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Chapter 3: The Angel, The Captain, and an Angry Cat

Location: Lion's Arch – Old Lion's Arch Arena

Person of interest: Basandra, Norn Elementalist, and Mercenary

Time: About 6 hours prior to present

A tall figure, with a slim but broad build of a Norn, stood out on the wide and flat field of the Lion's Arch's arena. Beneath her hooded robe, which all Raven Shamans wore, was her dark red hair climbing down her neck and gently grasping her back. With long sharp daggers in both of her hands, the tall female stepped further out onto the battle field as her name was announced among the arena

"Now presenting, Basandra, The Angel!" There were feathers aligned all over her robe and cloak to represent her devotion of one of the great spirits of the wild; The Raven. As she made her way further onto the arena she looked around to find her opponent. All she knew that she was fighting some mysterious warrior, and was informed of his strength, but she had too much confidence in her own abilities to be shaken by talk and rumors of a strong opponent. All she had to do was defeat her opponent and keep her title as champion of the arena untouched. Unlike the some of the other fighters brought here, she was not a prisoner trying to reduce her sentence by winning battles.

Rather, she was a traveler who caught wind of the arena down in Lion's Arch and decided to make some money off of a few fights. Before she knew it she became a regular fighter and had a sponsor to keep her in games as defending champion, which ultimately rewarded her with more money. Because of her fame she was also known as a mercenary who would do jobs for money, some of which were less friendlier than others, but she really had nothing better to do.

Plus she always enjoyed a good fight, but that could have been the Norn blood coursing through her.

Basandra continued to scan for her enemy, until she finally got sight of a figure stepping out onto the field with shiny silver plate armor, usually something worn by human nobles. His helmet hid every feature of his face save his eyes, which from the distance that they were closing in on each other; she could tell that they were blue. When they were close enough to each other, she could see that he was indeed human, and they immediately clasped arms in greeting. Although she was taller and bigger than him, his arm was so thick with muscle that it was about the same size as her big boned arm.

After clasping arms to great each other, they both nodded and headed in the opposite direction to get the battle started. Every battle started at mid-range to accommodate both long ranged and close ranged fighters. This was never usually a problem because most of the good fighters were versatile in changing weapons to match the needed situation.

As soon as they both reached their respective places, a gun was shot in order to signify the start of the battle. In a matter of seconds weapons were drawn and the warrior was charging as the elementalist started to cast her spells.

As the warrior charged forward, a ring of fire surrounded the female Norn. But the circle of fire did not even make the warrior hesitate. The silver armored man leaped across the fire, but grazing his lower half in the process. As soon as he hit the ground, he ended in a roll to put out the fire leaving embers and black spots on the greaves of his armor. Pulling out his sword and shield the warrior lunged forward attempting a stabbing strike.

Quickly dodging out of the way, Basandra, changing her elemental attunement in mere moments, threw a dagger enveloped by wind and lightning to increase its piercing potential. Fortunately for Basandra it seemed as though the speed of the dagger carried by the wind was too much for the solider, who if he had not turned his body he would have taken the dagger in his heart rather than his solider. He did not even have enough time to raise his round steel shield.

Although a fatal blow such as a knife to the heart would be the end of the battle, the loser would still live as long as someone took the time to heal him or her, as the dead could be resurrected shortly after death, but not for long. Every warrior who survived the arena knew how to heal, or would have someone nurse them back to health if they lost. Only the foulest prisoners who were trying to reduce their sentences had trouble with getting back up.

Basandra was surprised to see that the dagger was stuck in his armor and did not pierce a hole into his shoulder, "Along with this armor I have tough skin, you'll just have to do better," The blue eyed man took the dagger out of his right shoulder causing so much pain that he was no longer able to hold his sword in his right hand. Having only just his shield in his left hand he threw it with as much strength as he could muster toward the female Norn surprising her.

It was completely uncommon for a warrior to give up his defense by using his shield as a weapon, but it aided the warrior as the round edge hit Basandra in the gut, knocking all the wind from her. This gave him just enough time to cast his healing spell making it easier to use his right arm.

"Well, I must say I did not expect that, but I think it is time to show you why the call me The Angel," She merely spoke across the short three foot distance the separated the two opponents. Dropping her other dagger she raised both of her hands into the air and summoned a powerful magic of blazing fire raging down her arms and across her back. The blue eyed warrior could not only feel the heal coming from the fires the engulfed the Norn, but he could see the air sizzling with not just magic but intense heat waves. Soon the flames formed a shape out of her back into wings that spread out around her. The wings of fire were in great contrast to her blue and black feathered robe.

