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There is something missing from our world. The amazing animals that time has left behind. But what if we can bring them back? What if extinction didn't have to be forever? We're going back in time on a safari with a difference, as wild life adventurer Nigel Marven plunges into pre-history to rescue creatures on the brink of extinction. His plan is to bring them back to the safety of the present and give them a second chance.

This time, Nigel's going back to before the ice age, before the first humans, before even the dinosaurs to 450 million years ago, when giant aquatic creatures ruled the world.

Welcome to the ultimate wild life sanctuary. Welcome to Prehistoric Park.

Nigel Marvin sat in his office looking through some files. The files contained all the information on extinct creatures, and Nigel had finally decided which one he intended to rescue.

Bob Arthur, the park keeper at Prehistoric Park, entered Nigel's office.

"Morning, Nigel." He greeted.

"Morning, Bob." Replied Nigel "Have you done what I asked?"

"I have." Bob replied.

"Good," Nigel replied, smiling. Before he could say anything else, Bob's walkie talkie buzzed, and one of the park workers mentioned something about the Titanosaurs; with a "Sorry, Nigel." Bob left, leaving Nigel chuckling.

The Titanosaurs had been brought back after a Volcanic Explosion had caused them to rampage through the forest and into the Time Portal. One of the Titanosaurs had broken a wing of a Microraptor by standing on it as they had fled towards the portal.

The time Portal flared into life and Nigel, carrying a backpack, was about to pass through the portal with his team when Bob arrived.

"I want to discuss something with you." Began Nigel, as Bob climbed out of his jeep "Something vital for the mission."

"Which is...?"

"I'm going to need several large aquatic exhibits in an aquarium... and a way to get aquatic animals into the park. Also, I'm going to need several massive aviaries."

"Oh, Nigel," Moaned Bob "What are you planning to bring back?"

"I'll tell you later," Nigel replied "First, I want to see Suzanne."

Suzanne McNabb was the park's veterenarian and had been responsible for confirming the pregnancy of one of the Ornithomimus and for saving the life of Terence the Tyrannosaurus Rex amongst other things.

"Suzanne," Began Nigel, as he approached "How are they?"

Nigel and Suzanne were stood outside the newly built exhibit, which had been built to accomodate the newly weaned off of the bottle and onto meat.

"They're doing well," She replied "The infants have been weaned onto meat and the parents are getting along... for once."

"Good." Nigel replied "So, does this mean they'll be having more cubs soon?"

"She's not pregnant yet, but in the future, yes, I can see her having more cubs."

"Good." He replied "Keep me updated, won't you?"

She nodded and Nigel headed back to the Time Portal and headed through it. He and his team emerged into a barren land and immediately put on oxygen helmets. They were in the Ordovician and were 450 million years before the 21st century.

Nigel took a breath through his oxygen mask and continued walking on towards the water taking steady breaths of the oxygen helmet as he did so.

"The oxygen here at this time is atrocious." Nigel began to the camera "Much less oxygen and much more carbon dioxide than we're used to. Without this special air mix," Here, he lifted up the tube that the air travelled down "I'd really feel sick and get bad headaches."

"Just look around," Nigel continued "and you can see why the atmosphere is so different. There's no life at all on the land. There's no insects in the air, there's not even worms in the ground. And, most crucially of all, there's no plants. There's not even a speck of green. So the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, it's not being absorbed by them and they're not boosting the atmosphere with oxygen. But, it's a different story out there in the sea."

He turned around; behind him was a massive ocean, spanning thousands of miles.

"There's been life there for hundreds of millions of years." Nigel continued "And, you can take it from me, evolution has produced some real monsters." He took a breath of his oxygen mask again and stared at the ocen.

Back at Prehistoric Park.

Bob arrived at the aquarium; it wouldn't be built for several days - if not weeks - so they had built a large water paddock nearby for whatever Nigel decided to bring back this time.

"It's not much," Began Bob, as he looked over the water paddock "But for now, it will have to do. Let's just hope Nigel doesn't bring back anything to enormous, shall we?"

Meanwhile, in the past, with Nigel.

"And now, it is time to find a monster." Nigel began, as he began examining the shoreline "First, some bait. In the Ordovician that's the easy bit." He began to walk up the length of the shoreline "With no land animals to scavenge along the beach, anything the sea spits up just lies here rotting."

Nigel spotted a small fish.

