Guild Wars 2: Travelers of Tyria

Author's Note: In anticipation for the game Guild Wars 2, I couldn't help but write a story about the world of Tyria in hopes to make the wait for the actual game more bearable. I will be using much of the lore that belongs to Arena Net, and some of the skills that they created, but to make things interesting and flow more smoothly, I will be using some custom skills or abilities (Nothing too outrageous, just within the scope of the professions), since there is no way for me to know every skill when the game is still in progress. Also this is my first work of fiction, so criticize, but please keep in mind that I'm no real author or writer. Which is why the summary is really bad. Oh and as a reminder, this is just a story I made up to fit in with the Lore and World of Guild Wars 2 because I find it amazing and fantastic.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything but the characters that I create in this story. This story encompasses the world and characters that Arena Net created, and nothing belongs to me.

Chapter 1: Introductions

Location: Divinity's Reach – The Noble District

Person of Interest: Marek, Seraph Lieutenant, and Elementalist

"What's the Seraph doing in this district? I'm sure you know full well that you have no right to be doing any investigations under the banner of the Seraph. The Noble District is in the jurisdiction and protection of the Ministry Guard," A tall man with a slender but muscular figure stepped out of the shadows of a tall building and into the light of the sun. His shaved head reflected light off into the more darker parts of the alley ways they were standing in. Resting a hand on his sword, the guard's stare was anything but merciful. This particular guard seemed of high rank, which was easily shown by his fancy chain mail and armor. The insignia of the Ministry guard on his chest and on his cape only helped to prove what the Seraph lieutenant already knew. The insignia of a golden hammer and a red background on his cape was something all Ministry Guards wore with honor and most of the time a little too much pride.

It seemed to the Seraph officer that this particular guard was not having a good day. The equally tall, but not as muscularly built, elementalist smiled, "Well, I guess that would normally be true, if my business here involved the protection of the ministers," He adjusted his cloak and leaned on his staff that he was now holding with both of his hands. He could tell that the Ministry Guard was expecting more to his answer and that he wasn't the type of person that liked to wait for that answer. "Some of the citizens in the lower districts have been reported missing, and there has been evidence to suggest that a noble might know something," He was smart enough to know that if he accused nobles of kidnapping the common folk, he wouldn't get farther than the end of the guard's blade. "I have a witness stating that she might have seen some of a necromancer's minions wandering around just before the kidnapping and I am told that nobleman Drake knows just about every necromancer in this city. I hear it's a rather tight circle. Besides, Captain Thackeray asked for me on this personally, and considering how close he is to the queen, this might as well be more important than protecting nobles at the moment." The elementalist re-attached his staff to his back, as he looked around the area noticing the only sight to see, Nobles walking from expensive shops to other expensive shops. Shops in this district contained high valuables that only Nobles could afford.

The guard now looked like he was going to take the sword off of his back and cleave the magician in two. "Well, it doesn't matter what I think about your business here. Nothing I can do anything 'bout it anyways," The man looked back into the shadows, and then back at the Seraph, "What is your Name?"

"Just call me Marek," The elementalist held out his hand only to be denied of a handshake, "Today is going to be a long day," A sigh came out against the gentle breeze that was now pushing his cloak from his body ever so slightly. "Even the roads here are nicer," Altairis said with a sad tone, he never liked the fact that Nobles had to get the best of the best, but he understood that most of them earned it, even if they rubbed it in the faces of the common folk. Although less of that has been happening because of the rise of the Dragons. He never expected the Human race to bond with each other over their near extinction, although he never expected the Human race to be kicked under the boots of centaurs and other savage races.

"Men, take Lieutenant Marek where ever he needs to go, and then report back to me after his business is done," Marek looked again behind the guard but he still didn't see anyone that well armed guard could be talking to.

"Yes Sir," two voices said in unison as two figures materialized out of the shadows and walked towards the Seraph Officer, "Just tell us where you need to go."

Marek gave a tired stare at the bald guard, "I don't need baby sisters. This is Seraph business, they would just be a distraction."

"I really don't care what you think. All non-permitted personal have to be watched over by the guard. For the protection of the nobles, you understand," Marek could tell that when the guard finished his sentence, his day just got better because Marek's got worse.

It didn't bother Marek too much, but he was used to being and working alone. When he was with the Order of the Whispers, he always worked alone as a spy. Of course, he still was working for the order as a spy, but not even Queen Jennah knew that. The Order of Whispers had members, often spies, thieves and agents, operate within every Tyrian nation sometimes to the highest levels. Marek was just another one of those spies. It was his job to observe Divinity's Reach Seraph division in order to learn any information to put the dragons back to sleep. That was their true goal. The order believed it was physically impossible to destroy the dragons, so putting them back to sleep was Tyria's only hope. But his time in the Seraph was almost up. One of the lower ranking spies, but one who had a lot of potential, had accidentally revealed the fact that the Order had a spy among Divinity Reach's guard. In order to protect the spy, he had been given permission from the Order to plant evidence pointing himself as the spy. He had wanted to travel anyways, plus an old friend was calling on him for help.

