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There is something missing from our world. The amazing animals that time has left behind. But what if we can bring them back? What if extinction didn't have to be forever? We're going back in time on a safari with a difference, as wild life adventurer Nigel Marven plunges into pre-history to rescue creatures on the brink of extinction. His plan is to bring them back to the safety of the present and give them a second chance.

This time, Nigel is going back 97 million years to Patagonia, Argentina in The Cretaceous Period to rescue a carnivorous dinosaur larger than Tyrannosaurus Rex and comes face to feet with a herd of giants.

Welcome to the ultimate wild life sanctuary. Welcome to Prehistoric Park.

During Nigel Marven's last adventure, he rescued a Quetzalcoatlus from extinction, along with several other species of creatures. Now, the Quetzalcoatlus has settled in to Prehistoric Park and Nigel, Bob and Suzanne have gone to check on her.

"How is she Bob? Have you seen her since I rescued her?"

"Not since I put her in, Nigel." Replied Bob, as he pushed open the door to the Avairy viewing dome "She's become right at home here."

He, Bob and Suzanne emerged into a large glass dome that was see through. As Nigel leaned on the railing around the edge, the Quetzalcoatlus soared past, diving down to the lake below. The lake, not man made, was a large pool with a mountain in the middle of it; the mountain was the roost of the Quelzalcoatlus and the lake was it's food source.

"Now, Nigel," Began Bob "This thing - well, if you brought back another one of these, I really wouldn't mind; she seems right at home here and feeding her is no problem; there seems to be more fish everyday in this lake."

The Quetzalcoatlus landed behing him, and began to ruffle her feathers as Bob reached up and patted her.

It seems Bob has made a new friend. But now, Nigel's next adventure - to rescue a carnivorous dinosaur larger than Tyrannosaurus Rex - is beginnng.

Nigel emerged from the Time Portal into Argentina in the Cretaceous Period and immediately found himself on the bank of an ocean; it was a mile from the team's camp, which had been set up in a place of relative safety. So, knowing that the camp would be busy, he began to walk down towards the river.

"This is such a special place," Began Nigel to the camera, because the Argentinosaurus they come here to lay their eggs." He crouched down at the remains of an egg shell from a previous breeding season "This shore on the edge of the lake - it is the perfect nursery for them. Look, there's egg shells scattered all over the place here." He picked up one of the eggs "That gives you a good idea of what these huge animals hatch out of. They're quite small beings - the full egg is the size of a football."

He began to dig with the shovel in his hand "It's exactly as I suspected. Look. The females, they come here year after year, because this is the perfect place for them to lay their eggs... and I can't wait until the heard come back to lay their eggs for this season."

He headed further along the ocean, and, out of the corner of his eye, he noticed a young Argentinosaurus meandering amongst the shrubbery; moving to hide behind a tree, so that he didn't startle the youngster, he said "This can't be anything else. It's a young Argentinosaurus - just three or four years old; stayed around the nesting area - there must be good food for her here. She's too young to travel with the heard. It's amazing to think, if she survives, she'll grow up to be as large as one hundred feet."

He followed the youngester down to the bank, and crouched by the edge of the river as the youngster gently trotted away. Out of the water behind him burst a fourty foot long Sarchosuchus. He leaped aside, barely managing to avoid it as it splashed back into the water.

"Flipping heck." Said Nigel, as he crouched behind a tree some distance away "I'm smiling, 'cause the shock of that scared me out of my skin. I'm pretty sure I know what it is: it's not a crocodile, even though it looks like one - it's a close cousin of the crocodiles called Sarchosuchus; it grows much bigger than Crocodiles."

Despite having been attacked by the Sarchosuchus, Nigel has now decided on his next target for Prehistoric Park - the Sarchosuchus herself.

Nigel picked up a large stick and moved to the edge of the water, holding it out in front of him "I'm not mad," He began, looking anxiously around "This is a calculated... risk; Sarchosuchus should behave like it's modern relatives, the Crocodiles and Alligators and I've done this with them." He began splashing the stick in the water, readying the Time Portal behind him with the other hand as he did so "What I'm worried about, is there are lots of mates here." He pointed to one in the distance "I've got to keep my eyes open. Come on. Come on. These are like the splashings prey would make; if I time this right, then I could get a Sarchosuchus back to Prehistoric Park. Oh, I just saw her swell, get back!"

