A Household of Three

A.N. This is a small fanfic spin off from a fic I beta for a friend on Deviant Art. The link is: .com/art/Hold-and-Release-Chapter-I-Miss-Lily-Evans-263117246 . This would fit in roughly after chapter 6, around 7 (haven't done that one yet) This story is rated M for sexual content. It's not extremely explicit but it's pretty obvious what's happening. Hope you like. I can see this becoming a little more, depending on the response. Also I don't ship LE/SS but it was a spin off from it. If it were to continue it wouldn't be SS/LE centric. Ta

Severus stumbled through the expanse of Malfoy Manor for over an hour before he came across signs of habitation. He needed to speak to Lucius about events of previous night but the house was so vast that several large families could live there without ever having to meet.

The first sign of life he found was a discarded outer robe. He almost picked it up before remembering that the Malfoys probably owned an army of house-elves who would take care of it. Continuing along the trail of discarded garments he gave little thought to why they were actually there.

A few doors down the hall he could vaguely hear Lucius' voice.

Great, thought Severus. I won't have to search in the other wings. As he neared the door in question Narcissa's voice was added into the mix. The door was slightly open.

Through the gap he saw Narcissa's long hair streaming down her back. He flushed as the realization dawned on him.

Now that the distance no longer muffled their voices he realized that they were not speaking at all.

A tangle of legs. Narcissa's gentle curves. The delicious sounds she was eliciting. The trail of clothing ending with her black lacy lingerie at their bedroom suddenly made sense.

Severus' breathing sped up as he saw more through the narrow gap

He knew that he should leave, but he couldn't tear himself away. It was quite different from what he had with Lily. He could see from their movements that they were perfectly in sync with each other, knew every inch of each other's bodies.

In a flash he imagined the golden hair to be that vivid red of his one-time lover

His eyes slid shut as the forbidden images swarmed through his mind. It was his hands stroking down her luscious body. His lips drinking in her softness

When his tongue brushed over her collarbone she shivered in a way that made him thrust his hips against her.

Her body rose to meet his. Her green eyes mesmerized him as he brought pleasure to her with his graceful fingers

Her eyes fluttered closed. Her jaw brushed against his as she threw her head back. She whimpered into his ear before biting down on his sensitive earlobe. He moaned loudly.

A sudden noise made Severus open his eyes.

He was fixed with two pairs of icy grey eyes.

Severus flushed an even deeper crimson, an uncomely colour on his skin, before spinning away and running against the flow of discarded clothing.

His erection pressed painfully against the inside of his pants. He was glad for his outer robes as he passed a stooped house elf

When he finally reached his room and slammed the door behind him, the gravity of what had just occurred pulled him to the ground

He slumped against the door as the violent blush rose in the pallor of his face again.

He shook his head disgustedly at himself. Severus Snape had got caught spying on his friends and hosts.