I noticed how I constantly think of different ways a 9 sequel could be made. So this story has a lot to do with some of Chibijaime's work on Deviantart, which made me do a double take (in a good way, mostly) Also I haven't seen many stories recently so I thought why not.

9, 7, 3 and 4 sat silently as the rain slowly let up after a half hour. 4 and 3 cataloged the water that fell from the sky when it first stared, since they had never seen something so wonderful before. 9 pulled his knees to his chest and wrapped his arms around himself "9 is something wrong?" 9 turned his head and gave 7 a sad look "Yes 7 all of this is wrong…" 3 leaned forward and 4 leaned back to look at 9 "…no one was supposed to die, if I wasn't so careless I would have found the Maker's message and I wouldn't have placed the talisman in the machine and…and 5 would still be here" 3 and 4 got up and headed up the staircase they were sitting on and back into the first room "Guys wait!" 7 got up ran after them. 9 wished he had kept quiet, he knew the twins were as close to 5 as they were to 7 and bringing up his death was beyond idiotic.

After a few minutes of contemplating on how to apologize, he made his way into the run down building the Maker once called home. 9 made his way past the first room which he avoided seeing since the scientist's body was still there. He found the only other open door in the hallway and found that it was a bedroom with a large drawer, a desk with a dusty lamp, and a full length mirror "7?" "9 up here" he noticed the slender white doll standing on the bed "3 and 4 are asleep, so try not to make too much noise" she whispered "7 can we talk?" 7 turned her head which 9 guessed was toward the twins "Ok be right down" she held on to one of the folds of the bed sheet that went all the way down to the floor and quickly made her way toward 9.

7 and 9 walked just outside the door and into the hallway before either of them said a word "9 I know what you're thinking, but the past is the past and we can't change it… no matter how much we want to" 9 could hear her sad tone in the end, but something was different, it wasn't like 5's reaction after… after 2's death. 5, although distraught, eventually composed himself especially after seeing 3 and 4 again. This time there wouldn't be a familiar smiling face for 7 and a little thought was forming in the back of his mind "7… 5 meant a lot to you and the twins didn't he?" 7's right hand moved over her left shoulder and touched the stitching of the scar that took up most of her back "He kept them safe before I found them and saved my life…" 9 sat down with his back to the wall also touching the stitching on his left shoulder "I wouldn't be here either if it weren't for him"

7 sighed "9 could we not talk about this…" 9 looked up at her "I'm sorry 7 it's just that when I talk about him I feel like he isn't really gone" the warrior closed her optics "…or remind you that they'll never be by your side again" she walked back into the room leaving a surprised 9 in the hallway. 9 slowly made his way into the first room again hoping he missed something about how to deal with the machine. The scientist should have thought that the 9 of them couldn't have destroyed the B.R.A.I.N. without something like this happening right? He made his way up the stacked piles of notes and books and back onto the table he took his first steps on. 9 looked around looking for anything else he could have missed; he saw the machine he was tied to, scattered papers and books. After a few minutes 9 almost gave up when he noticed a leather bound book that looked different than all the rest placed behind a few notebooks. 9 struggled to move the heavy object when he thought of placing some pencils under it to move it more easily. 9 opened it and franticly searched the old pages for anything the scientist could have mentioned. He stopped when he arrived at a schematic of 1 and the scientist's notes on when he woke up. 9 couldn't help, but smile when he read that the creator thought 1 had trust issues, he knew the scientist would be proud how much 1 changed.

9 slowed down and saw the others as well even his own design. As 9 read the scientist's last entry he frowned when he realize how highly he thought of him. He went back to 5's entry and only read the final words the creator wrote, He is my purest creation to date. The scientist thought highly of 5, even above 2 with his intellect and the twins with their energy and curiosity. 9 sighed and looked at 5's sketches on the other page "He still is…"

Well this made its way into my head a few days ago and things won't go away until they come out so here you go. This is a story I will work on while I'm not writing my Wall-E story. So yeah review tell me what you think.