I'm back! Here is my update after a long summer

7 watched as 5's body twitched from the sparks jumping across his body. The talisman singed the wood under it, giving off a grey smoke from the rotting wood. As the static died down, 5 remained the same, lifeless. Everyone waited in anticipation hoping something would happen. 9 cautiously made his way toward 5, 7 following close behind. 9 dropped to his knees "It should have worked." 7 placed a hand on his shoulder, to everyone else it looked like she was comforting 9, but it was to keep her from feeling so dizzy. She should have known this wasn't going to work, but deep down she hoped with all her soul that 5 would smile at her again. Again those thoughts snuck their way into her head. Why is it that 5 seemed to be able to make his way into her thoughts whenever she felt lost? Maybe it was his kind yet timid nature that set him apart, but 2 was also just as good natured as his student. For now 7 pushed all that aside and looked over at 91 "What are you going to do now?" 91 sighed "Well there is little light to travel outside so might as well stay for the night." 3 and 4 rushed over to her and gave her a hug. 91 took a step or two back before she patted each of them on the back.

That night 9 couldn't get a wink of sleep. His mind going through anything and everything he could have done wrong. The scientist was sure this would work so why didn't it? The sound of a far away building finally collapsing from its rotting support after all this time made him look out the window. The eerie quiet multiplied its sound making it seem like they were the ones falling. The twins quickly looked around for the source of the ruckus "It's okay guys, nothing to worry about." With that reassurance the twins went back to their peaceful slumber. 9 sat back up in the bed knowing he wasn't getting any sleep anytime soon "9 you should get some sleep too." 9 recognized 7's voice "I know 7 I just can't." 9 heard some shuffling "7 is right 9, you really do need your rest, you should be ready for anything." 9 sighed "Both of you are the ones that should rest, you are the only ones that know how to fight." 91 humored him with a sarcastic laugh. 9 stared out of the cracked window letting in the light of the moon. He felt his optics slowly close and before he knew it he was fast asleep.

91 and 7 were awaken from their slumber by a scraping noise "Did you hear that 91?" "Yes and I don't think any of us decided to go for a late night stroll," 91 said loading a needle into the crossbow. 7 searched through the quiver picking out a knife for herself. Slowly peeking over the side of the bed both warriors looked around the room hoping they wouldn't see the cold red eyes of a machine. Not seeing anything both were about to head back when the scraping started again. 91 whispered "Is it beneath us?" 7 kept her gaze on the poorly lit room "It doesn't sound like it; how good are you with that?" "Very" "Cover me, let's see if we can lure it out." 7 made her way down to the wooden floor keeping a sharp eye out for anything. Scratch scratch 7 turned toward the sound to see only 5's body. "It can't be…" "7 what is it?" 7 slowly made her way toward 5. Thanks to the little light they had in the room she could see his left hand slowly clench making the scrapping noise they heard earlier then relax. 7 knelt next to 5 as his only optic slowly opened.

5 couldn't remember much after the machine took him. He knew he wasn't dead because he was pretty sure the dead couldn't think or feel anymore, but then again he has never died before. The mechanic vaguely remembered seeing everyone together around a fire before going up into the sky leaving the twins, 7 and 9 behind. After that it was mostly a blur, he could see shapes and splashes of color even hear the wind blow. It wasn't exactly bliss, but at least he was happy knowing the others managed to destroy the machine. He didn't even have a sense of time, he doubted he was in the machine for more than a few hours yet felt like days. Yes, this wasn't bliss at all. It wasn't until he noticed the sounds and sights he was used to start to slowly fade replaced by darkness and no sound at all, that he thought this was the end and he would finally cease to exist. What actually happened confused him. 5 started to feel heavy like if something was pulling him somewhere as much as he tried to fight it he was powerless to do anything. He felt heavy, so much so he couldn't move anymore. 5 was terrified, he had no idea what was happening and he sure didn't want to figure it out. He tried moving, but again the weight he felt on his entire body was more than he could handle… wait body? 5 could feel hands, feet, he even had a headache. After what felt like hours he managed to move his fingers on his left hand. Scratch scratch wood? He heard whispering from somewhere nearby. With all his strength he tried getting up, but only managed to make the same sound again, more whispering. The mechanic tried his best to stay quiet wishing that it would be over quickly "It can't be…" That voice he knew that voice anywhere, he slowly opened his optic to see 7 hovering over him.

7 couldn't believe it; the lifeless body from hours ago was slowly reaching up to her "s..s…7?" 7 couldn't even find her voice. She took hold of 5's hand and gave a gentle squeeze to reassure her this was real "5…" This was one of the times 7 was glad she couldn't cry. 5 tried getting up, but quickly lay back down. 7 placed a hand on his chest "You need your rest, don't force yourself." 91 made her way over to them "7 what are you doing?" 7 turned to her "It worked, he's back." 5 turned his head causing 91 to take a step back, her optics widening "That's not…" 5 stared blankly at her before giving her a smile "I guess I missed a few things?" 5 said in a hoarse voice. 91 climbed back on the bed to wake up a sleeping 9. 5 chuckled "Did I scare whoever that was?" 7 laughed "5 you couldn't scare anyone even if you tried," 5 turned away feeling embarrassed "Anyway that's 91, she helped us bring you back." "I thought 9 was the last one" "I'll explain later for now you need your rest." "After all that has happened that is going to be hard." 7 remembered exactly what to do when 5 couldn't sleep. She placed his head on her lap and did something only he knew she did, she started to sing. 5 recognized the one 7 sang to him back when random shots of the machines would keep him awake at night and if he was lucky enough to dream they would be filled with nightmares. Whenever she sang her voice would clear his thoughts all of that and for a brief moment everything would be right with the world, "…all these heavy thoughts will try to way you down~ but not this time…" 5 might one day ask her where she learned it "…way up in the air you're finally free~ you can stay up there…right next to me~."

9 and 91 decided to stay up on the bed to give 5 and 7 some alone time. 9 was more than elated when 91 told him what happened, but he was scared what this weird feeling it was he felt seeing both of them like that. 91 tapped him on the shoulder "Come on we should get some sleep too" "Yeah I bet the twins will be ecstatic." 9 hesitated for a brief moment. 91 had been around long enough to catch movements like that, but decided he will tell them what is bothering him when the time is right. 9 found himself almost in the exact same situation as before, him not being able to sleep and dozens of thoughts going through his head. What will they do when everyone is back? How are they exactly supposed to continue with life in this wasteland? So many questions that have yet to be answered, but everything comes in time. Nothing stays in the dark for long.

I hope this chapter is what some of you were hoping for. If not well things will pick up soon anyway. Lyrics to 7's song are from Owl City – Shooting Star. I wish I could write something like that.