Harry stood in the middle of the street and stared at the shop as people walked passed, watching him and whispering, a few of them even coming close enough to brush against him as they went by. He tried his best to ignore it without being overly rude, all he wanted was some time to scope out the place again. It was a beautiful store, he'd give Remus that, with its glass front and its pointed roof. Inside there were rows and rows of empty shelves, a rusty cash register and a spiral staircase that led to a balcony with more shelving. Harry fished an long, old fashioned key from his pocket and walked up to the door, unlocking it with a swift turn and pushing it open. It gave a loud creak that was followed by an even louder chime as the bell above it rang out.

The shop smelt of dust and old books, musky and used, and Harry loved it. With the door behind him shut, he leant his back against it and closed his eyes, inhaling deeply only to get a noseful of dust and sneeze loudly. Wrinkling his nose he opened his eyes again and headed into the isles, it was a shame they were empty but he could easily imagine this place full of books, all warm and cosy on cold winter nights. He'd sit with some tea and watch Remus checking the stock and then they'd go home to Sirius and warm each other up. Just the thought of it made him grin widely, all he could see was a great future with them and that was something he wasn't used to believing in.

A step at a time he walked up the spiral staircase, listening to the creaks as he settled his weight on each one. Dust swirled in the air and he waved his hand in front of his face to stop from breathing it in. He couldn't wait to see what Remus was going to do with this place. He was excited just to give the werewolf the key tonight, hopefully it would get Harry something special in return. Standing on the balcony, he looked out of the glass front and let out a long breath. A few short weeks ago he had imagined that he would be spending months on end contemplating just what he was going to do with his life and now, just two days before his nineteenth birthday, he had two amazing lovers and a potential business; it was a far cry from what he had thought would happen.

Closing his eyes, he let his lips curve into a happy smile and used his powers to clear the building of the dust that was clogging his lungs. The bookstore was in one of the alleys of Hogsmeade, set in the area furthest from all the other shops but just before the rows of chocolate-box cottages where all the residents lived started. It excited Harry further having the place here in the village that he had honestly contemplated buying a cottage and settling down in before everything had happened with Remus and Sirius. He looked forward to looking out of those huge windows, watching snow floating to the ground, and to barrages of Hogwarts students coming in during their weekend visits.

Nodding contently to himself, he headed back down, taking a quick look at the ancient till before leaving the shop, locking up behind him. He wandered towards the main street and popped into the Three Broomsticks, sighing at the wave of nostalgia that hit him when he entered. He thought fondly of the days here when he was still at school, even though they had been constantly fighting, they'd managed to find some peace here. This was the place he found out about Sirius being his godfather, the place he had shared warming butterbeers on bitterly cold days with his best friends. It hadn't changed much, it was still the smoky, popular place it had been then, only at the height of summer there was a cooling charm giving the building a comfortable chill that Harry wasn't expecting. He was thankful for it, he couldn't be dealing with roaring fireplaces when it was so warm outside.

Madam Rosmerta was standing behind the bar, wiping the surface down with a damp cloth. She looked up when Harry approached and her face split into a wide grin. She chucked the cloth down and rubbed her hands against her skirt.

"Harry Potter." She said wistfully, his name escaping her like a sigh. She smiled tightly, her head bobbing as though she was trying to convince herself that he was actually here. "I haven't seen you for a while."

"I know, I've just had a lot going on." He sat down on a stool, pressing his hands flat against the bar as she poured him a glass of chilled firewhiskey, which actually seemed to burn more when consumed than when served at room temperature.

"Oh, I've heard." Rosmerta pursed her lips, "You'd think they'd give you some space."

Harry sipped his drink, "They did, what was it...about three months?"

"Ah yes, but they've made up for it since."