Almost immediately Marek was pushed out of his thoughts when he was being shaken by one of the ministry guards, "Where do you need to go?"

Marek looked like he had just woken up, "Oh, um, sorry, I had a long day," In truth he was worried that they would find it too soon, he wanted to enjoy being a Seraph lieutenant a little longer. "Like I told your friend over there, I need to see Nobleman Drake," Marek noticed that the one that shook him was wearing a quiver and holding a nice maple bow, while the one behind him just finished twirling around his pistols by putting them back in his holster. Obviously he was being watched by a ranger and a thief, "I have a feeling this is going to be an even longer day," He let out a rather elongated sigh.

Location: Somewhere in the Maguuma Jungle

Person of Interest: Atrimus Sylvari Mesmer, and Atris Sylvari Warrior

Time: 1 month ago

"This is your Apprentice, Knight of the Fallen?" Faolain motioned towards the newly born Sylvari behind one of the more well known members of the Nightmare Court. She was born with black hair, eyes, and nails, and some would say a black heart.

"His name is Atrimus, he has already gone through the trials and has proven his soul to be corrupted by the nightmare." The one known as Knight of the Fallen, which was her rank in the Nightmare court, stepped forward and gracefully bowed down to the Grand Duchess. "And I must say, the nightmares that this one causes are most delicious," She licked her lips with almost a sense of lust for all of the evil she could imagine that could be caused by her new recruit.

"And you say that this one is perfect for my plan?" Faolain brushed her hand on one of the many trees of the jungle. Her touch was as gentle as the caress of a lover.

"I do. Like me he was once an apprentice to that Firstborn."

Faolain's head shot up with a newly found interest, "How old is he? Has he been under his apprenticeship long?"

The Knight of the Fallen adjusted the sword strapped to her waist, "I made the mistake of breaking all ties to him, this one is only a year old, and has been under his influence up until about two months ago when He disappeared."

"Well, well, well," Faolain slowly, and gracefully, crept up to Atrimus and took her good arm and brushed her fingers along his face, "You did well, Atris. Keep this up and you will no longer be the Knight of the Fallen, but perhaps the Duchess of the Fallen. With him gone, it will certainly make corrupting our dear mother easier."

"I do my best to spread the Nightmare, my lady," Atris replied with an evil grin. "I just have one question, how do you plan on finding him?"

"Oh, I have my ways. I will send word if I find him, but if you are still his apprentice, I'm sure he has given you a way to reach him," Faolain said.

"I'm sure he will answer if I call," Atrimus gave a bow.

"Come, my dear, let us see if we can't find that pesky Firstborn and add to the nightmare," Atrimus gave a confident nod as he followed the Knight of the Fallen.

Location: Somewhere in the Maguuma Jungle

Person of Interest: Andellmere, Sylvari Ranger

Time: 1 Week Later

"Milady, I believe we know the whereabouts of him," A short but a rather muscularly built Sylvari said as two more figures came into view. Their presence was known almost immediately as the clearing was surrounding with thick vegetation and in order to pass they would have had to noisily push aside branches. Even if they came from atop the trees , there wasn't enough shadows to hide anyone up there.

Faolain looked surprised, a look that was never seen too often, "I really hope you are not joking. No one has been able to find him since he left the grove and disappeared."

"Well, you see," the short sylvari looked incredibly nervous for one who could commit acts of an evil and vile nature, "There has been a telling of a Philosopher hiding in Lions Arch who talks about the corruption of the Pale Tree. He talks of the destruction of the Court."

"Sounds like a Sylvari that was born on the cycle of Dusk, someone who is philosophical, and there is only one person we know of who has been a thorn in our side in the corruption of the mother," One of the Sylvari that entered who went by the title Count of Shattered Hopes, a title that showed his strength and devotion to the Court.

"Yes that certainly does sound like Andellmere," Faolain wondered if Andellmere knew that this information was now possessed by the Nightmare Court, he always seemed to be an incalculable number of steps ahead of her.

"It does, doesn't it?" A voice called from above, "You know I'm flattered an all that you're looking for me, but I'm right here," The voice came from a Sylvari sitting on a giant limb of a tree about fifty feet away from the Grand Duchess. Immediately all weapons save Faolian's were aimed at him.

"How did you sneak upon us? This place is specifically chosen because of its unique ability to make us aware of intruders," The Count of Shattered Hopes asked, as he aimed his rifle at the Firstborn.

"Yes, I am quite curious how you came about this feat, you have absolutely no magic ability, you're a ranger. Not even Caithe, a thief, could sneak into this place without being herd, "Faolain held up her hand to prevent him from being shot just yet, although she knew that if Andellmere was to die, it would most likely be on his terms. She knew better than to expect that a measly bullet could kill him. He had obviously came here for a reason.

"Magic? I suppose you didn't know then, that even the smallest trick can be considered a form of magic," He let his legs swing back and forth, "Although I was one of the first born who left The Grove along with you and Caithe from birth, I know this jungle quite well. How else could I traverse it so quickly? It makes it quite easier to prevent members of the court to spread the nightmare," Andellmere said with a rather mischievous smile.

