Arghh, I can't get this idea out of my mind so I just had to write this. Yes, I feel so stupid. Adding another multi-chapter story to my never ending list of unfinished fanfictions.

Before you continue, THIS IS A CROSSOVER. I didn't put it in the crossover category because besides the first few chapters, the HG cast will not have a prominent role.

I'm going to assume that if you're reading this, you're familiar with the Hunger Games trilogy, no need to explain.

In the midst of the night, stood a figure in white on an abandoned building. The Kaitou Kid grinned as he watched the hotel across from where he perched.

"Oh, Hakuba-kun and tantei-kun is here today." He murmured to no one in particular. He squinted and took out a pair of binoculars as he tried to peer into the window.

"Oh, tantei-han is here too! Tonight is going to be fun indeed." He chuckled before putting his binoculars in his hidden pocket. He glanced down at his watch and sighed deeply. Another minute and it would be time to put his heist in action.

The thief sat down at the edge of the building, hidden by the shadows; hopefully none of the tanteis will spot him. He took off his top hat and ran a hand through his spiky hair. His head was slowly pounding and making his irritated. He had a bad feeling about tonight.

His watch struck 23:56 Time to get going. With another sigh, he placed his top hat back where it belonged and got up. He could see Nakamori-keibu positioning his men around a glass case.

The Mockingjay, which was his prize tonight. He vaguely remembered searching up the treasure. There was a legend behind it. Something about rebellion and Hunger. That didn't sound pleasant at all. But Pandora didn't have a pleasant past behind it either. It was a golden pin with a bird shaped gem attached to it. In the bird's beak was a single golden arrow. It intrigued him greatly. Jirokichi had found it on his latest expedition to North America and challenge the thief as soon as he came back.

Kid shook his head and jumped off the building, pressing a familiar button before flying off towards the hotel building. He would worry about this later.

He landed on a balcony unnoticed. The hotel room was empty and there was no taskforce member in sight. He climbed in and picked the glass door. There were no helicopters this time, which was strange. He remembered hearing Jirokichi say something about there were no helicopters available tonight.

The Kaitou slipped into the room and went for the ventilation vent. The blueprints of the hotel told him that the room that held the Mockingjay was a few meters away from his current location. Soon enough, he saw lights and heard Nakamori-keibu and Jirokichi's loud voice. He peered through the shaft and smirked. His hand went for something in his pocket and laid still. Tantei-kun and tantei-han were standing together with tense faces, scanning the room quietly. Hakuba-kun stood as far as he could get from tantei-han which was amusing. He glanced around even more. Mouri-san, Ran-san and that Suzuki ojou-chan. He chuckled when he saw tantei-kun's little friends. Two very cute ojou-chans and two boys. Off to the side he also saw tantei-han's girlfried.

"Ohh, a full house tonight, eh? Interesting." He murmured softly.

Ten…nine…….six...five…four….three…two…" Kid began counting down in his mind and his hand went around a smoke bomb.

"ONE!" He exclaimed quietly and dropped the smoke bomb through the vent before unscrewing it.

The room filled with smoke as he jumped down the ceiling vent. Nakamori-keibu's voice was clear over the commotion of noises.

"KID! You're not escaping today!" The thief only chuckled in return and jumped on top of the glass case.

"No can do, keibu!" He announced, hands quickly picking the case. By the time, the smoke cleared, the Mockingjay was already in his hands.

"Damn you Kid!" Jirokichi growled as the smoke cleared.

"Get him!" Nakamori-keibu yelled. The taskforce jumped towards the thief, ready to play a game of dog-pile on the Kaitou. The latter jumped off the case and flipped backwards.

"Tsk, tsk, not tonight keibu. Ja ne!" He laughed and dropped another bomb. He ran towards the exit. Footsteps not so far behind told him that the tantei trio was after him, he ran faster.

"Ouch, ya bastard! Ya in meh way, British jerk!" He chuckled when he heard tantei-han's annoyed voice.

"No, you are in mine, you git!" He heard the British teen mutter and tantei-kun's exasperated sigh.

The staircase was around the corner so he turned abruptly, causing the two to lose their footing. Momentum made the two crashed into the wall. Tantei-kun wasn't fazed though and turned with the same amount of agility as the thief.

"Fast today, aren't you, tantei-kun?" Kid yelled out loud and the boy only snorted. He pushed through the stairway doors and tore up the staircase, skipping two steps at a time. Having longer leg's than his rival was a plus. Conan was cursing out loud at how slow he was going compared to Kid.

The roof wasn't so far away. A few flights of stairs later, the roof door was in view. Kid opened it and took a deep breath as the night breeze blew at him. He walked calmly to the roof edge and smiled when he heard his rival's rough breathing burst onto the roof behind him.

"Wonderful chase tonight, eh tantei-kun?" He said in short breaths, he was human after all, a few flight of stairs had him tired.

"Hand over the Mockingjay, unless you want to taste some soccer balls in the face." He could practically hear the smirk from the boy's voice.

"Scary, is it alright for you to be up here by yourself. Tantei-han and tantei-san are having a bit trouble downstairs. "He pointed out, remembering the other two's date with the wall.

"Hakuba and Hattori will be fine. In fact, they will be thrilled when I catch you." Kid could hear the sound of the shrunken teen's watch being popped open. But he knew the detective wouldn't shoot him, not when he stood so close to the edge.

"I'm afraid I can't give this back to you just yet" He took the pin out of his pants pocket.

Conan narrowed his eyes, as he watched the thief, examine the jewel quietly. He always does that. What was so special about the moonlight? He stood in silence while the thief continued staring at the gem.

"Found what you are looking for?" He asked after a minute.

"Why would you say that?" Kid replied softly, his eyes still drawn to the pin.

"You've been staring at that for a while." Conan answered and frowned when the thief didn't answer.

"K-Kid?" He shut his watch and went up to the thief's side. Kid was still staring at the pin, his expression unreadable.

"W-what is this." Conan heard the Kaitou mumble. Kid's eyes were still trained on the gem. Frowning at something only he could see, this made Conan uneasy.

"O-oi Kid, snap out of it!" He exclaimed and hesitated for a moment before grabbing onto Kid's outstretched hand, shaking it slightly.

Then many things happened at that moment.

Hattori, Hakuba, Jirokichi, Nakamori-keibu and the others bursted through the door.

The Mockingjay pin began glowing in a golden light. The bird seemed to come alive. The arrow in its mouth extended and jabbed Kid's hands. The thief bit down a cry and Conan yelled at him to drop it. He tried to, he really did. But his hands just wouldn't let go of the damn thing.

At the last second, Conan reached for his hand and tried to pry the pin away from his hands.

Then the light began so blinding, the roof was filled with the golden light.

"What the hell?!" Conan yelled and brought an arm to his eyes, trying to block out the light.

"Damn it!" He heard Kid curse under his breath. The detective's grip on Kid's hand grew tighter. What was happening?

By now he saw nothing but golden rays, and then everything went dark.

Done with the first chapter. Thank you very much for reading.