How the Yugi vs. Jaden duel in the end of GX season 4 ended

DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN YU-GI-OH, YU-GI-OH GX OR ANY OF THE CHARACTERS OR CARDS IN ANY IMAGINABLE WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM. This is Yugi explaining to Joey and Kaiba about the Yugi vs. Jaden duel ended. There's a joke version and a serious version. The joke version comes first.

Yugi/Atem had Slifer on his field with 5000 ATK, and Jaden had just attacked with Neos while Neospace was out. "I activate the effect of Honest in my hand!" Jaden declared. "By discarding it, Neos gains Slifer's ATK!" Neos grew large, glowing wings and soared towards Slifer as his ATK increased to 8000.

"What!" Atem uttered in surprise, as Slifer exploded and his life points dropped to 500.

"Now for the finisher! Flare Scarab attacks directly!" Jaden shouted, as Flare Scarab flew towards Yugi/Atem with his horn on fire.

"I discard Kuriboh and take no damage!" Atem shouted. "Phew..." he sighed.

"In that case...I discard a card from my hand and activate Super Polymerization! It fuses monsters from either field together, and it can even fuse souls! And since it can, it's probably safe to assume this! I fuse your KC mass production duel disk with my Red Academy disk to call forth a Duel Runner!"

"Oh no!" Atem despaired. "With no duel disk, I have to use one of those crappy duel arenas that start with only 2000 life points, which means I'd be below 0, so I lose!"

Original Yu-gi-oh Domino.

"That didn't really happen, Yugi!" Joey said.

"I demand you tell us what really happened, Yugi! Only I can beat you!" Kaiba shouted.

"Heh. Alright. Here's what really happened." Yugi said.

Catboy41: Any good? What really happened will be explained in another chapter.