"An armour plated fish," He began, as he picked it up and stuck it on the end of the fork like trident he had brought with him "Now, into shallow water, to flush out on unpleasent little critter that I'll probably be seeing a lot of."

Stood, almost up to his hips, in water, Nigel began moving the fork from side to side under the water. He dropped the fork and crouched down before pulling something from the water.

"A sea scorpion," He began, holding it in the air "One of the most grotesque of predators." He adjuted it, so that the Sea Scorpion was almost vertical; the Sea Scorpion's tail was curling and uncurling.

"And look." Continued Nigel "Look at that. Look at the tail curling; that's how they get their name, but there's no venom in there, like their namesakes on the land. You've really got to be careful of thos formidable pincers at the front."

He turned the Sea Scorpion around, and threw it back. It plunged beneath the surface with a large splash. spraying water everywhere.

The scorpion gave Nigel a graphic demonstration of just how formidable its claws are, as it pulled the fish to pieces. It literally shredded the bait at his feet before moving on to bigger prey: namely, Nigel's feet.

Nigel kicked up sand, and ran for the shore.

"Slashed my leg," Began Nigel, as he crouched down and the rest of the team came running. A large cut, about six inches across, was about six inches above Nigel's ankle and a trail of blood was running down his leg.

"It's another scar for the collection," Continued Nigel as he rubbed at the wound.

Meanwhile, back at Prehistoric Park, vet Suzanne has made a rather startling discovery.

"Bob," She began, into the walkie talkie "Can you get down here?"

"Where are ya?" Came Bob's voice in reply.

"I'm at the Titanosaur paddock." She replied.

"I'll be there in a mo." Replied Bob "I'm on my way down now."

Bob, true to his word, arrived a few minutes later. Climbing out of the jeep, he asked "What is it?"

"Look." Said Suzanne, pointing to the ground; by her feet were two eggs in a nest. The Titanosaurs were breeding.

Back with Nigel, in the Ordovician, and Nigel's found something rather peculiar.

Nigel picked up a large skeletal shell carcass.

"As I found out," He began, as the camera followed him "Those Sea Scorpions are pretty fearsome. But there's much bigger sea monster's out there. The Sea Scorpions, they're not the top predators." He lowered the skeletal shell carcass into a box "But to see the real big ones I need a little more than a fish on a stick."

"I'm gonna try with this." He continued, lifting the skeletal shell carcass partway out of the box "Bit like a giant woodlouse. But, of course, it's a Trilobite; there's no relatives of this alive in the twenty first century. There was up to fifteen thousand species and they ranged in size from a really tiny one - a millimeter in length - to this big one." Nigel began running his hand over the sketeal carcass "This is about as big as they get. And I need one like this because I'm gonna use this like a fisherman with a fly, and I'm gonna try to attract a much bigger catch to take back to Prehistoric Park."

And, all I need to do is insert this camera into the carcass." He looked up to the camera that was filming him "If you're squimish, look away now, because what I've got to do is pop out the eye of this trilobite."

The camera turned away.

Back at Prehistoric Park, vet Suzanne and Bob have finally discovered the extent of the Titanosaurs' breeding.

"I've found five," Suzanne began "You?"

"Just the one." Bob replied "Mine only had two eggs, what about yours?"

"Same," Suzanne informed Bob "Just two eggs in each of them. All of them might not hatch, so we may only have one or two baby Titanosaurs running around."

"That's good," Bob replied "A whole herd of them is bad enough; I don't need two herds to deal with."

Back in the Ordovician, Nigel's discovered something different from the twenty first century.

"So many surprises here," Nigel began, looking over to the setting sun "The sun's setting, the evening's come, and it's been so quick, the day's flown by. That's 'cause I forgot in Ordovician times, the Earth's spinning much faster and that means it's a 21 hour day, not 24 hours. So a watch like this," He held up his watch "Is useless here."

He pointed at the sun, watching it set and continued "Look at that. It's gonna be dark very soon and we can't do anything more today."

The camera clicked off.

And then clicked on again the next morning, as Nigel's true adventure began.

"Today," Nigel began, as he sat on a boat that had been retrieved from the park "I'm hoping to dive with a Sea Monster, in an attempt to bring it back to Prehistoric Park." He gestured to his bag "There's a special air mix in here. If I breath that Ordovician at the pressure under the water, I'll become unconscious. So this is crucial."

He put down the bag and picked up a bite proof shark suit.