"I don't read most of it but I've heard that it's nicer than it used to be." He rolled his eyes. Having his life documented in the papers was just something he was used too, he had learnt a long time ago that it was better for him to stop reading anything with his name in the title. He usually got a rundown from Hermione anyway and from what he'd heard there weren't any elaborate rumours written about him anymore but he knew that'll change as soon as his relationship was public knowledge. He could imagine he'd be written as a victim and Remus and Sirius would be predators, which was why he needed time to prepare.

"Until recently. There's been a few questionable articles about you." Rosmerta stood with her hands on her hips, "I don't serve anyone whose written a bad word about you, Harry. As far as I'm concerned they need to find someone else to write about, Merlin knows there are plenty of willing subjects."

"Nature of the beast, Rosmerta, they'll never stop unless I disappear, which isn't going to happen anytime soon." He finished his drink and she immediately poured him another, waving away his card when he went to pay.

"You may not like special treatment Harry but there is no way in hell I'm letting you pay for anything in my pub. You saved our lives and I'm grateful."

He tucked his wallet away and smiled, "Thanks Rose."

"How is your godfather and Remus?" she asked and he stiffened, pausing with his glass halfway to his mouth.

He tilted it in a noncommittal gesture, "They're great." He said and she raised an eyebrow at him making him wonder what she saw in his eyes. Was he giving himself away? Could it be that it was too hard for him to stifle the way he was feeling about them? He held his breath, waiting for her to question him further.

"That's good." She said and he sucked in some air, "Tell Sirius to get his backside back here. It's been over a week." She smirked teasingly.

"I'm not sure he needs an encouraging." Harry beamed, realising he had yet to see Sirius drunk since they had been together; no doubt he'd just be more of a deviant than he usually was and Harry wasn't sure it'll actually be safe for him to witness that, not if he still wanted to wait until his birthday before having sex with them anyway.

He wasn't quite sure why he was still determined to wait; he was completely ready to let them have their way with him. He'd been doing some research in his own time so he knew what to expect and he knew some charms that'll make it easier if needed, but he was positive that they would have all of that knowledge and he knew that they'd want it to be great for him too. He'd probably just have to admit to himself that he wanted it to be a bit more special then it would be on just any day, even if that was a bit pathetic. He knew that this was it for him, unless something went really wrong he'd be with Remus and Sirius until death took them, so he just wanted to make sure their first time together was as memorable as possible. What better birthday present could he get?

"Ah I can't help it." She said before her eyes flicked over his shoulder and her smile wobbled.


Turning around, he frowned when his gaze fell on Ginny. She stood behind him in a yellow summer dress with barely any makeup on and he suddenly got a flashback to the girl he used to love. Her hair shone in the sun that streamed through the window and she looked suddenly shy, as if she thought she was in for a confrontation. Which she could be. It all depended on what she was going to say to him, didn't it. He had known that he couldn't get away with not being in her presence forever and had counted himself lucky that he hadn't seen her in weeks, but he hadn't expected the wave of anger that he felt now, seeing her standing there with an innocent look on her face.

"Ginny." He greeted with a nod before turning back to Rose, he didn't want to talk to her, didn't want to get annoyed or pissed off today. His mood had been flying high recently and he knew she'd rip off his wings and leave him spiralling if they actually had a conversation.

It didn't seem like she caught the hint though, because she came to stand beside him, ordering herself a cold butterbeer which Rosmerta served reluctantly before walking away, leaving the two of them together. Harry clenched his molars and just stared at himself in the mirror behind the bar. He was looking much better than he had when he left school, he wondered briefly if anyone other than himself could see it.

"How are you?" Ginny asked, her voice soft. She was sitting, turned towards him, watching his face.

He cast her a quick glance, "Never been better." He said honestly, yet he felt a twinge of regret when he saw the hurt on her face. It wasn't like him to be petty but it seemed that since her betrayal he felt like he had the right. He wasn't lying, so should he really feel bad about it.

"Oh..." she stared down at the bar, worrying her bottom lip between her teeth.

"And you?" he said out of courtesy.

