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It was the second time that he had dissolved into the flesh he had been created from, but this time was different. There was no pain, no torture, just a sharp numbness that surrounded him. He was slipping in and out of consciousness, and for one agonizingly long moment he found himself with a lack of control of his entire body. Though His mind was alive, with sparks, and ideas, and thoughts. Something within him had awoken - something important had happened - something big - something very big! If only he could remember - if only he could move - a nice long run would get his brain juices going.

It took him a little longer than he liked to regain his memories. A clouded image of a curly haired woman wriggled into the nitpicks of his ever so slightly sluggish mind. Surely a creature as beautiful, and charming as her must have a name - surely. He squeezed through all of his thoughts, trying to find the answer. It was then that another image struck him. Water : deep blue water. Hmmm this was a clue - a big clue! Rii - River! Ah , Of course!

River Song was the reason lying behind his whole situation. Oh that woman, that wonderful woman. She'd given up so much for him. Her whole childhood! She had even cloned herself because of her love towards him. It had been high time that he had given her something back. That's why he'd gone to the library - to save her - he had wanted to return that love and sacrifice. Still in turn he'd only hurt her further by leaving without a goodbye on the TARDIS with his tenth self . She must have thought that he had abandoned her. That wasn't the case at all! He just hoped that in the very last moments she'd known that.

There was something else too! It was a word, a big word, so big and so happy. It was a gigantic life changing word. How could something so big slip away from him with such ease.

He groaned as he realized he was starting to get the feeling back in his body. It was a dreadful sensation, but it was pleasant in comparison to his previous numbness.

" Doctor?" A voice brushed past his ear. It belonged to a man but it was too low pitched to belong to his tenth self.

The Doctor winced open his eyes, with a great deal of difficulty. He found himself lying on an old sofa with a person that he hadn't seen since his very start in life hovering over him, " Rory Pond!" He squealed, lurching upwards and squeezing the roman until Rory rather awkwardly pushed him away. The Doctor giggled like a little school girl. This was mad, completely barmy even. Not in his wildest dreams had he thought about ever being able to see the Ponds again. Though he hadn't been exactly sure of how they would greet him. He surveyed the room for the missing Pond - Amelia.

" Actually it's Wil - eh never mind." Rory shook his head, and just simply stared at him. In Rory's eyes The Doctor could see many things : Sadness, confusion, joy, fear, " What are you doing here? How did you get here? I mean - you said to Amy - you said you'd never be able to see us again."

The Timelord could only assume that those were the words of the man he'd been cloned from. Sighing he realized just how complicated things were going to get, " Rory, do you remember when we went to that castle - well factory, and those gangers went mad, and well, I suppose, tried to kill us all? " He asked sorrowfully.

" Yeh, why?" Rory questioned.

" Do you remember The Doctor's clone?" He could feel the tremble in his words, his hearts were grinding together, his breath hot and terrified. He was scared of how Rory would react, petrified that he'd once again be an outcast.

" I - uh guess." Rory shrugged, " Why?"

The Doctor didn't answer Rory, he just locked eyes with him, stony faced, hoping that Rory would understand.

It took a while for things to seem to click into place within Rory's mind, but when they did his face dropped, " You're - I mean - you're him."

The Doctor nodded gravely, " I'm sorry." He mumbled, " I'm really rather sorry. I seem to end up in the strangest of places. " Tears burned away in his flaming green pools. No! Too many tears had been shed, too much hurt and pain. He was The Doctor - he'd seen too much and had run much too far.

Without his tenth self, without River even, what was going to become of him? The ponds wouldn't want him. He was far too early for their timeline. He wasn't their Doctor.

" Don't cry." Rory pleaded, " It'll be ok - I think."

The Doctor laughed heartily at Rory's nervous stuttering. Until now he'd forgotten just how much he'd missed the clumsy, big - nosed nurse. He wiped his tears away, " Yeh you're probably right. Could be worse. Well I've got to go - bye, bye Pond." He leapt up to his feet, searched for the way out before heading in that direction.

" Wait! You can't just leave." Rory shouted after him.

The Doctor span around so fast that it took a while for his body to catch up with his neck and head,

"Why?" He asked, " What would Amelia say? " He winced, " I'm sorry Rory. I really don't belong here." He went to leave, but was immediately stopped in his tracks by the green liquid running under his only exit. His eyes widened in wonder.

" What the hell?" Rory also watched the green vat of liquid pooling on the floor. Though he looked more worried than anything.

The Doctor watched as the liquid began to froth and bubble. It was forming a body, not any body though, River's. He couldn't help the huge grin spreading across his features when he lay eyes on River in all her amazing glory.

" You couldn't be more wrong." He breathed in her soothingly smoky voice, strolled over to her, and forgetting it wasn't just he and River in the room, kissed her fully on the lips. It was one of those beautifully rare moments where even to him time stood still. For a long while they were both lost in a whirl of hair, and lips, and soft caresses.