He continued splashing the water with the stick, and leaped backwards as the Sarchosuchus lunged out of the water at him and began to advance after him "Wahey!" He cried "What a stupendous reptile. She'll be a great addition to Prehistoric Park; she must be over fourty feet long!"

He reached the Time Portal and pressed the button on the remote in his pocket; the Time Portal flared into life, and he headed through it. The Sarchosuchus, after giving a growl, followed.

Bob is about to receive a very nasty surprise.

"You're back early, Nigel!" Called Bob from the observation platform as Nigel emerged from the Time Portal "Did something go wrong? D'you need something?"

"No, mate!" Called Nigel as he climbed up the ladder to reach Bob "Nothing went wrong and I don't need anything - instead, I've brought you something."

"Nigel..." Bob eyed him closely as Nigel reached his side "What have you done?"

"Have a look." Nigel replied, as the Time Portal flickered into life and the Sarchosuchus emerged; Bob caught sight of it over Nigel's shoulder.

"Nigel!" He cried, aghast "Where am I going to put that?"

"Well, I can tell you where you shouldn't put it; in with Diana. They'd kill each other."

"If it's not giant dinosaurs like the Titanosaurs, then it's giant reptiles!" Sighed Bob, shaking his head "You really will be the death of me!"

"Maybe so." Agreed Nigel, watching the Sarchosuchus follow the scent of a large piece of meat into a holding pen "But you can't deny, Bob, that she'll be a great addition to Prehistoric Park."

"Aye, Nigel." Bob noted "That I can't." He pulled out his walkie talkie and said "Suzanne - Nigel's got a surprise for you. How soon can you get here?"

"I'm on my way." Came Suzanne's reply.

Nigel laughed and patted Bob's shoulder asking "Want me to stay and help?"

Bob shook his head, shaking Nigel off back to the Time Portal as Suzanne's jeep pulled up. Nigel fled.

Nigel may have just brought a fourty foot Sarchosuchus back to Prehistoric Park, but that is not his target. Returning to the Cretaceous Period, he continues on the look out for the creature he wants.

Walking along a slightly steep hill, Nigel took a swig from his bottle of water.

"We can't just sit around and wait." He said, looking back to the camera "This is an active way to look for the herd. If I can get high," He gestured to the top of the hill he was walking up "Then I should be able to see for miles and get a view of them if they're anywhere near here."

As he climbed further up the hill he came to a dinosaur that was bellowing as it munched on a nearby tree. "At last!" Said Nigel "Some dinosaurs. It's not the heard I'm looking for. I'm pretty certain that they are a type of Iguanadont. These are very successful dinosaurs; they've been around for fourty five millions years; they'll be around for another thirty million years. Seventy five million years on the earth and they colonize every single continent."

Nigel continued onwards with his climb before coming upon a nearby clif jutting out in another direction; a whole flock of Pterosaurs - all swooping down to the sea below and gulping up fish - covered the cliff and filled the air nearby.

"This is one of the most thrilling sights in the Prehistoric World; there's Pteranodon soaring all around me and I've sneaked up to this one - he's just digesting a fish meal and I'm just eight feet away. It's only when you get this close that you realise just how huge they really are."

And now, Nigel has a plan. Pteranodon may not be the creature he came back to look for - and nor is it the heard he's tracking - but it will make a beautiful addition to Prehistoric Park - if Nigel can save one, that is.

Nigel reached into his backpack and pulled out the two pieces of the Time Portal; he stuck them in the ground and readied himself, holding a small device with a big red button - which will activate the Time Portal - in his hand.

"This one," He began "The big male; it's wing span is over twenty feet from wing tip to wing tip. So, how do flying creatures like this get to be so huge? It's because everything about them is designed to be light weight. The bones are hollow and these membranous wings - the only support is these thin and flexible rods and there like bat's wings instead of birds wings. Being so big, it's difficult for Pterosaurs to take off, that's why these sort of habitats - cliffs and mountains; you find them here most often because they must rely on the prevailing winds to literally take them off."

