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Yesterday you were in front of me

Woke up this morning,

All of a sudden you're a memory

Oh, if life is as short as they say it is,

I guess we'll meet again sooner than we think we will

Sometimes it seemed like just moments ago she had been in front of him. Smiling. Laughing. Lighting up his entire existence. And then she was gone. Shot dead.

She had died in his arms, looking at his face, smiling to comfort him. Why had she been trying to comfort him? Since when was he worth it? The answer was that he wasn't. He never had been and he never would be.

He supposed he was getting what he deserved now.

They say a picture says a thousand words

But I would trade a thousand pictures to hear one of yours

And I've been saying prayers like I was writing you letters

'cause if heaven's far like I think it is

You wouldn't get them

What many people didn't know is that every day he asked for her forgiveness. It was his entire fault. So after the first night with her gone he started to pray. He prayed that she was happy where she was. That she was safe. That there was no pain.

And as he prayed he clutched her locket in his hands. He looked at the picture inside every day. It was the only way he could see her smiling face.

Oh what he would give to see her smile at him again. To laugh and to call his name. To have her reach her hand out to him and say that she loves him and forgives him. That he is dead and on his way to stay with her forever in heaven.

But that is a hollow thought. People like him with blood stained hands don't deserve to be in heaven with pure people like Tsu-chan.

I know heaven must be beautiful right now,

Since they got you babe

Since they got you babe

I know Heaven must be beautiful right now,

Since they got you babe

Since they took you babe

Yet he can't stop thinking of what heaven was like. No doubt it was like a beautiful paradise. It was surely full of lush trees and green grass. There would beautiful lakes and clean sandy beaches.

It would be all that everyone thought it was. It would be made even better by her being there. She would no doubt help those who came in and were scared and help them feel better. She would take their hand and show them the way she did with so many of her precious people on earth.

Yes heaven was sure to perfect because she was there.

They say that god is full of mysteries

Sometimes I wonder if you tell him that you're missing me

'Cause I miss you every day

Like they took summer away

Like they took color away

And this grey

Needs to get the hell away from me

But it was just hell on earth without her there. Everything seemed dull and dark. There was no more sky for the sun to shine in, to let the cloud roam, to let the storm rage, to let the rain fall, to let the lightning strike, or to let the mist settle. And he despised it. He wanted the color to come back in his life!

And he wondered, for just a moment, if he would even be allowed a glimpse of her before he went on to hell. Would God allow them that one chance if she asked? Would she even ask? Did she really hate him like he feared?

No she couldn't! She sent her flames to him every night, he was sure of it! They had to be her flames and they couldn't be a figment of his imagination. They had to be real or he didn't know what he would do.

And I'm jealous of the angels

'Cause they see you every day

And I see you when I'm dreaming

But it doesn't feel the same

And as he thought of it he wondered if she could use her sky flames in heaven. Did she use them to calm others and help out when needed? Somehow the idea made him angry.

Whoever was up there got to see her every day and all he had was a photograph. They got to hear her laugh and see her smile. He could only dream of it. The problem was that dreams always end and he always wakes up alone.

And even when he is in the dreams he still knows. The embraces never seem warm enough. Her smile never bright enough. His mind can never recreate the perfection that was his Tsu-chan and that kills him more than his disease.

Yes he was sick, and horribly so.

Recently he had been throwing up blood so he had gotten himself checked by the prison doctors. It turns out he has a rare blood disease that kills the person slowly from the inside out. Funny how life works out right? I guess you could call it Karma.

I know my heart is broken

But you can have it anyway,

If I could only see you again, again

And his heart is so broken at this point. All of the dreaming and waking and never really having her. But his feelings never wane, not even for a second. He holds onto that love for her. His heart will always be hers. Now and forever.

That's another thing he wants if they meet, even if it's just for a second. To let her know that he still loves her. That she is still his sky and always will be. Another dream to never be fulfilled.