"I also need this," He began, holding it up so that the camera could see "It's a bit before it's time; it's a bite proof shark suit. And, of course, sharks haven't evolved yet. But, I'm hoping this will give me protection from those vicious Sea Scorpions."

He pushed the boat into the water as a Sea Scorpion clicked on land. The boats engine whirred gently into life and Nigel and the team climbed onto the boat and began to move out into the ocean.

"I know the bigger predators will be out in open water, so we're venturing out into the middle of the bay." Nigel said to the camera as he picked up the Trilobite carcass and said "This looks very appetising, but for the predators around here, this should be a tasy snack, and I'm hoping that that camera is going to catch the moment when a monstrous predator tries to snack all this up."

He threw it overboard, took a deep breath through the oxygen mask and began dragging the rope that the Trilobite was attached to, so that it looked like the Trilobite was moving. With that, he looked back to the television that the camera was broadcasting to, and noticed something approaching.

"There's something," Nigel began "Something approaching."

It was a Sea Scorpion.

"It's a Sea Scorpion," Nigel stated and began to pull the Trilobite carcass up to the surface of the water "They obviously like Trilobites."

He reached over and pulled ut the large fork like trident he had used before, and with it, forced the Sea Scorpion off of the Trilobite carcass.

"Come on." He ordered "Let go."

After enough stabbing, the Se Scorpion let go and swam away. He took a deep breath from his oxygen mask and waited.

It was late afternoon before he got a decent bite; something very big and very squid like was pulling on the camera.

"There's something-" Began Nigel, as his attempt to pull the camera up made the creature on the other end tug harder "-Something interesting there. And it's much bigger. Not a Sea Scorpion."

With one last grunt, he pulled; the camera image fizzled and died and the line went slack.

"It's taken the camera," Noted Bill, one of Nigel's teammates.

"That's the end of the Trilobite cam," Commented Ben, who had travelled with Nigel when he had retreived the Microraptors.

"I have got to see what that is." Nigel informed them "And maybe, I can get it for Prehistoric Park."

He pulled on his bite proof shark suit and breatung apparatus, and dove backwards into the water, making sure that he had to two parts of the Time Portal with him.

"I don't know what's happened here," He began, as he followed the slack line downwards "But if I follow the line, I should be able to find the predator."

Holding tightly onto the line, he descended and finally reached the end of the line.

"The camera's not at the end." He noted "Which probably means that the Predator isn't far away."

Several Sea Scorpions swam underneath him; if he was going to get some for the park, now was his best chance. Swimming downwards, he stuck the two parts of the Time Portal into the ground, pulled up the tops and turned the top of them. The portal flared into life and the four Sea Scorpions, which were the nearest to the portal, swam through. Once they had gone through, Nigel closed the portal.

Back at the Park, Bob and Suzanne are about to receive a surprise.

The second Time Portal, which was attached to the water paddock, flickered and the four Sea Scorpions swam out of it. The portal was entirely submerged in water and was viewed by a screen from outside the paddock.

"What on earth are those?" Bob questioned.

"I don't know," Suzanne replied "But you're going to have to finish that aquarium, or at least, a tank, soon. If I know Nigel, this won't be his main target, but will just be something that he stumbled across."

"You're probably right." Bob replied and left to finish work on the aquarium.

As Bob walked off, Suzanne watched the Sea Scorpions swim around; they seemed to be looking for something... but what?

Meanwhile, back in the Ordovician, Nigel's about to make a discovery.

"This is intriguing." Began Nigel, as he watched the rest of the Sea Scorpions swim underneath him "I don't know what's going on. I don't know why they're all gathering, but first there was one Sea Scorpion, then another, then another, then another. And now, they are all around me. There's a whole carpet of them moving along the sea floor. They're whizzing past my head; they're all heading in one direction."

Then, he spotted something.

"There it is!" He cried, pointing "My target! It's an Orthocone."

The Orthocone, a large massive creature of about nine foot in length and about seven foot in width, was a long straight Nautiloid Cephalopod with many purple tentacles; everything above the tenatacles, roughly seven of the nine feet that made up it's length, was a large, pointed shell, except for two eyes that stared out of each side respectively.

Nigel swam after it as it swam overhead; shining his torch at it, Nigel said "That is the biggest predator that the world has seen up until this time."

The Orthocone began to turn.

"He heard me," Said Nigel "He sensed me here. He can hear my heart hammering. I don't want to be grabbed by those tentacles, so I'd better open the Time Portal... and fast."