Nigel moved forward again; the Pteradon had now sensed him and was beginning to walk towards him. Nigel slowly walked away as the Pteranodon used its wings like legs and walked after him intent on discovering what was so fascinating about this new arrival. Nigel passed through the portal.

Let's hope Bob is prepared to look after a Pteranodon; he already looks after a Quelzalcoatlus, so how much harder can a Pteranodon be?

"Hey up, Nigel." Greeted Bob from the observation pen as Nigel climbed up the ladder at the bottom of it and opened the little trap door leading into the observation pen "What are you doing back?"

"I've brought you something else for the avairy." Stated Nigel, as he closed the door "It's a large flying reptile that should be right at home here."

"Nigel." Warned Bob "What have you done now?"

The Time Portal flickered and the Pteranodon emerged from it; it looked around for Nigel, and, being unable to find him, continued walking on until it reached the edge of the cliff. The wind, blowing around the cliff in the avairy, was strong enough for the Pteranodon to be lifted into the air and then fly away into the heart of the avairy.

Bob, jaw slack, had watched it go "Look at the size of that thing!" He cried "Nigel, how did you ever get that? I hope Suzanne's finished checking over your last little surprise, for she's going to have to give this one a look too." Like before, he pulled out his walkie talkie and spoke into it "Suzanne. Nigel's got another surprise for us. Come down to the avairy when you can."

Nigel, knowing it would be night in the Cretaceous Period, and that his mission would not be able to continue in the dark, opted to return to his office.

He was up bright and early the next morning, and had returned to the Cretaceous Period before anybody else - excluding Vet Suzanne, who had to arrive early every morning - had started work.

Emerging from the Time Portal, he found himself in a rocky canyon; a small river was running between his feet and off into the canyon. Nigel began to follow it and sprinted over to a part of the river than was red. Blood, from something very large, was seeping into the water.

As he followed the river further into the gully, the trail of blood led him to a badly wounded iguanodont; it was a Talenkauen and had a massive chunk out of its thigh.

Nigel, not content on letting an injured animal die, has made his decision. The only way the Talenkauen will truly recover is if she is brought to Prehistoric Park.

Nigel set up the Time Portal in front of the Talenkauen and gently lured it through, allowing the limping dinosaur to return to the safety of the present.

"Suzanne." He began, through his walkie talkie "I need you at the holding pens. Quickly!"

"On my way, Nigel." Came Suzanne's voice through the walkie talkie, and several minutes later, she had arrived, just as the limping Talenkauen made its way into the holding pen and collapsed onto its side.

"Oh, Nigel." She began, looking down at the wound "What made that?"

"I don't know." He replied "But I couldn't just leave it there to be eaten; the wound's bad, Suzanne. Do you think you can patch it up? Iguanodont's can recover from horrific wounds like this, so she should be alright, but it's the infection I'm worried about."

"I'll get right to work; leave it with me, Nigel."

"That's great, Suzanne. Thanks." Nigel patted her on the shoulder and headed back towards the Time Portal; as he reached the ladder, Suzanne asked "Does Bob know you've brought this back?"

"No." He stated "Tell him when he arrives, alright?"

Suzanne rolled her eyes, shaking her head exasperatedly "Very well, Nigel."; Nigel smiled and passed back through the Portal to the Cretaceous Period.

Emerging from the Portal, Nigel noticed that there was another trail of blood and began following it; this trail, rather like the trail of the Talenkauen's blood, was also fresh.

"Whatever injured the Talenkauen that I took back to Prehistoric Park must be very large and very deadly." Nigel stated, as he continued walking along; a moment later, he pressed himself against the wall "There it is." He began, pointing ahead "The biggest land predator ever. There's a dead infant Talenkauen at it's feet. It can't be anything else, it's my target, the Giganotosaurus; Paleontologists reckon that that predator weighs two tons, a good deal more than T-Rex. Giganotosaurus, like Crocodiles, wait for the big herbivores before picking off the weak ones. Because he's here, I know the heard of Argentinosaurus are too."

