What did I just do?

Raz stood over the broken body of Proto, panting and in shock. Blood and sweat mixed together and dropped onto the flowing crimson tile, but he didn't care. All he knew was that his best friend, the one he had fought to save for this long, was dead. Killed by him.

"Heh." Master Dark came up beside Raz, his demonic red eyes glittering maliciously. "He knew it was a one-way ticket to death when you went up against him," he reminded. "It was shown plainly in his eyes."

Raz didn't look at him. ". . . I saw that too," he murmured quietly. "But . . . what do I do now . . . ?" He looked over at Dark, as if he were pleading for an answer. "This whole journey had been planned to end with Proto alive, not dead. I don't know what to do, now that he's gone."

Dark shook his head. "This was your plan. I only told you how to release your power, nothing more. I do not know what to do either."

"You can bring him back to life, can't you?" Raz asked, desperation in his voice. "You've done it before!"

Dark mulled this over. "It expends a lot of power," he finally answered. "And I don't usually give favors, especially not to my enemies."

"Please," Raz begged. "I'll do anything."

Dark raised an eyebrow—or, as to rephrase that correctly, one eye slightly got wider—and he nodded after a pause. "Yes, that'll have to do," he murmured to himself, and then closed his eyes and outstretched his arms. Raz stepped away as darkness energy suddenly flared up around the other stickman's hands and flowed into Proto, lifting him off the ground as if he were a puppet being controlled by invisible strings. His wounds healed and he coughed once before crashing back to the ground. Raz caught his head, noticing the rapid rise and fall of his chest as he tried to become accustomed to taking in air again.

"Thank you," Raz breathed, turning his head to look back at Dark. But Dark had disappeared. He looked around, confused.

Suddenly, a sharp pain shot through his heart and he collapsed, trembling slightly. Scarlet droplets of blood splashed onto the tile, staining it further. Blood rivers and black dots swam before his eyes as Dark's voice rang through his head, as if he were speaking inside him:

"I've been waiting for a new infinity wielder like you. Your brother had done the same thing—how ironic for it to happen again. I almost pity you."

The cloth bindings around his nose and mouth suddenly seemed too thick to breathe through and he struggled to take in air as Dark's being expanded throughout his body. He let out one last strangled cry and crashed to the ground, giving in to the suffocating darkness.

Teh infinity story! This will make no sense at all unless you've seen at least the first fourteen episodes of Infinity, by ADVENT (id:dmackx2) on Hatena. But you're welcome to read it anyway. =) Enjoy!
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