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AN: This is a response to the Pottermore challenge by AtheneDi

"Hey Snake!" James Potter said as he popped his head around the door of Albus's room. Albus looked up from his bed and glared at his older brother.

"Some of us," he began with a growl, "are trying to sleep."

"Snake it's reeeaaallly important," James protested and Albus groaned.

"Can it be important some other time?" Albus paused and picked up his alarm clock. "Sometime that isn't three in the morning?" James gave Albus a pleading look and Albus groaned. "This had better be important," he grumbled as he climbed out of bed.

Albus followed James into his room, still rubbing his eyes with tiredness. This had better be good, he thought to himself. He turned to face James.

"So wh-uh-uh-" he stopped struggling against the yawn before continuing. "What's so important that it can't wait?"

"I need your help naming my new blog of course!" James exclaimed happily and Albus glared.

"Let's get this straight. You pulled me out of bed at THREE in the MORNING for THIS!" he asked and James nodded, bouncing like an excited puppy.

"Of course, it's really important!" he exclaimed happily. Albus simply glared, but James ignored him. "It's a blog about my awesomeness. I was thinking of calling it Pothead."

Albus was silent for a moment. Then he began giggling uncontrollably. James glared and Albus struggled to stop laughing long enough to talk.

"Pothead! You were thinking of calling it Pothead!" he finally gasped and James glared even harder.

"You think it's stupid, don't you?" he asked pouting and Albus began laughing again.

"You want to call it POTHEAD!" Albus said with a grin that threatened to split his face. "What am I supposed to think?"

"You're supposed to say what a genius I am!" James snapped, still pouting and Albus struggled to stop himself from laughing even more. "How about Potterwatch?"


"The awesome life of James Potter?"

"Sounds egotistical, even by your standards."

"Then what am I to call it?" James asked in frustration and Albus rolled his eyes.

"James, the worldwide wizarding web has enough sites about the Potter family. It doesn't need any more," he explained gently and a look of realisation came over James.

"That's it, I'll call it Pottermore!" he exclaimed, before hugging Albus. "Thanks Snake, you're a genius!"

"Good. Now can I PLEASE go back to bed?" Albus asked in annoyance, but James was already typing away and Albus rolled his eyes. Scorpius was right, he mused. James really WAS an idiot.