She shrugged her small shoulders and he realised just how little she was. After a couple of weeks being with older, bigger men he couldn't even comprehend how he had managed to feel comfortable being with someone almost half his size. Then again had he ever really been satisfied when he was with her?

"I've been...it's been difficult."

Had it? He's seen and heard about how people usually react to breaking up. Tears and wallowing, not finding love and being happier than ever but also not selling the story of your relationship to the tabloids. He faced her, arching an eyebrow and feeling his temper rise.

"No difficult enough to speak about it though." He bit.

She blushed heavily, "I was upset."

"Upset!" he scoffed, "People who are upset don't run to the papers and tell them all about it."

"They offered me a lot money..." she seemed to realised she had said the wrong thing because she looked away again, her blush deepening.

"Money." Harry sighed, "And that meant more than our relationship?"

"What relationship, you ended it remember."

"Relationships end, Ginny, it still meant something. You know how I feel about those vultures snooping around in my personal life and yet you ran straight too them the moment your feelings got hurt." He shook his head, "That says a lot about you."

She rang her hands together as he swallowed another mouthful of firewhiskey to dull the ache in his chest. "I made a mistake, I know that now, I was angry and upset and I'm sorry."

"You insulted Remus and then you betrayed me, sorry just isn't going to cut it." He should leave now, stop it there and go home. He'd rant to Remus and get kissed to make it all better and it would, he'd let his anger go and enjoy himself.

Ginny's face scrunched up, "What has Remus got to do with this?"

As soon as he had mentioned the werewolf's name she'd put her back up, becoming tense. Harry felt disgust flooding his body and he wondered how he hadn't spotted this before that moment in the cafe. She really didn't like Remus; she honestly thought the man a monster. Harry's gut clenched painfully and he looked at his ex-girlfriend as though he'd never met her before.

"Oh just everything, Remus is incredibly important to me." More than she knew, but even so, she had been aware that he respected the man from the day they met. "As is Sirius."

"I don't have a problem with Sirius." She said, "And I can't help the way I feel about Remus. It's not like I go out of my way to be horrible because I don't, I just don't like being around him."

"I can't be with someone who feels that way." He said, hoping she'd just accept that and move on to the next boy who'd fall for one girl and end up realising she was someone else entirely.

She put her hand on his arm, squeezing it, "Come on, Harry, we can work this out."

"No we can't Ginny. I'm moving on...I've moved on."

She glared at him, a fire in her eyes that was exactly what he had expected to be hiding behind all this faux innocence. "This is ridiculous." She said, "You have no idea what you want, you'll come running back soon enough and I might not take you back. Think about that!"

Harry laughed humourlessly, quite unbelieving of what he was hearing. He downed the rest of his drink, fighting the urge to cough against the burn, and stared her in the eye. "I'm not coming back to you Ginny. Not ever."


He slipped off his stool and walked away, not bothering at all with waiting to hear what else she had to say. If he did that he'd only get riled up further and right now he didn't want to say something he'd regret later on. What he needed was to go home and talk to the people who were waiting for him, which for once in his life he felt comfortable doing. He'd always shied away from bothering people with his feelings, even his best friends, but he didn't have that worry with Remus and Sirius. It was a breath of fresh air to feel like he wasn't a burden.

Ginny called his name and he saw people watching them but he ignored it, pushing through the doors and taking a gasp of air. The summer sun beat down on his skin and he plucked at his t-shirt so that it didn't cling to his torso. He thought about visiting a few shops but decided against it in the end, he just needed his home.

He appeared in the hallway of Grimmauld place and immediately frowned when he felt multiple magical signatures emanating from the back of the house. There were loads, more so than any situation he could think of that needed a group of people. Worry flared in his chest and he moved slowly, hesitantly through the house. The reception room at the back was barely used, Harry wasn't sure he'd ever been in there for anything other than walking through the patio doors on the other side to get into the garden. He couldn't hear voices but he could sense people in the room and that just made him more nervous. The door was open just a little and Harry pushed it open with one hand, his other down by his side, fingers flexing and ready to defend.


