He nodded. When he realized the cups of tea were getting low, he set about refilling the kettle and heating more water.

"Stop stalling," Hermione said. "Get on with it."

"Right...f-fine," he stuttered. "It all started with those duplication spells we were learning in Transfiguration. I could never get the wand movement right."

"You learned it well enough for the exam," Hermione reminded him.

"No, I thought I had it in practice, but after that explosion they deferred the rest of the exams, then we ended up in the Department of Mysteries the day before the make up exam so I never got to test it properly, did I?" Ron asked. "Anyway, when we were in Potions, I asked Harry to show me the movement again."

"Because of your steadfast dedication to your education," Snape asked. He sported a rare smile. Uncomfortable, Ron found himself blush. Something about Snape's voice, but he wouldn't think about that now. Or ever. Until later.

"Actually, yes. It's been driving me bonkers that I can't do the spell. So, Harry was showing me in the middle of making that weird potion, what was it?"

"Ron was making Draught of Living Death...I was trying to make Elixir of Life, with some notes from my text," Harry admitted. It was all right. He's no longer a child. It's not as if Snape could give him detention now. Not without a fight.

"Somehow, when he was showing me the movement, a little of Harry's potion spilled on another student. I didn't even realize until later that we'd both done better than I thought at silent spell casting," Ron said.

"So it's someone in our class," Hermione said. She snorted. "Please tell me it's Draco. If you've got a baby with him...well, I'll be the first to wish you well," she said, cracking up on the last word.

Ron sniffed. "I wasn't sitting that close to the ferret." He glanced at Harry, but the now older wizard gave nothing away. "So...at first I thought everything would be all right," Ron said. "Then I started noticing all these weird changes."

"Like glowing skin," Ginny supplied.

Ron nodded.

"And bigger breasts."

He nodded again, this time with a smile. "She'd never been that attractive before, so I should've known something strange was going on. I didn't want to believe it at first, but when I talked to Professor McGonagall, she did a quick spell and confirmed it for me." He turned and pulled out his wand to defend himself. "Hermione, you're pregnant."

"What?" Her screech was loud enough to break two of the tea cups. "You got me pregnant?"

"Actually," Ron lifted his wand and took a step back. "You're pregnant from both me and Harry."

"Twins?" Ginny turned to her lover, frowning as she imagined how big Hermione would get.

"Actually, no," Harry put in. "We're just both the father. He'll have black hair like mine and blue eyes like Ron's and we'll call him Daniel. Daniel Harry Weasley Potter Granger. Or Granger Weasley Potter. Or maybe we'll just hypenate it. The boy ends up with three birth certificates. That's why I came back. He's smart like Hermione and strong like me," Harry said, smiling. "Unfortunately, he'll also be short like Ron when he was young—at least, he was still quite small for his age when I travelled back to today."

The End