Hey guys! So this is the edited version of the first chapter. I was reading it before and disliked how some things sounded. So I decided to go back and fix a few things up. :] I hope you are all still enjoying the story!

Each time the clock ticked, Yukio tapped his pencil anxiously against the top of the table. A light tapping sound filled the empty room from the pencil hitting against the wooden table. He was alone in the classroom, sitting at his usual desk in front of the classroom. The desk was neat, pilled with papers on one side and a bunch of pens in a round white pencil holder case. He could never work in a messy area.

For the past twenty minutes he failed to mark anything on the test in front of him due to his brother's loud, obnoxious voice in the hallway. Usually it wouldn't get to him, since he was use to his brother being loud. The only problem was, Rin was talking with Shiemi and they seemed to be having a good time. The sound of Rin's cheerful laughter got Yukio to shift in his chair. All Yukio wanted was for Rin to be happy, though he hated the fact that his brother was off talking to other people. Why couldn't he be the only one to make his brother happy?

The laughter grew louder and his annoyance only grew more before he couldn't stand it anymore. Abruptly standing up, he opened the door of the classroom to find Rin and Shiemi standing close to each other and talking. "Why are you two still here? School was over an hour ago."

Shiemi's pale face turned red like she was caught in a sinful act, while Rin gave his brother a grin. A hand found its way to the back of his head, scratching his dark hair. "Well, I was going to go visit you, but then Shiemi was still here so I ended up talking to her. Actually, I kind of forgot the reason why I came to visit you. Though it's okay, because I got to see Shiemi."

Yukio's eyebrow twitched from Rin's stupid words. A finger pressed against his glasses, pushing them back up against his nose with a small sigh. "I'm trying to grade some papers, so please don't disrupt me anymore."

"Don't worry Yuki-chan, I was just leaving." Shiemi's green hues glanced at Yukio for a second before they fell upon Rin again. "I'll see you later tonight."

Shiemi headed down the hallway as Yukio started to head back into the classroom with Rin right behind him. Later tonight, what was the supposed to mean?

He knew those words shouldn't bother him, but it did. Why was Rin so popular with everyone?

"So…." He drew out the word, urging for Rin to speak up about what was going on tonight. Yukio took a seat down at his chair again, picking up the red pen.

Rin grabbed a chair, so he could pull it up and sit across from his brother, placing his arms on the desk, with that stupid, yet cute smile on his face.

It didn't seem like his brother took the hint, typical of him. "So what is going on tonight with Shiemi?" He asked casually, his eyes looking down at the paper where he was finally able to look over a few of the answers on the test.

"Shiemi told me that she never gone out to eat before, since she was too shy to be around so many people. Now since she is comfortable with it, I told her that I would take her out…I don't want her missing out on all the yummy food." Rin's face light up at the thought of food, something he had always enjoyed; whether it was making food or eating it.

There was silence, the kind that was uncomfortable. Not like Rin would notice anyway since he was an airhead most of the time. If the two of them were going out together…then that was a date right? Not like those two would ever notice that. Yukio sighed in frustration. All he wanted to say to Rin was don't go and cook him some food instead. The thing was…Yukio held onto a secret that he could never tell Rin.

"Have you ever gone out with a girl before?" Rin asked with a tilt of his head.

"I did a few times. I don't see why that matters" Yukio shrugged his shoulders, putting an x on one of the answers to someone's test.

"I don't see how a girl would be interested in a four-eye guy." Rin said bluntly, making Yukio give a glare at his brother.

"I could have gone out on many little dates if I wanted to." Yukio grumbled, standing up as he gathered the papers in his hands and started to walk out the door.

Rin quickly followed behind, walking down the long hallway till they reached outside. "I don't believe you. I don't see how any girls can find you attractive."

Yukio knew Rin was only messing with him, but it still made an ache inside his chest appear. His brother seriously never knew when to keep that big mouth of his closed. "Nii-san?"


"Shut up." Yukio mumbled, heading into the dorm building that was only occupied by the two of them. He liked it being just them, that way he didn't have to worry about his brother running around to different dorms and god knows what goes on in there. It was just Rin and him; the way it should be.

Yukio opened the door for them and headed inside. It was small, yet decent enough for the two of them. They didn't have much anyway. Rin tossed his backpack onto his bed as he looked in the dresser, trying to find some casual clothes to wear besides his school uniform. Yukio sat on his bed, eyes on his older brother as Rin started to carefully undo the buttons on his shirt.

This is what annoyed Yukio the most, Rin would casually strip in front of him like it was no big deal. But it was a huge deal to him. Rin was humming to himself as he tossed the jacket off and then took his shirt off. Yukio looked over Rin's chest; he already memorized every little detail about the skin. He never touched before, but he came to the conclusion that Rin's skin looked welcoming and soft. Rin's blue hues blinked as he tilted his head to the side, noticing his brother watching him.