Harry jumped, his heart stuttering as he took in just what was going on. Remus and Sirius stood, beaming at him, surrounded by all of Harry's friends. The Weasley's, minus Ginny, Hermione, Blaise, Draco and Pansy. Most of the surviving Gryffindor's that were in his year and Luna. Even Amaryllis stood, looking beautiful, with a few other Veela that Harry hadn't met before. Balloons littered the room, along with streamers and a huge banner that screamed 'Happy Birthday Harry'. The glass sliding doors were wide open and in the garden a barbeque was heating up surrounded by tables of food and drink. Soft music was playing from somewhere but he couldn't tell where.


"Happy early birthday!" They all yelled again and his brain finally kicked in.

Laughter burst from his chest and he stepped into the room, shaking his head in wonder. Sirius shoved a glass of what looked like champagne into his hand and threw an arm over his shoulders, "Did we get you?"

"Yeah you got me." He looked around, "How did you manage this?"

Blaise smirked, "Well we all thought you should have a party, so it was pretty easy. It's a lovely day so we plan to eat, drink, dance and be merry."

"Hear, hear!" Ron raised his glass, "I say we should get on with it, I'm starving."

Almost everyone rolled their eyes and Hermione muttered, "Surprise, surprise."

"Get on with the cooking then mate." Harry grinned, nodding towards the barbeque.

Molly scoffed as most of the guests headed outside, grabbing drinks and chatting animatedly, leaving Harry with his lovers in the house. He raised an eyebrow at them.

"You did this?"

"Of course." Sirius laughed, "You should enjoy your birthdays."

"It isn't my birthday just yet."

Remus stood before him, a content smile on his face, "No but we thought you might want to have a more private day on your birthday."

Harry nodded, "Definitely." He looked out into the garden, hearing the laughter of his friends, a warm, blissful feeling started in his gut at the sound of it.

"Are you okay?" Remus asked softly.

Harry lifted a shoulder, "I was in Hogsmeade and I bumped into Ginny."

Both of the older males' faces scrunched up and Sirius' fingers brushed his cheek. Harry knew that the man was itching to kiss him, he himself felt the same way but they couldn't here. Remus stepped even closer with a glance over his shoulder.

"Any problems?"

"She just angers me, I'll have to drag you guys away in intervals during this party for some secret physical comfort." He teased and Sirius groaned thickly.

"Merlin can we please go public sometime soon, I need to be able to touch you whenever I want."

Harry slipped away, downing his champagne quickly and ignoring their surprised looks. "I'm sure it won't be too long." He said.

"Do we need to run upstairs for five minutes and discuss how you're feeling?" Remus asked, his tone gone from soft to domineering. He was heading into alpha zone, wanting to take care of him and Harry appreciated that more than anything. One simple question, which was exactly what he needed, and Harry knew he could be honest.

He nodded, "Yeah but I think I'll be expected to be down here."

Sirius cocked his head, "You two go upstairs, I'll distract these guys. Change your top or something and they'll just think you went to do that. I want to start cooking off some steaks." He pressed a lingering kiss to Harry's temple, "I'll still expect you to tell me about it later."

"I will, promise." He really wanted to kiss him then, but instead he settled with a quick hug. "Thanks."

Sirius grinned widely and walked into the garden, "Whose hungry?" he yelled out and then, "Someone get me a whiskey."

Remus gripped his wrist and pulled Harry out of the room and up to their bedroom, closing the door behind them softly. He turned towards the teen and gripped the bottom of Harry's t-shirt, pulling it up over his head and chucking it in the laundry basket. Harry sighed happily and pulled the werewolf in for a heavy kiss, his fingers threading through Remus' hair. Hands were hot on his sides, finger digging into his flesh with almost bruising strength. Harry was thankful that it would only be two days before he felt Remus' inside of him, both of them were coming to the end of their restraint.

"As much as I want to continue, I need to know you're okay." Remus said, his face still close and his lips stroking back and forth over Harry's.