"You are just one person, Andellmere, how do you expect to destroy the Court?" The Count spoke again, sound more confident as though the very idea of the Court failing was impossible.

"Well that's the thing, I can't fight the Court with just myself, and you know as well as I do that the rest of the Sylvari just appease the actions of the Court and only defend themselves. They think that in order to stop the Court, you must kill fellow Sylvari, but according to the first Tennet of Ventari's Tablet ,we must allow weeds to grow,"

"Why are you telling was what we already know? The Tablet chains us, stops us from being Sylvari, from being our own race. With that tablet we will be always be founded on the ideas of a Centaur and a Human," Faolain could feel herself becoming a little angry that the number one enemy of the Court was just sitting there having a chat.

"I came here to warn you. I finally found a way to wage war with the Court, and I am going to do it," Andellmere's features turned into a cold stare.

"And how do you plan to do it?" The Count smiled, he could tell that Faolain would give them the signal to kill the Firstborn at any moment.

"As a Firstborn I have been alive for 25 years, so I have wisdom that you may not understand, Salvrhen," Andellmere's voice was becoming more serious, and Faolain was just about ready to see him fall from that tree limb.

"That may be my name but my title is Count of Shattered Hopes," The Count's trigger finger was twitching with anticipation.

"It's a title that I don't recognize, a title born of evil. Anyways, upon my travels I learned something. The Nightmare Court can't be defeated by beheading the snake, another snake would just take its place. The Court was created by an idea, and in order for me to prevent the corruption of our mother, I must destroy any seeds of that idea. It sounds impossible, I know, but I'll get to it in time. Truth will destroy the Nightmare, I will not allow our race to become twisted just in order to have an identity." Andellmere put his right hand on the limb and stood up, "It's sad that the dragons had to have waken now, because their awakening hides something from the rest of the Sylvari,"

"And what's that?" Faolain asked, as she gave a sharp look to the three members of the Court, which meant she had enough of his games.

Andellmere immediately saw what he was looking for, the signal. Lightning blasted from the short Sylvari's staff while shots were fired from the two others. Without much effort Andellmere fell backwards as a Thorn Mastiff, Andellmere's companion, charged out of the brush and tackled Salvrhen. Landing on his feet Andellmere looked at Faolain as he notched an arrow, "Ideas can spread like wildfire, they are dangerous. The Nightmare that is corrupting our mother is going to destroy our race," Releasing the arrow, Andellmere watched the arrow as it flew past Faolain and caught the short sylvari in the chest. "Sadly I must work to do our Mother's bidding, the dragons go down first, but the Court is next, I promise."

"Stop him!" Salvrhen shouted as he threw the Mastiff off of him and ran for the woods where Andellmere escaped to but before he could tangled roots grabbed him and bound him to where he was.

Faolain shook her head and pointed the tail Sylvari next to the Count, "Get him out of there, somehow Andellmere knew he was one of our better trackers. See if you can still catch his trail," She knew it was too late, he was indeed a formidable enemy but she still had one plan he wouldn't have seen coming.

Location: Lion's Arch – The Lion Cub's Pub

Person of Interest: Loxx, Asuran Guardian

Time: Current Day

The Asura walked out of the pub with a face that betrayed no emotion of success or failure. "So, I am rather curious, Loxx, did you find who you were looking for?" A human who has walking beside him asked

Loxx shook his head, "Unfortunately no, but I was able to get a good amount of decent information considering his location." The Asura adjusted his shield on his back and then gripped his sword on his left hip with his left hand to make sure that it was clear in its scabbard. It was a habit he picked up from a famous sword master he knew in a secluded part of the far shiverpeaks that were impossible to get to unless you were a member of the Order of Whispers and knew how to travel without alerting the elder dragon's minions. His small armor seemed to fit him perfectly, and both his staff and shield, that were the perfect size for him, were hung on his back. His sword and torch, were on either side of his hip, at the ready to be used in any sign of danger. The light reflected off of the shiny plate mail armor that he crafted himself for himself. Being an Asura, he knew how to make perfect armor.

"You know, there is one thing I have been meaning to ask you," The human said with building curiosity, "How come you are not as arrogant and demeaning as other Asura I've met? I mean you haven't even called me Bookah once."

The Asura turned to him and laughed, "Oh believe me I am, I just haven't shown it yet. It's also partially due to me being an alumni of the College of Synergetics. There I studied social theory, and its possible to get much more worth out of a Human if you treat him with respect, It's all about the inner workings of the Eternal Alchemy. In order for a machine to work at its best you must make some changes and sacrifices, but I guess you could also say, I have a lot more self control than some of my other colleges."

"Well, never mind that, where to next?"

"Time to find a Pirate Ship!" Loxx explained with a finger pointed in the direction of where the pirates came in and out of Lions Arch.

Author's Note: Unfortunately, my motivation to keep writing this is solely based upon whether enough people review or even read this, so the next chapter will come if this story actually has promise.