"I think it's time to end this," the blue eyed warrior said to himself as he drew out bow and arrow and jumped back about five feet to remain a distance from what seemed like a close ranged magic. Pulling arrow one after another, the warrior shot a flurry of dozens of arrows into the sky, arched perfectly to hit her position. But he did not stop; he continued arrow after arrow, until one area of the sky was littered with a cloud of wooden arrows heading in her direction. It was an area of effect attack that usually worked best on multiple opponents and he knew that well, but he also knew that this attack gave him a better chance of hitting his target. Something that he was not able to do, and yet she was.

Basandra gave a small grunt of pity toward the warrior, but was inwardly laughing that the small but muscular warrior would think that this would work on her. As the arrows started to rain down the wings of pure flame covered and enveloped the Norn in protection. As the arrows came into contact with the intense heat they burned to a crisp before they could reach their mark. From the outward perspective the wings covered her so well that only back was open, but usually she did not have to worry about that when facing a singular opponent, "Something as simple as that trick will not get the best of m-"

Before she could finish her sentence, as her wings of fire opened after the assault of arrows, she was interrupted by a shining silver fist to her face. Something that no one expected, mainly because he was a lot smaller than her. From the outward perspective the audience watched as the blue eyed warrior jumped as high as he could to strike down his tall opponent as the flames retracted from covering the Norn,

Basandra, who was knocked back on the ground, and was trying to get up, could sense the smile behind the helmet of the warrior, "I must admit I did not expect you to destroy all of my arrows so easily, nor did I know what to think when you unleashed that winged magic. However, every warrior knows that to hesitate in battle is to invite defeat, and when I saw the opening that you gave me when you protected yourself I took it," The warrior did not wait for her to get up, instead he made his way toward her and got ready to finalize his victory and stomp her into an unconscious state.

However, as he made his jump in mid air, Basandra, who was in a downed state, laying on the ground injured and dazed, threw mass of earth in his direction which just before impact split into shards increasing the overall damage and increase bleeding. The blue eyed warrior was struck out of the air and fell backwards. Landing on his back in the heavy armor, it took him a moment to recover his sense and get up. As soon as he got up a blast of earth and rock was sent his way and smashed into the side of his helmet causing it to fly off in a wayward direction.

As soon as the helmet came off she recognized his straight short blond hair and his athletic and muscular build only helped prove it was the person she recognized, "It's you… What are you doing here?"

Location: In a forest on the way to Lion's Arch

Persons of Interest: Marek, traveling elementalist, and The Captain

Time: A few days prior

Having losing the Seraph's tail on him, Marek now felt that the whole world was against him as he moved in a serpentine motion beyond the trees. He knew he could have normally fought off the centaurs that were chasing him quite easily, but he had not slept for days as he tried to make the quickest time to Lion's Arch. Fortunately for him by moving the way he was, in a serpentine pattern it made it harder for the four legged humanoid horses, the centaurs, to keep up with him and his trail. But before long he found himself surrounded by centaurs with bows drawn. There were six in total, which was an average hunting party size.

"Well, it looks like I'm going to ha-"Before he could finish a round wooden shield with a metal rim whizzed past Marek horizontally only to hit a tree, which it bounce off of and hit Marek directly in the face. Marek immediately went down like a log, hitting the ground with a thud.

"My apologies good citizen!" A warrior shouted jumping from seemingly out of nowhere and attack one of the centaurs was a devastating hammer blow. Marek was quite dazed and found it impossible to clear up what he was seeing. The man in the shining silver plate armor then dropped the hammer and drew out a sword and an axe and started to take down two more centaurs with amazing speed and strength. The rest of the centaurs charged at the warrior, but Marek managed to cast a chain lightning spell that struck all three of the remaining centaurs charging at the warrior. The three remaining centaurs were momentarily stunned which gave the warrior enough time to take one of them down with his sword. Then he immediately threw his axe in his left hand at another centaur taking that one out as well.

The last centaur changed strategy and instead of continuing the charge, ran away presumably to bring back reinforcements. The warrior, who Marek could now see that he had blue eyes, the only distinguishable feature that wasn't being hidden by his helmet, helped the elementalist up onto his feet, "I must apologize once again, what I was really trying to do was bounce the wooden shield off of that and hit a centaur, not you. You see that wooden shield I found and used is a lot heaver than the steel one I have strapped to my back."