Harry let out a long breath, "Just seeing her makes me feel so many things. Guilt, anger, relief...it's exhausting. I know she's going to have something to say when we tell people about us and I just worry that it will be something horrible about you." He pressed his hands against Remus' chest, feeling the hard muscle beneath the shirt.

"Of course she'll say horrible things, she lost you to us, no one would be happy."

"Yeah but...she's not your biggest fan."

Remus laughed, "The feeling is mutual, love." He kissed Harry again, nipping his bottom lip, "I don't care about what she says about me, she just needs to be careful about what she says about you. And do not feel guilty about leaving her, it was going to happen sooner or later, you belong to Sirius and I. Nobody else."

"I know I'm being stupid..."

Remus shook his head, "No you're not." He ran his hands through Harry's hair, "It's all new to you. Don't worry about Sirius and I, we can handle ourselves and I've had everything under the sun said about me before, a teenage girl isn't going to surprise me."

Harry reached for Remus' hand, turned his face into it and kissed his palm, "Thank you." He muttered, almost embarrassed for getting so wound up, but he had known that all it would take was Remus' words and the touch of his hand. He'd never felt so secure in his life.

The older male beamed, his eyes so alight they almost blinded Harry, "You're so beautiful, my love." He leant down to kiss the boy on the lips softly, then moved his mouth to kiss Harry's cheeks, heated from the complement.

Trying to manoeuvre Remus towards the bed, Harry smirked, "Do we have time for a birthday party blowjob?" his fingers toyed with the button of Remus' trousers.

Barking a laugh, the older man shook his head, "No we do not." He pinched Harry's nipple in a warning that just made the teen moan. "Get a top on." He leant down for yet another kiss, "Are you sure you're okay?"

"Yeah, I just needed to feel you." He pulled a t-shirt from the draw and pulled it on, "Touching you and Sirius makes everything better."

Remus gave him a warm look that made Harry's smile widen. He wasn't used to feeling this happy but he wanted to get used to it and knew that he would. "You don't know how happy hearing you say that makes me feel. I feel exactly the same way."

"Come on, we better head back down before Sirius starts to wonder what's going on." Harry gripped his lovers hand in his and lead them out of the room.

"He's already wondering." Remus chuckled, "The man is insatiable."

"Oh yeah, you gonna be able to handle the two of us?" Harry teased as they headed down the first set of stairs. He gasped as he suddenly found himself pressed against the wall, the banister digging into his back, with Remus looming over him, growling softly.

"Oh I'll handle it." He purred, "I'll make sure you never go without."

Harry moaned softly, his hands gripping Remus' waist, "I can't wait to have you inside of me."

The werewolf stiffened, his nose buried in the crook of Harry's neck, "Merlin, you can't say that to me again until you're ready."

Chuckling, Harry rubbed his cheek against Remus' head, "I promise nothing." He managed to slip away and run down the stairs but he was pretty sure Remus let him go on purpose, maybe riling him up wasn't the best idea.

Making his way out to the garden, he grinned at the scene that met him. Everybody was chatting away, mingling in groups that he would never have really imagined getting along. It was smiles and laughing everywhere and it warmed his heart, making him feel settled. He remembered his first night back in Grimmauld, feeling out of place, but it felt so distant now. All he wanted to do was spend his days with Remus and Sirius, laying around, kissing, and with his friends, doing nothing of great importance. He never wanted another day of uncertainty or stress, he knew that was impossible but it no longer daunted him now that he had this support...this love.

Just thinking the word made him blush.

Sirius was standing at the barbeque, flipping sausages and chicken legs with a pair of tongs in one hand, sipping from a glass filled with amber liquid in the other. He was humming to himself as Blaise and Amaryllis flirted away next to him. Harry grabbed himself a glass of firewhiskey and headed over to the animagus, standing next to him.

"Smells great."

