A Queen Long Forgotten

By: Just 1 Girl

Authers note: Okay, this takes place BEFORE Vegeta is Born. So it is about King Vegeta, and Queen Nelomia (I dont know if t hats her real name, but i heard it in a fic somewhere) They grow up together, and go through many adventures. After they have Vegeta, something horrible happens.. Its kinda based around a book I read. But please, tell me if you like it or not! Just something different to think about...

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I cannot believe I am being Forced to do this! If I return from this stupid picking, my parents will find them selves fourteen feet under the cement. I swear to kami!

"Faith, your next. Come on, The Prince doesnt have all day you know!"

There goes that girl, probably going to be rejected by the ever so ignorant prince Vegeta. Ugh, hes so rude from what Ive seen of him. Whats his problem? He has everything hes ever wanted. Except for the fact that his beloved father, the King, is dying of some unknown disease. Ew, I hope I don't catch it.

"Nevous, Nel??"

I turn around to see that my best friend Ray has cut through the line to be with me. she's such a good friend, a little odd, with that tinted skin of hers. Little too much sun if you ask me. But we were perfecet friends, both different in our own special way. I'm a little blunt and rude for my age. Not to mention quite the strong one, since i get to train with my dad alot.He's so strong All these other hundreds of girls, who all looked retarded with the over load on make up and their bleached hair because their too ashamed to have the orignal black hair, were lined up to see if Prince Vegeta would choose them for his mate out of the tons of other girls. The 5 out of millions of girls that were chosen and were to live in the Palace for some amount of months, I forget because I wasn't paying much attention to my mom when she was telling me. I was too furious to listen. So here we all are, we're all 15, soon to be 16, the year of our freedom and development, all our stuff packed, just in case the 5 of us, out of the hundreds, probably thousands of 15 year old girls get chosen for this stupid event.

I guess everyones excited because every girl wants to be princess, to be rich, and have the most handsome guy on this Vegetasi planet. Okay So i have to admit hes cute looking..probably even handsome if i got a good look. But this is ridiculous!

"Hey, Nel, thats you, Go!"

My thoughts were interrupted by a sharp jab in my back by Ray's pointy fingers. I guess i didnt hear the man calling my name.

"Last call for Nelomia"

"Here! I'm here!"

Argh..here goes nothing. The man sure looked pissed off as he lead me through the door, he locked it after I came in. Heh, I guess he doesnt want anybody ESCAPING! hahha..stupid little man.

"Your not presenting yourself in....that...are you?"

"Yes. Why?"

I looked down at my white sweater and blue sweat pants, okay so they were more like P.Js then clothes. I didnt want to get dressed this morning! Who the hell would if they were going to line up for this hassle.

"Um...you're going to have to change into more...reasonable...clothing. Or else the prince will simply over look you."

"My point exactly."

I stared the man dead in the eye, letting him know I obviously did not want to be picked for future princess, possibly Queen if the king dies. The man simply grabbed my suitcase and tossed it aside, where there was a couple other suitcases laying there already.He grabbed my wrist and pulled me into a dressing room, I could have gagged at the site of it. Mirrors and lights everywhere, closets full of clothes, they all looked slutty to me, and i didnt have the perfect figure, my breasts were a bit small, as well as my butt. The man quickly skimmed through a rack of clothing and picked out a red dress that ended at my knees and had the skinniest straps I had ever seen!

"You want me to wear...that? Youre joking right?"

"No. put it on, the Prince is getting impatient!"

I growled low and quickly grabbed the skimpy thing out of the mans hand, walking..no..stombing into a dressing room. and in one minute flat i had changed and stombed right back out.

"Ah, much better, goes well with your hair."

"Shut up."

The man glared sharply, then just pushed me out onto what looked like a walk way. Damn...what luck. I self constiously grabbed at my shoulder lenght hair, I didnt have to worry about looking stupid with my bangs in my eyes, sense they ended right before my eyes, they got in the way when i was training, but otherwise, i thought they looked cute. I slowly made my way down the walkway thing..and there infront of me sat the prince in a royal chair, which slaves and body guards standing all around.

"What is your name?"


"Excuse me?"

I blinked, wondering if he had heard me, I was the only one talking. Oh right..have to address the prince with respect. Silly me.

"Nelomia, Your Highn..ass."

Had to add that one, he would never accept me now. Way to go! wahoo.

"Step over there please, Nelomee"

"It's Nelomia."


