across the certificates, carefully reading them and it wasn't long before Shifty's jaw dropped and his eyes went wide. All 3 dingoes had different fathers, meaning they were only half-siblings to him. Shifty bit his lip and choked back the bitter tears. Ma Dingo had lied to him, she told him that they all came from the same father and that he died in a car accident.

Tearfully, Shifty crawled down the ladder leading to the attic and he could feel his heart burning with a whole new kind of rage. The handsome young dingo marched straight towards Ma Dingo who was washing dishes in the kitchen and he glared at her through tear-filled eyes.

"Care to explain THESE!" Shifty snarled, slamming the stack of papers down on the table. Ma Dingo turned her attention to Shifty and gave him a dirty look, "What were you doing snooping around in the attic?"

"I was looking for an attic monster but I found something so much more disturbing." Shifty hissed sarcastically.

Ma just glared at Shifty, her secret was out. Shifty just snarled at her with hot tears of anger streaming down his muzzle, "You lied to me, Mom. I can't BELIEVE YOU'D LIE TO ME!" Shifty screamed.

"Now listen here, Shifty..." Ma said.

"Oh, I'm listening all right. Care to explain what happened to my birth siblings?" Shifty asked.

Ma Dingo sighed, "I sold them for drug money."

"YOU DID WHAT! What is WRONG WITH YOU!" Shifty snarled, burning hot tears of anger falling off his face.

"I only want whats best for you, Shifty." Ma said.

Shifty just chuckled sarcastically and rolled his eyes, "What's best for me, you say. Gee, you sure did a bangup job at raising your son. You tried to brainwash me, tell me that dingoes are society's outcasts. Uh, hell no, Ma. You are so dead wrong about that. I've made plenty of friends throughout my stay in Greenpatch. Meanwhile, you just sit on your ass cooking and cleaning while growling nasty remarks about everyone around you. Being a dingo has nothing to do with being a jerk. So you see, Ma? YOU'RE THE PROBLEM!

Ma raised her fist and tried to strike her son, it wasn't long before Shifty's palm caught her fist and he grinned at her, "So, you think you're gonna punch out your own son just cause I gave you the cold hard facts? You know, you could always try to change for once and stop being such a bitch about everything. I remember when I broke my leg and you kept me in bed. If Blinky hadn't built the wheelchair for me, I would've never been on a picnic and I would've cried myself to sleep. You could've AT LEAST CONSIDERED GIVING ME CRUTCHES!" Shifty screamed.

"HOW DARE YOU!" Ma shouted.

"How dare I what? Train in martial arts so I could defend myself against jerks like you? I'm sorry but until you start treating me with respect and kindness, I'm not gonna ease up on you one bit! So, if you'll excuse me, I have bags to pack cause I quit this accursed family!" Shifty shouted.

And with that, Shifty dashed off to his room while crying uncontrollably. Ma Dingo rolled her eyes, "Stubborn fool."