Sirius grinned at him, "All ok?" he asked and Harry nodded, "Good." He looked over his shoulder, "Where's Remus?"

"I had to leave him on the stairs."

Leaning in a little closer, Sirius cocked his head in query, "And whatever did you do to make that happen?"

"I couldn't possibly tell you."

"Oh yeah?" Sirius' eyes were bright and full of mischief. "Minx."

Harry wanted nothing more than to lean over and kiss the man on the mouth and then on those crinkles in the corner of his eyes that were proof of his happiness. He needed to step away for a moment before he did exactly that. Swallowing a mouthful of his drink, he moved passed Sirius, making sure to brush shoulders with him as he did. The swat to the butt he received in return made him look around to make sure no one had seen. He caught Remus coming out of the backdoor and taking his spot next to Sirius at the barbeque, he obviously told the other male exactly what he said because Sirius through a sudden heated gaze over his shoulder at Harry that told him he was going to be in for it later.

"Hey you." Hermione linked her arm with his and kissed him on the cheek. "Only two days...Remus was telling me that you'll probably just have a quite day with them."

"I'm not sure how quiet it'll be." He joked, his eye widening when he realised that he'd said it out loud. Hermione laughed so loud that Ron frowned, thinking he was missing something, and hurried over.

"What's so funny?" he huffed, lifting a beer to his mouth and taking a few gulps.

Hermione shook her head, "Nothing." She said, still giggling quietly, "Harry was just letting me know what he's going to be getting up to on his birthday."

"Nothin' to exciting, I hope. Not without us anyway."

"I'd rather it was." Harry muttered, making Hermione laugh again. Poor Ron just looked a little confused, "I'm not going to be doing much, just hanging out with Remus and Sirius, I've missed so many birthdays with them, y'know."

"Yeah I get that." Ron nodded, "They seemed excited about it too."

"I'm sure they did." Hermione muttered and Harry nudged her with his shoulder, trying to keep from smiling like a fool.

In his baffled state, Ron changed the subject to Quidditch and Hermione wondered to get a plate of food. They chatted and laughed, Blaise and the other Weasley boys joining in as the smaller group of women spoke between themselves. Everyone ate and drank until they were full and tipsy, causing more laughter and spontaneous games of Tag. Harry lounged in one of the garden chairs, watching Charlie chase after a squealing Luna and Hermione laughing so much she was bent over, arms hugging her stomach.

"We thought you'd leave the present opening until your actual birthday." Sirius said, coming to sit beside him, "Is that okay?"

"Yes." Harry nodded, "I'd prefer it that way to be honest." His head was feeling light, his body thrumming slightly with the volume of alcohol he had consumed.

It was getting dark now, the sky turning a dark grey, but it was still warm enough to be outside. Harry suddenly looked forward to next full moon, just to be able to be out all night long. Though he was losing hope of being in his animagus form by then.

"So Ginny huh?" His eldest lover started, raising an eyebrow. Everyone else was too busy or too drunk to pay attention so Harry turned to Sirius and shrugged.

"She wanted me back."

The expression on Sirius' face was pretty scary, "Did she now? And what did you tell her?"

Rolling his eyes, he smacked the animagus on the arm, "I told her that I've moved on."


"I'm not going anywhere, Sirius." He took the man's hand in his, squeezing it and not letting girl.

"Thank Merlin."

Harry chuckled, shaking his head, "You really think I could just leave?"

Looking slightly guilty, Sirius rubbed his thumb over the back of Harry's hand. "I'm sorry, I'm not doubting you." He sighed, "It's just the worst thing that could happen, so it scares me a little."

"It's not going to happen. It's us three from now on." Harry smiled.

"For a while at least..."

He frowned then, "Huh?"

Sirius blushed, which was strange enough, and lifted his shoulders, "Well, y'know, we might want to expand the family in a couple of years."

Harry's heart boomed and his mouth popped open, "You mean...having children?" it was possible obviously, just surprising that it was being brought up.