"Jealous?" Rin said with a smirk on his lips, pointing down to his stomach.

"Like hell I would be jealous over that." Yukio said with a smirk, finally breaking his gaze from his brother's memorizing body.

Rin puffed his cheeks out, quickly shoving on the black t-shirt. He then shrugged off his pants, Yukio would have taken a peak, but he didn't want to be obvious so he restrained himself and kept his eyes on the paper as Rin threw some pants on. Though he could picture Rin's smooth legs in some baggy boxers. The thought made it even more tempting to take a peak.

"How late are you going to be out for?" Yukio asked, setting his papers aside once his brother was fully dressed. Now he didn't have to worry about staring at his brother's body when there were clothes on him.

Rin scratched his hair, giving his brother a look. Even though he was the oldest out of the two, Yukio still acted like he was ten years older. Always nagging him to do his homework or that he can't be out late on school days. Sometimes it was hard to imagine they were twins.

"I don't know and it doesn't concern you. I'll do what I want without your permission."

He noticed Yukio's mouth twitch, which made him smirk. How fun it was to get his brother angry. The two of them stared at each other for a few minutes before Yukio was the one who broke off the eye connection and turned to his phone. Rin clenched his hand into a fist in victory as he bounced onto his bed to read some manga.

When it was time to meet Shiemi, Rin headed over to the door, pausing for a second to look over at his brother who was intently reading a book. A small laugh echoed in his head as he watched his brother. He couldn't understand how Yukio could easy read a hundred pages a day; it was simply too much for him. "Yukio…I uh left you some food in the refrigerator downstairs. So, just heat it up for dinner. I'll be back later tonight."

Yukio watched his brother leave the room, letting out a small sigh. His brother was an idiot, an adorable idiot. Rin never left without making him something to eat, it was almost a habit for Rin to leave to do that.

Sure Rin was an idiot, but maybe Yukio was more of an idiot. He held in secrets that he could never explain to Rin. Of course Rin would find all those secrets disturbing and it would make their brotherly love disappear.

But if only that brotherly love could change into real love.

Every day Yukio had been hiding his real feelings for his brother. He would have to mask his face and make sure to never look at his brother with loving eyes. What would Rin think if his brother wanted more than a brotherly relationship? To make matters even worse they were both guys. But none of that mattered to Yukio, there was something about Rin that he loved. Back when they were little he wouldn't hesitate to hug or hold hands with Rin, but now…he was afraid he would want more than that if they touched.

It bothered him greatly that Rin was out somewhere with Shiemi. Minutes alone in the dorm slowly turned to hours and the clock on Yukio's cellphone turned to midnight. There was no way he could head off to bed, knowing his brother wasn't back yet. What possibly could Rin and Shiemi be doing together at this hour? They weren't going to go make out in an alleyway were they? He started to pace around the room, finding his patience dropping bit by bit as images he didn't want to think of popped into his head.

When the door finally opened Yukio ran a hand through his black hair, eyes glaring at Rin. Without hesitation he hurried over to his brother and pushed him roughly against the wall. "Where the hell have you been?" He growled darkly.

Rin was too shock to move, surprised his brother was actually still up. "I told you already...-"

Before Rin could finish the statement he felt Yukio shove him against the wall more. He made no move to try to get away, instead he stared blankly at Yukio. "I thought…I thought something might have happened to you!" Yukio shouted loudly, anger was written all over his face.

Rin rolled his eyes at his overly protected brother. "You don't need to worry so much; it isn't like I can't handle a few things by myself. Though nothing happened with any demons…it was just Shiemi and I."

Yukio didn't know what was worse, having Rin and Shiemi alone for so many hours or Rin getting attacked by a demon, but being able to kill it. Yukio's mouth opened to say something, so many words could be spoken…but none could be said out loud. Rin couldn't know his feelings….his feelings that he had been hiding.

Rin could see that something was up with his brother, the confusion on the other's face and also worry. Rin let out a soft sigh, placing a hand on top of his brother's head as a smile spread on his lips; showing off his two sharper canine teeth. "It's alright Yukio...because I'm here now. I'm sorry if I worried you."

As Rin's hand was dropping to his side, he felt Yukio quickly take hold of his hand. Silence loomed around them as he felt Yukio's hand squeeze his. It wasn't unusual that the two of them held hands, but it has been awhile. Rin almost forgot what it felt like to hold onto his brother's hand. He had to admit…he kind of missed it.

"Just don't scare me again." Yukio whispered softly, he released Rin's hand as he turned away to head over to his bed. All this hiding was hard and tiring. He didn't know how much longer he would be able to hide his feelings.

Just how much time was left until he did something sinful to Rin?