Marek gave the blue eyed warrior an even glare, "Why didn't you just hit the centaur directly?"

"Well, I guess I could have done that…" Marek shook his head wondering how could have the warrior just realized that now. By now his helmet was now taken off to reveal short blond hair, gave a hearty laugh, "You may call me Captain Tyria!" He put his hand out for a greeting but the pulled away seeing that he was still trying to recover from the blow and what seemed like intense fatigue.

Marek held his hand against his head still recovering from the headache given by the shield slamming into his head, and the booming voice of the warrior did not help, "Do you really expect me to believe that your name is Captain Tyria?"

"Well of course!" He replied with a booming voice, something that made his seem like he was made of a lot more brawn than brain, and Marek was starting to think that was true. After seeing the pain his loud voice was causing the traveler, the warrior quieted down, "At least that is the heroic name that I have given myself. After all, Heroes should have memorable names, should they not?"

Marek starting to regain his bearings found a tree to lean against for more support as his health started to come back to him, "You call yourself a hero but this is the first time I heard your 'Heroic Name' before."

The so called Captain shrugged, "Well, after setting out from Kryta, like all young adventures do, I spent a year traveling across Tyria and decided that my greatest adventure will be to help save it from the dragons, and every hero with a great adventure needs a name to be remembered by, plus it sounds catchy," The Captain smiled at the man.

"Well, never mind that for now, how did you come across these centaurs? There is a town nearby and I-"Before he could finish the warrior's hand was held up.

"Not to worry, my friend. I followed the tracks of these centaurs after saving a village attacked by another group of them. However, I am worried about that one that got away, let's be off before any more trouble comes," The warrior gave Marek his hand and helped him up and steady him, "Are you alright to walk?"

Marek nodded, "My name is Marek. Nice to meet you Captain," Marek grabbed his hand stood up straight, "So Captain Tyria, what sort of adventure are you looking for?"

The Captain smiled that Marek acknowledged his name, "Well, I think the best thing for me to do is to form a group, a group that has a sole purpose of defending Tyria against the dragons that destroy it," He looked at Marek more intensely and then softened his gaze, "Would you like to join me in this great adventure, my new friend?" The Captain's voice boomed over the forest.

Marek shook his head, "Sorry Captain, but I have to go to Lion's Arch and meet an old friend, apparently a companion of his went missing and was last known to be headed into the Maguuma Jungle. Anything beyond that I do not know, but he has extended an invitation for me to join him."

The Captain nodded, and gave a smile, "As it happens I am also headed to Lion's Arch, there is someone I know there that I can ask to join us in our quest to help your friend."

Marek gave him a questioning look, "You plan to join me and my friend all the way to the Maguuma?"

The Captain gave Marek a smile as they headed towards Lion's Arch, "Yes, that is if your friend does not mind the extra help, besides I am sure that this adventure of your will help make me more suitable to protect Tyria against those wretched Dragons," The Captain gave him a smile and then added, "By the way, my real name is Marcus."

For the first time Marek could see that he was wrong about his assumption from before, there was indeed intelligence behind those blue eyes, not just brawn.

Location: Somewhere deep in the Maguuma Jungle

Person of Interest: Gratch, Charr Engineer

Time: Unknown

There is not enough time! The Charr engineer thought to himself as he continued to run on all fours through the Maguuma Jungle. As he ran past dozens of trees trying to get away from those who were chasing after him, he would occasionally try and look back to see if they had lost his trail. I must find a safe place to put it, his thoughts ran wild of being captured with the device he was carrying. He will kill me if I lose it to these plants, he thought as he stopped his running to catch his breath, and then started to look around to for any memorable place or landmark where he could stash the item, but he knew it was useless as trying to run away from a bunch of Slyvari. They knew the jungle far better than he did, and trying to hid it in the jungle would just be as good as handing it too them.

Come on, think! He shouted at himself in his mind as he heard voices coming from the direction behind him. They were coming for him and he did not have much time. His only choice would be to fight them off, and even if he was captured, he doubted that they would think of the item as of any importance.

"Well, let's get this over with," He snarled as he dug around in his gear and pulled out a flash of shining mystical liquid. As he became surrounded by the Slyvari, who were now aiming their weapons at him, he put the tip of the flask to his lips and downed the whole thing in one gulp.

In a matter of seconds he could feel power coursing through him, and charged in to battle hoping that his magical elixir would last long enough to take a majority of the plant people out.

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