Chapter 1

I felt my chest burn and my throat feel dry after the 17 lap around the track.

"Don't stop Zera! Keep it coming just a few more and that's it" I heard my brother yell. I looked up and saw him standing near the tracks holding a stop watch. I pulled ahead and finished my laps, collapsing in the grass when I was done. I panted heavily and laid on my back as I catched to catch my breath, or at least tried to. I opened my eyes and looked up into my older brother's light green eyes.

"How much time?" I asked breathed out sitting up. "30 minutes for a 10 yard round track. You got some good legs on you sis" he laughed showing me the timer.

"Awesome" I said throwing myself back to the ground. "No,no,no none of that. Come on we have to get back to the gym and get the rest of your training done for today." He said pulling me up and helping me stand.

"Remember, who's got the best pair of knuckles the world's never seen" he said. I laughed at the statement.

"You do Ray"

"Nope, you do Z" he said. "Who's got the strongest heart in the world?"

"We do" I said placing my hand over his heart.

"Yeah, we do" he said putting his hand over mine. "Come on lets get back before Jerry kills us for not being on time for Matthews match" Together we walked to the van and drove to Jerry's Boxing Central. After 4 more hours of training I hit the showers and changed in to my regular street clothes; a gray Flash t-shirt, a pair of black skinny jeans and gray Nikes. I pulled my burgundy hair in a ponytail and grabbed my leather jacket from the lockers. As soon as I stepped outside my phone began to ring. I answered it as I looked around the block looking for Ray,

"Hello?" I answered.

"Z, look in the garage of Jerry's theirs a bike. Get over here; I had to go before hand" Ray said apologetically.

"You left! That's cold bro" I said hanging up and making my way back inside the gym. I made my way through a bunch of shirtless guys in the main room and passed by another group in the lounge. I made my way down a dark corridor with gray walls. At the end of it were to massive doors that had a key hole at the side of it under a doorknob. I stuck the key I always had with me in it and went inside. I looked at the bike and laughed.

"I am so not giving this back!" I smiled getting on the sleek blue motorcycle and headed to the site that Ray sent me. I couldn't wait to see the robot boxing tournement