" Blimey! How long have I been away!" A familiar Scottish voice dragged them both from their ecstasy.

" Ah - hello Pond." The Doctor greeted her with a meek smile, blushing furiously with embarrassment .

" How are you here?" She asked him, sounding a little distraught by even being in his presence.

" We're gangers mother. We both are." River explained, lifting some of the heavy weight from The Doctor's shoulder. He twisted his fingers through hers and kissed her lightly on the head in appreciation. It took his brain approximately two minutes to realise what River had just called Amy.

" Mother?!" He squeaked. He looked towards Amy and back to River again, " Mother?!" He exclaimed again in a splutter of confusion.

" It's a long story my love. " River cupped his cheek, trapping the millions of questions he wanted to ask on the very tip of his tongue. He froze in shock, eyes widening, lips trembling furiously with the fear of the unknown. He hated not knowing things!

" Daddy, be a dear and put the kettle on. I believe I have a lot to discuss with my husband." She dragged him over to the sofa.

" Dad?" He shifted his eyes to where Rory was making tea in compliance to River's orders, " Husband?" He closed his eyes firmly shut as he tried to fight off the waves of shock frolicking over him. There was that word again. That big, amazingly complicated word. His eyes sprung open in realisation, " Wife?" He swallowed down hard, " You're my wife - well at least I think you're my wife." He began to shake. This was all a little too much for him. He'd felt many emotions before but the one he was feeling now was unexplainable. It was corrosive, it burned at the centre of his hearts, burned his soul, made him feel so alive, and so real.

River smirked, "Yes."

" Yes?" He giggled, " Yes!"

He lightly brushed his lips against hers, " But wait, there's something else. Rory and Amy are your parents. How? " He looked into the depths of her eyes, and for the first time since he's known her, he sees the truth, the truth that had been lying beneath his nose for all of this time.

" Well sweetie, when a man and a woman love each other very much -" She replied in a rather seductive voice. That voice did things to him that he didn't really quite understand. He rolled his eyes, turned a ruby red for the second time in a row, and looked at the ground sheepishly, " I know that bit." He huffed.

" She was conceived on the TARDIS Doctor." Amy popped into their conversation.

The Doctor blinked in surprise. He can remember hearing some pretty disturbing noises from Amy and Rory's room, but he hadn't thought, not for one second, of the consequences of them. He looked to River for confirmation. She nodded and twisted her fingers further around his own.

" I'm a human plus. Amy and Rory are my parents. The plus is Timelord because I was conceived whilst the TARDIS was still in the vortex."


That's the only word he needed to fall in love with her further that he already was. She was in every way a perfect match for him. Though it was a little disconcerting that Amy and Rory were her parents. " But we've - we've kissed." He puckered his lips in his best kissing face.

" Oh my love, we did far more than that." She purred, kissing him briefly.

" Parents in the room!" Rory shouted, placing the cup of tea down.

The Doctor pulled back and shook his head, panelling a hand through his mass of brown hair, " Parents? I'll never get used to that." He picked up his cup, took a sip of the liquid, and a moment later spat it out, " Bleh! What do you call that?" He shuddered as the foul taste of the hot beverage continued to stain his taste buds.

" It's the American version of tea. We're in New York." Rory explained.

" Well it's disgusting!" The Doctor pulled a face and spluttered, " New York!" He spat, " What happened to good old Leadworth?" He bit his tongue, knowing that he'd said too much already as both the Ponds looked extremely upset.

" The weeping angels." Amy said, looking up at him with pain ridden eyes.

" Ah - I'm sorry." The Doctor lowered his head in respect. He knew that the weeping angels were bad news, and that they were probably the reason for why they couldn't see his original self anymore. He didn't delve into the topic any deeper.

" No need to be sorry you big lump. You're here, aren't you?" Amy's mood lightened dramatically.

" Yup! " He rubbed his hands together, " Of course, if you'll have us." He mumbled, anxious of the answer that he'd receive.

" Course ya can. Can't they Rory?" Amy poked Rory. The Doctor felt a little warm at the prospect of Amy letting them stay. She clearly saw him differently now than she had at the ganger factory.

" Um- yeh." Rory agreed, " Stay as long as you like."

The Doctor let out a crazed laugh. Never in his wieldiest dreams had he imagined having this - a family - a normal life - a wife. It seemed a lifetime ago that having that again had seemed impossible.

But it hadn't been impossible - just a little bit unlikely.

He was The Doctor, and becoming a ganger hadn't been the end of his story, it was the beginning of a million more chapters to come.

This is the last chapter of this fic but as The Doctor said there's chapters to come. I will be writing a sequel to this. It will involve Ten again! Because I never really did get to explaining what happened to him when The Doctor's ganger left for the library.

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