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Chapter 6: faces of the past part 1: living a lie

Naruto…Konoha Ninja are here…

The sound of a broken bowl was heard from inside the kitchen to the outside.

"What was that?" Kiba asked getting up; his senses were on red alert.

"I don't know it sound like it came from the kitchen." Sakura got up and headed for the kitchen. She knocked on the door.

"Is everything alright?" she asked.

The door opened and Kiyana came out with a small smile.

"Everything's fine, my clumsy cook just dropped a bowl now if you be so kind to please go back and sit down so that I can take your order.

"Of course," Sakura went back to her table and told her team that everything was fine.

Kiyana let out a breath of air; she opened the door a little and took a peak of Naruto pacing back and forth. She knew he was worried but she assured him that as long as he stayed inside the kitchen or better yet did a henge then he'll be fine but the boy was stubborn. It was clear to the brunette that he was worried that they'll spot him and bring him back to the village.

But Kiyana knew Naruto, she knew that he was more scared of the pinkette than the village's wrath. Taking a deep breath she headed for the next customer and took their order.

"Okay so the mission is simple, find the rouge ninja and bring him back; if we have to we will use force but for the moment we stay calm understood?"

"Hai!" the four chunin answered.

Kiyana heard them mention a rouge ninja…could they…could they be talking about Naruto?"

"No Naruto assured me that he faked his own death but then who are they hunting for?"

She then remembered how a man came in two weeks earlier and every now and then would glare at Naruto he didn't leave hell he refused to leave. He was there till closing, Naruto had to threaten that he'll throw him out if he didn't leave so obvious he left however Kiyana heard him mumbling something that Naruto didn't caught on but she did.


"Excuse me miss?"

Kiyana jumped a little since she was stuck in her dream world, turning around she saw a girl with moon color eyes and long blue hair.


"Umm…we have a few questions to ask you so if you don't mind sitting down with us so that we can talk?"

"Uhh…not at all just let me go and talk with my brother and let him know,"

Kiyana entered the kitchen and saw that it was a mess.

"Naruto…Naruto!" she looked around to see if he was okay when she looked out the window she saw him in his cloak with his hood up fighting someone.

"Oh my God,"

Kiyana hopped out the window and headed towards them.

From the corner of his eye Naruto saw Kiyana heading towards them.

"Ki stop!" Kiyana did as she was told.

"Listen I know this creep," Naruto kicked the man in the stomach making him fly a few inches away from them.

Before Naruto or Kiyana could say anything the two heard the door opening. Turning around they spotted the Konoha Ninja.

"Sa-Sakura?" he whispered her name softly that no one could hear him.

The four ninja looked to see a cloaked figure fighting the man they were after.

The man met the ninja's eyes and smirk, he threw smoke bombs and left the minute they exploded, while everyone was covering their eyes both Kiyana and Naruto were trying to see if they could find him, sadly they couldn't.

"He must be jumping from tree to tree, damn it!"

Naruto did a quick wind jutsu and the smoke cleared.

"Are you okay," he felt someone's hand on his shoulder he refused to turn and see who it was. Just by the way his heart had accelerated he could take a guess who it was.

The fox shrugged her off and headed for Kiyana. The two shared a look before kiyana nodded her head. Naruto headed inside and didn't say a word to either of his ex-comrads.

"Who was that?" Kiba asked a little rudely.

Kiyana didn't say anything instead she looked at the ninja and pointed at the bluennete.

"You said you wanted to talk to me so talk,"

"OH right Kurenia sensei,"

The jonin nodded her head and walked up to the ramen owner Hinata looked at Sakura who was looking at her hand.

"Sakura is everything alright?"

"Huh what? Oh yeah everything is fine," she said faking a smile.

No; everything was not fine for one thing she didn't understand why that boy was being so mean to her, she was just checking on him and making sure that he was alright instead he shrugs her off and walks away from her.

More importantly why when she placed her hand on his shoulder did she suddenly feel warm, why did her heart started to beat faster than a humming bird's wings? The only time her heart did that was when she found out that Naruto was the one who saved her from Garra.

She quickly dismissed those thoughts and headed inside the shop to talk to the owner. After all she had her own questions.

With Naruto

As soon as he was inside his room he removed his cloak. Then without thinking he punched the wall making a huge hole in it.

"You know Kiyana is not gonna be happy with you when she finds out that you punch a hole in the wall…again."

"I'm pissed I'm pretty sure she'll understand,"

"And why are you pissed? Could it be that the vixen is back in our lives?"

He didn't say anything; he didn't have to the Kyuubi knew his answer.

"Kit I know your scared but-"

"Will you stop with that?! God you and Ki are the same! You both think that Im scared of Sakura but I'm not!"

"If you're not scared then why don't you go downstairs and show them who you really are?"

"What and risk being taken back? No I rather die than go back,"

He sat down on his bed and rested his head on his hands. Truth was he was scared of Sakura but he didn't want to admit it. He refuse to admit it. Taking a deep breath Naruto grabbed his cloak and headed to the one place he could think in peace.

With Kiyana

"And that's why we are after him."

Kurenia said looking at the girl.

Kiyana took a deep breath knowing that it involved Naruto after all calling him a killer gave it away.

"Judging by the way you look this isn't the first time you saw him am I right?" she looked at the boy known as Shikamaru.

"Your right I have seen him, he was here two weeks ago and I knew he was bad news just by the way he was acting."

"And how was he acting?"

Kiyana just shrugged.

"He kept glaring at me wouldn't leave until I closed; my brother had to threaten him to leave when he didn't want to."

"I see," Kurenia just looked around.

"That boy in the cloak, who was he?" Sakura asked.

"My brother,"

"Why does he wear a cloak?" she asked.

"Why do you care?"

Before Sakura could ask Kiyana interrupted her.

"Look you don't see me asking about your personal life so please don't ask about mine."

The ninja looked at the girl and could tell that that was all they were getting out of her.

"Alright, thank you for your time,"

"You're welcome now if you excuse me I have things to do," she got up and headed upstairs.

"She's hiding something," Sakura said looking at Kiyana's retreading back she didn't know what it was but she knew that the ramen owner was hiding something.

With Naruto

Naruto looked at the lake, this was the place where Kiyana took him for his birthdays and every birthday was special then the last. He stood by the edge of the lake waiting.

He heard some rustling behind him but he remain in his spot.

"So you knew who I was didn't you?"

"You were giving me the same looks that you gave me when I was only 12,"

"Tch you've improved demon,"

"I had teachers, better teachers than you,"

The man glared at the fox's back and charged at him. He grabbed the blond and stabbed him in the chest however the minute that his kunai made contact the boy turned into a puff of smoke and exploded.

The rouge ninja landed hard on his back. Looking up he saw the fox glaring at him with red silted eyes.

"Get up you and I have unfinished business."

"Couldn't agree more," he got up and glared at the fox.

"Now you die killer,"

"Not before I kill you…Mizuki…

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