He pulled up the tops of the two parts of the time portal and turned them, holding them at a distance just wide enough for the Orthocone to swim through.

And swim through, it did...

From the right, another Orthocone emerged.

"Ah!" Cried Nigel, moving up to avoid a Sea Scorpion "There's another Orthocone. And it's spotted one of the Sea Scorpions."

The Orthocone floated close to the Sea Scorpion; the tentacles shot out and grabbed the Sea Scorpion, before the Orthocone began to eat it.

Seeing his chance for a second Orthocone, Nigel took a chance and swam up so that he was behind the Orthocone.

"They're dragged back to the mouth," He began, as he watched the Orthocone eat the Sea Scorpion; the Time Portal, still active in his hands, flickered as he continued "Where there's a horny beak. Ugh, you can hear it! I can actually hear it under the water. I can hear the crunching sound as the Sea Scorpions are crushed by the beak."

The Orthocone began to move towards the Time Portal; Nigel floated behind the Portal and said "These Orthocone's probably spend a lot of time in deep water. Light doesn't penetrate to well down there so the eyes don't work very well and they rely on another sense; they will actually smell out their prey and then crush them to bits. The Orthocone; that really is the top predator of Ordovician times."

Once the second Orthoocone had passed through the Time Portal, Nigel swam back to the top of the surface and closed the Time Portal as he did so. Reaching the surface he was pulled onto the boat by Ben and Bill and they all headed back to the shore.

"This is what they were doing," Nigel began, noticing the Sea Scorpions "I saw them moving in the shallows, moving towards the shore. And this is a mass spawning. It's a full moon at the moment, this is the highest tide and they're laying their eggs in the sand. The eggs will be protected, and then, when the next high tide comes, in about a month or so, the yong larvea will hatch and be taken back out to sea."

"Some of these Sea Scorpions," He continued, climbing out of the boat and pulling it up the shore with the help of Bill and Ben "Will stay around here until the eggs hatch. Fossils have been found with baby Sea Scorpions inside the stomachs of the big ones. And that's what they do. They wait around here and feed on the babies as they hatch on the next high tide."

Nigel opened the Time Portal one last time, allowed Ben and Bill to pull the boat through

The Ordovician then, isn't exactly a picnic. Anywhere the air gives you a headache, and you can't go swimming without a chain mail suit, probably isn't going to take on as a holiday destination. Prehistoric Park, at least, is peaceful...

Bob and Suzanne stood on the observation deck, watching the two Orthocones swim around as Nigel joined then.

"Nigel, Nigel, what have you done?" Questioned Bob "Where am I gonna put these until the Aquarium's finished?"

"Leave them there; this pools deep enough at the moment," Nigel replied "But I suggest you move the Sea Scorpions somewhere else; Orthocone's eat them and two of the Sea Scorpions are pregnant, as I saw the rest of them giving birth as I left."

"I'll get right on it," Suzanne replied "I assume they're not giving birth yet?"

"No," Nigel replied "But it could be a matter of minutes."

One of the workers appeared at the top of the stairs; He looked to Nigel, then to Suzanne, and finally, to Bob, before saying "The tank with the side beach is finished." and leaving.

"Right on time," Nigel noted "Move the Sea Scorpions into there."

"I'll get them from the holding pen." Suzanne stated, and with that, she left.

Prehistoric Park, which was already beginning to take shape, has finally received it's first aquatic inhabitants; two large Orthocones and four Sea Scorpions, two of which are pregnant, and Nigel wants to check on the Sea Scorpions to see how they're settling in.

"How are they, Suzanne?" Asked Nigel, as he appeared on her right.

"Two of them are staying on land and flicking their tails into the air." She replied "I assume those are the two that are pregnant?"

"Yes," Nigel replied "It looks like their labour has begun. Usually, their larvae are washed into the water a month after they have first been lain, so we will have to find some way to make that happen."

"We'll think of something," She replied "Just allow Bob to finish the aquarium before you go off on anymore adventures."

"Sure thing." He replied, chuckling as the other two Sea Scorpions - who were both male and the fathers of the eggs being born on land at that very moment - swam around.

Next time, two inspectors come to the park, Nigel and Suzanne set their sights on a giant Kangaroo, watch a giant Snake kill, meet a Phascolonus and bump, literally, into giant Wombats.

Creatures caught this chapter:

2 Orthocones: 1 Male, 1 Female

4 Sea Scorpions: 2 Male, 2 Female

To Be Continued