"It's not something we need to even think about now but it could be on cards if we all want." Sirius shrugged again, nervous about even discussing the option, "Would you want?"

Harry nodded without a second thought. He wanted a large family more than anything, "Yes...Hell yes. Just in a few years, I want you two to myself for a long time." He grinned.

Sirius nodded, "And you're still young. We've got a lot to show you."

His gaze darkening, Harry smirked, "Yeah you do."

"You better watch yourself there, mister." Sirius leant forward, "We know you're aching to be fucked but it was you that wanted to wait, you keep working us up and we may have to try and convince you to give in early."

Harry's groin tightened at the words and the images the words summoned to mind. He bit down on his bottom lip, his eyes flashing around to see if anyone had heard and catching on Remus', who although he was a few yards away, was staring at them with a tense form and a curve to his mouth.

"I'm not sure it'll take much convincing." He muttered, mainly to himself but he knew both of them heard him. Sirius chuckled darkly, the sound sending shivers through Harry's body.

"I do hope you don't expect to be doing anything other than us on your birthday." The man said, moving back a little and taking his hand away.

"You two and presents...what more can I ask for?" Harry beamed and stood up, moving to get himself another drink and leaving Sirius behind.

One by one the party-goers started to leave. The moon was high in the sky by then and the majority of the guests were pretty drunk, almost falling over themselves as they danced their way either out of the house or through the floo, making Harry wince each time one of them stumbled into the flames. He wasn't that drunk himself, but that was only because he still wanted to give Remus the key to the bookshop and he wanted to remember the look on his face when he did. Sure the werewolf was aware that they were buying the place, but he had no idea that Harry had received the keys already.

"Have a good birthday, mio amore, we'll catch up afterwards, yes?" Blaise wagged his eyebrows and pulled Harry in for a hug, squeezing him tight.


"Have fun...although I'm sure you will." The Italian waved before walking through the green flames after a certain female Veela.

"If Blaise is fine with us being together than everyone else has no excuse." Sirius muttered when it was just the three of them left. The older two were sprawled on the couch, sleeves rolled up and shoes kicked off.

"I think the older lot will have the issues." Harry said, "Y'know, on the grounds of you two being cradle snatchers."

Remus leant over to grab Harry's wrist, yanking him down on the sofa and pulling him to his chest, "Cheeky sod." He said, running his nose along Harry's throat and humming appreciatively.

"It's true." Harry laughed.

Sirius pinched his ribs, making him yelp, "Don't see you complaining."

"Oh you won't." Harry pushed at Remus' chest and escaped the onslaught of touching by standing up. "I have something for you." He said to the werewolf, almost bouncing with excitement.

Remus cocked his head, "You do?"

"What about me?" Sirius pouted dramatically.

"I'll give you something later." Harry said, ignoring Sirius when he punched the air in elation. He dug his hand into his trouser pocket, curling it around the key.

"What is it?" Remus asked, perched on the edge of the sofa, leaning towards him as if he was trying to curb his excitement.

Harry smiled and held out his hand, opening his fist slowly to reveal the long, bronze key. Remus tilted his head even further, a quirk that Harry found insanely cute. The older man looked up and him and then down at the key again, his eyes wide with surprise.

"Is that...?"

"The key to the bookshop." Harry nodded, "I picked it up today. It's all yours."

Remus reached out slowly and took the key from him, holding it in his hand as though it was precious. "Ours!" he stated firmly, "It's all ours." He stared down at it, almost disbelieving.

Sirius and Harry shared a look of indulgence and moved towards him at the same time. Sirius scooting across the sofa while Harry slipped into Remus' lap, resting an arm around his shoulders. "Are you excited?" he asked.

Remus nodded frantically, "Excited, amazed and really, really thankful." He turned Harry's chin towards him and pressed a kiss to his mouth before doing the same to Sirius. "Thank you." He said, "Both of you. I couldn't imagine doing this without you."

"Well," Sirius started, "It's a good thing you'll never have to."