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Erin saw something moving in the courtyard as she desperately tried to escape. 'Vlad?' she whispered.

"Vlad!" She shouted to get his attention.

"Erin? What the hell are you doing?" he acted surprised at her.

"Waiting for you, Bertrand said you wanted to meet me here, and then he locked me out." She looked over their walls. "Vlad, quick, get inside the suns coming up, forget me, and just get inside!"

Before she could blink the door was unlocked and Vlad held her around the waist with one arm pulling her inside.

"Ahh," he called as the flames burnt his sleeves. Quickly she placed a cover over them and patted them out. There was silence. She broke it.

"Vlad, are you OK?" she asked

"I think so, but I think I need a word with Bertrand." Taking her hand they weaved through the corridors to find his tutor.

"What the hell were you thinking?" Vlad asked pushing Erin slightly behind him.

"Whatever do you mean?" Bertrand looking surprised at the accusation

"Are you insane? Leaving Erin out there?" Vlad said looking annoyed at Bertrand.

"Oh please, we all know she's a breather Vlad. Don't deny it, she can't stay here."

"Yes she can and will."

"I was only acting on orders." He shrugged.

"Whose orders?" Vlad practically growled, narrowed his eyes.


"Who said my name?" Ingrid asked.

"Why did you make him lock her out?"

"I didn't, he told me about it?"

"Stop lying Ingrid," Bertrand defended himself, protecting the real culprit. "Now come on, open that damn book."

"No, I'll do that tomorrow, today," he took Erin's hand, "we are gonna hang out."

Bertrand groaned as they left him and Ingrid alone in the room.

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