I caught a glimse of the prince's all famous smirk of amusement. Oh gese..that couldnt be good, his tail was very content at the moment as well...err..So i slowly stepped off of the walk way and over to where two other very pretty girls were standing. My tail now unwrapped around my waist and began to twitch nervously, i hate how it shows all of my damn emotions. Great...now what?

"what is your name?"

I could hear the prince, then a girl anwser.

"Ray, your royalty."

"Step over there please."

I jumped with joy, yay! i wont be alone in this hell hole!

"Ray, you made it!"

"Wow, Nel..you made it too!"

I frowned, then smirked.

"Didnt think i was good enough, did you?"

"Well..honestly...no. Hey! your actualy wearing a dress, you never wear a dress."

" Yea i know, that stupid guy made me wear it. I hate it, its itching me."

Ray was right, i never wore dresses, only to funerals or fancy parties. which was very very rare in my case. I always enveyed my good friend, she had everything, the looks, the body, just..not the attitude i guess. She looked great in anything she wore. I loved her hair, it was light brown, natural of course, and was cut down to her lower back. I loved to play with it, braid it even though i didnt really know how. Those were good times. There was not many brown haired sajyins around. Most of them hated their looks and died their hair a different color. Which was a shame, i think at least. As for me, i just had the normal jet black hair that seemed to just hang their lifelessly. Oh well. I think I'll be the first to be voted off.

After the prince had chosen the top five, which took about 3 hours, we were all lead into a hall way with 4 doors by Instructer persons. I dont know what they are called!

"Now Two of you are going to have to share a room, because we had orginaly planed that the prince pick four, not five."

Both Ray and I hands shot up hearing that. Good, at least I won't be sleeping alone.

"Okay, you two go into this door, since we put an extra bed and some extra clothes. Everything you 5 girls need to know is in a folder that is laying on one of the desks. I suggest you all read it. Any further questions you all might have can be answered by people like me, there is a phone near the folder that has all the numbers you need to know."

"Blah blah blah..." I whispered to Ray, causing her to giggle, then stopped as the lady stared at me coldly. I smiled sweetly to her and after she left i sneered and went into our rooms, Ray following.


"Cool! It looks just like a hotel room!"

I saw Ray walk over to the binder and begin to flip through it. I on the other hand jumped on the double sized bed and started jumping up and down, giggling.


"Hah, Nel youre so dumb."

"And youre so.....so...brown!"

I laughed as she stuck her tongue out at me, her tail thrasing around in annoyance. I silently giggled as began to explore our new home.

"It says here that we are to stay here for 5 months..oh god...and theres all these lessons that we're required to take. We're to cook for ourselves, and dress nicely whenever we're not in this house of ours. Then its telling us that we all must take at least one tour of the castle, so we dont get lost. and we have certain days to ourselves."

"What kind of lessons?" I asked as I roamed the contents of the frige, wow thats alot of food.

"Ummm...dance lessons. some history Classes, uh..then...dinner lessons..what the?"

I made faces at all of those lessons, ugh. how boring!

"Okay, I can deal. What are the choices we have on our free time?"

"Lets see.....we get a gym and training room. Opitional Training lessons, a huge swimming pool, we each get our own horse to ride if wanted, opitional horse lessons, thats just about it. And we cant go out of castle boundries. Which sucks ass..."

"training room eh? Good enough for me!" I grabbed two bottles of water and headed back, tossing the second to Ray, she caught it and closed the binder, walking over to the closests to examine our new clothing.

"We have to dress exceptional when we leave here. Oh, and our History classes start tomarrow at 7."

I groaned loudly and went to join her, gulping down my water. I stopped suddenly as i watched my friend skim through the clothing.

"Ugh, we have to wear those!??"

There was nothing but dresses and skirts, the only good thing i saw was some armor suits. I growled lowly and huffed.

"What a rip off...5 months here in those clothes?!? I dont even know how to put on lipstick!"

"Calm down Nel, I'll teach you what you need to know."

I patted my friends shoulder

"What would i do without you?"

"Die..thats for sure."

I laughed and pushed her, she smirked and threw her water at me. I screamed and tackled her and we proceeded to wrestle and laugh our heads off..not knowing that there was a hidden camera in the room watching us.


Okay wew. I hope you liked it, if i can get some good reviews for this ill continue, if not ill stop.

PLLLEEASSE tell me how you like it

I know its kind of orginal and tons of people thought of that kind of idea but cut me some slack, i couldnt think of any other way to start it! It'll be different, dun worry.

-Just 1 Girl