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Desert Fox

Naruto and Sasuke have been exchanging blows for a while. Each of them weary, Sasuke in level three of his cursed seal yells "Chidori!" and Naruto on the complete opposite side, covered in the demon fox's cloak yells "Rasengan!"

Both ninja's adding as much power to their attacks. Sasuke's chidori, is noticeably more gray-er due to his infusion of dark chakra from the cursed seal. Naruto's rasengan has a distinct red outer glow due to the infusion of the demon fox's chakra with his own.

Both shinobi, jumped at each other, and with a loud explosion, their attacks met.



Sasuke with combination of the cursed seal and his sharingan sees Naruto's weak spot. He hand goes toward Naruto's heart, but as he struck. *Poof* Naruto disappeared

"A shadow clone" thought Saskue, surprised. Naruto then jumped out from the waterfall, and hit Saskue squarely in the chest. Sasuke was sent flying back immediately and crashed into the foot of the statue. Naruto was victorious.

Naruto walked over to where Sasuke had crashed. He seemed unconscious. "Shit. What have I done?" thought Naruto. He kneeled beside Sasuke; he put his ear to Sasuke's chest listening for a beat. He had found one but it was weak; it was also growing faint. Sasuke was dying.

"NO! NO! NO! Don't die on me Sasuke" said Naruto

Naruto pulled out a medical kit from his pouch and pulled out a solider pill but a small weak voice stopped him

"...Naruto..." said Sasuke

Naruto looked at his team mate and said "Stop talking Sasuke, you'll just weaken yourself."

"No...Don't...Naruto" said Sasuke, with his weak voice "It's...over...you win...I'm...about...to die...come...closer" Naruto put his ear close to Sasuke's mouth. "Naruto, you are very strong. You will make a good Hokage someday" whispered Sasuke, who chuckled after seeing a wide, eyed Naruto. "Thank you for all you have done for me. You'll always be my best friend."

"Sasuke, please don't die. I can get help; we can fix you up no problem. Baa-chan will do her medical jutsu thingy" said Naruto.

"No Naruto. I don't want to live. If I do, the curse mark will force me to go back. If I die, the mark and Orochimaru won't be able to use my powers for the wrong reasons. I have something to give you Naruto" whispered Sasuke

Naruto backed his head away from Sasuke's ear. "What? What are you going to give me?" asked Naruto

"My...sharingan" said Sasuke. Whose weak voice had returned since Naruto was too far for him to whisper to.

Naruto looked at Sasuke with shock

"Take them...kill...my brother...become...Hokage...live...good...life...my clan...will be...revived with...you...its leader" said Sasuke

Naruto was in tears; his friend was giving not only his eyes, but his will, his dreams, his futures. He is also entrusting Naruto with power in order to help him with his own dreams.

"Come...closer" said Sasuke

Naruto again put his ear close to Sasuke's mouth

"Take care of Sakura. Also, take care of Ino for me. I always loved her; I could never tell her the truth. Make sure she knows" whispered Sasuke. Naruto nodded his head to his request. "Now, hand me a couple solider pills so that I can give you my gift" whispered Sasuke. Naruto laughed a little and went to his pouch to find some solider pills. He took three out, since it was all he had, and he didn't really like the taste either so he might as well let Sasuke have them.

Naruto handed the three pills to Sasuke. Sasuke ate the pills and got up into a sitting position. Sasuke then placed two fingers to the side of Naruto's eyes. Right when Sasuke touched him, he felt pain. The pain however was not bad or intense, but it irritated him since he can't touch the area.

Naruto felt great power flowing within him. "Was this how Sasuke felt while fighting me?" thought Naruto. Then Sasuke's hand dropped and he was breathing heavily. He sounded tired.

Naruto looked at Sasuke's eyes and was shocked at what he saw. There were no pupils. It was just all white.

"Naruto" called Sasuke

"Yeah I'm here" said Naruto

"I've used all my chakra giving you the sharingan. Unlike Kakashi you can deactivate it" said Sasuke. He suddenly dropped back down to the position he was in "Goodbye Naruto. I'll see you in the other life." He smirked one last time, and gave away to the pain. Sasuke was dead; Naruto couldn't feel a beat pulsing from his heart.


Kakashi and Pakkun were traveling through the forest in search of either Naruto or Sasuke. Pakkun the nin-dog had tracked Naruto's scent.

"We're close, they are a couple miles ahead" said Pakkun

"Hai" said Kakashi

"Naruto, I hope you are okay" thought Kakashi

"We're here" said Pakkun who stopped at the last tree before reaching the area with a deep crater. Kakashi recognized this place.

"The Valley in the End huh?" he thought. He decided to jump into the crater. He had landed on water coming from the fall. It was there he saw his blonde, orange jump suite student. Naruto was kneeling down near the statue of Madara Uchiha

Kakashi walked towards Naruto. The closer he got, he could hear a strange sound, coming to where Naruto was. The closer and closer he got the noise became clearer. It was the sound of someone crying. As Kakashi reached to where Naruto was he saw Sasuke's body. It showed the signs of battle scars but what caught his attention was the area exactly in the middle. Kakashi knew, only one thing could have caused the perfect spiral on Sasuke's chest.

"Naruto. What did you do?" thought Kakashi

He looked at his student, who was crying like no tomorrow. He went to put a hand on his shoulders. Naruto immediately grabbed Kakashi's hand and turned to face his sensei. As soon as Naruto shows Kakashi his face Kakashi's eyes goes wide. Naruto's eyes were filled with tears but more importantly they were a different colour. They were red, and they had three commas with one ring connecting them. Kakashi was completely shocked, because he knew the only thing that could do that to someone's eyes was the "Sharingan" he thought