I know heaven must be beautiful right now,

Since they got you babe

Since they got you babe

I know heaven must be beautiful right now,

Since they got you babe

Since they took you babe

And then it starts getting harder to breathe. It was another attack, this one more painful than the last. But he is used to it by now. They have been coming so frequently lately that he bets he only has a week left at most.

But he's not scared knowing that he will be away from here and with Tsu-chan. Maybe. Possibly. He tries not to hope he will be but it's all so hard not to especially when he is in pain. The only way he knows to fight through it is knowing that even if he loses she would be standing there waiting.

Another foolish thought.

Give my life for one last time with you

With you

Give my life for one last time with you

With you

He feels himself slipping and he wonders if this is the end. He wants it to be so badly. For this to be the end of all the pain. He just wants to let go. And so he does. He finally lets go.

Got my space suit on

Gonna blast off

Take a vacation to where you are

He feels weightless. Light. Like a feather and it's so freeing. To not be bound. To not feel the pain was an amazing feeling. But that wasn't what he wanted. He wanted to see her. He wanted to hear her. He wanted to touch her. He just wanted her.

The problem was he didn't know how to find her. How do you find your lover when you are both dead?

So he did what he did in life to find her. He reached out to find her flames to find that they were really close by. Without a second thought he started running towards the familiar feeling of her flames. To her. He didn't care about the walls he ran through or anything else. He only thought of her.

Hoping heaven ain't all that far

You passed me by on a shooting star

Cause I wish so bad

One last chance

It didn't take him long to reach her but when he did he stopped short. She was sitting on a green hill under a sakura blossom tree. Her eyes were closed and she seemed to be at peace. He didn't want to disturb her when she looked so calm, but he couldn't stay away from her. Not now that he was so close.

"Tsu-chan.." He says still taking her all in.

She looks up at him and she smiles. It was the same smile he had dreamed of for five years but had never been able to replicate. Never able to forget. It was stunning.

"What took you so long?" she asked

Take me back to the photograph

I close my eyes and I feel you laughter

He wasted no more time and ran to her. He scooped her up into his arms and just held her tight. She laughed her light tinkling laugh and held onto him as tightly as he was to her. She was here. In his arms. This was real.

He started to cry. He cried as he remembered the last five years.

But all I got is a frame and a glasses


Should've made a room for the both of us


I'm not lost but I've got no direction

All he had owned of her was that locket. How many times did he wish to be with her under a sakura tree again? How many times had he begged God to take him too? How many times had he cursed fate that she was the one to die and he had to be left on earth alone?

He was lost and alone. But not anymore. They were together now.

And with that the last five years seemed to melt away.

Parachute gone and I'm falling fast

My heart stopped but I'm still breathing

So numb but still I'm feeling

The less I look

The more I'm seeing

I just lost my hero

The emotions just kept rolling over him one after another. But she was there, holding him and murmuring sweet nothings into his hair like he had done to her the day she had died. It was so soothing just to hear her voice.

After what seemed like hours he broke the hug and took the chance to look at her. She looked the same as she did that day. Perfect.

And he knew that his heart had technically stopped and that his body was probably cold and numb but he had never felt so alive. He knew that it was wrong but he couldn't bring himself to look beyond the here and now.

He couldn't even dwell on those he left behind because his Tsu-chan was here with him again and everything was okay.

I know heaven must be beautiful right now,

Since they got you babe

Since they got you babe

And as their eyes met once again he knew that heaven was in her eyes. That it always had been and always would be. Then she took a step back. He wanted to say something but she help out her hand before he could.

"Come with me?" She asked

She had never needed to ask. He would follow her anywhere. There was no hesitation as he grabbed her hand.

"Always. I love you tsu-chan. So very much. "

And with that she squeezed his hand and smiled. Then she looked directly in his eyes and said "I love you too!"

I know heaven must be beautiful right now,

Since they got you babe

Since they took you babe

And then there was a giant bust of flame and they were gone. All that remained was a golden locket lying on the grass.

But there was something different about it. Something new.

Freshly engraved on the back were the words 'True love is eternal'.

From that day on they were never parted from one another. Because they love each other, now and forever.

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