The Giganotosaurus picked up the dead infant Talenkauen and began to walk away and Nigel began to follow. He had, when the camp had originally arrived, bought a flying plane with him, so that he could get aerial views; it looked like he was going to have to use it, especially if he wanted to keep up with the Giganotosaurus, so, he grudingly returned to camp.

With Nigel using a plane to track down the Giganotosaurus, back at Prehistoric Park, Bob has finally arrived and noticed Nigel's special gift.

"When did he get that?" He cried, looking down into the holding pen.

"He brought her back about an hour ago; it was badly wounded." Suzanne informed him "As you can see, I've done what I can for the wound; I've taken off the infected skin all the way around and cleaned out the wound, so she'll be back on her feet soon. A few days rest and you can move her into her enclosure."

"Did he say whether she's a carnivore, or not?"

"Given that she didn't eat me when I was patching her up - she was wide awake, you see - I'd safely say she's a herbivore." Replied Suzanne "She wouldn't hurt a fly."

In the Cretaceous Period, Nigel is now flying in a plane to follow the Giganotosaurus.

As Nigel flew through the air, several Pteranodon flew along side him and weren't bothered by the noise of the planes engine at all. Then, Nigel spotted them; the herd of Argentinosaurus were plodding along.

"There's at least a dozen there!" He said, over the noise of the engine as he lowered the plane and soared through the middle of the herd. Landing about five hundred feet in front of them, he took his chance and leaped from the plane, switching off the engine.

Now, most people would find one hundred tons of dinosaur heading there way a problem, but not Nigel. Nigel sees it as an opportunity.

Nigel placed both ends of the Time Portal into the ground and waited as the Argentinosaurus got closer and closer. There were twelve fully grown Argentinosaurus and the young female from before. The Argentinosaurus moved closer and closer and finally, Nigel's nerve gave out and he pushed the button on his hand held device, causing the Time Portal to flicker into life.

"Bob's going to kill me for this." He said, as he watched the first of the Argentinosaurus enter the Time Portal "But they're too magnificent to leave behind."

Back at the Park, Bob is going to receive one very big shock.

Suzanne and Bob both looked over to the Time Portal as it flared into life; the head of the first Argentinosarus exited, followed by the neck and then the whole body. Argentinosaurus were much larger than the Titanosaurs already in the park; the Titanosaurs that were in the park were Borealosaurus; they measured twelve metres in length, and had a weight of ten tonnes, while the Argentinosaurus were twenty two metres in length and weighed seventy three tons.

"Nigel!" Bob cried "Not more Titanosaurs! I can barely control the ones we have! No, no, not my fence! Hey, where are you going? Come back here you great lummox!"

With that, Bob took off in a run after the Argentinosaurus; Suzanne couldn't help but laugh.

Back in the Cretaceous Period, Nigel is on the last leg of his mission.

Nigel had stumbled across another heard of Argentinosaurus after he had continued exploring the nearby surrounding areas, but he has also found his target: five Giganotosaurs.

Biting and snapping at the legs of the weakest of the second herd of Argentinosaurus, they ripped off massive chunks of flesh, causing blood to spill from the Argentinosaurus, which stumbled to the ground as that leg gave out. Now, Nigel took his chance. He knew that if he got too close, then the Giganotosaurs would turn and chase him, which is what he wanted.

He set up the Time Portal and moved closer; one of the Giganotosaurus noticed him and looked in his direction, roaring loudly as he did so. This gave the Argentinosaurus one last chance; it kicked out its injured back leg and hit the Giganotosaurus right in the face; with a loud thud, it fell to the ground.

Now, however, the other four Giganotosaurus had noticed Nigel and weere thundering in his direction, leaving the Argentinosaurus to bleed to death. Nigel leaped aside as they reached him, pushing the button on his remote as he did so. The Time Portal flickered into life and the four Giganotosaurus thundered through.

Back at Prehistoric Park, Bob, who is still trying to round up the Argentinosaurs, has left the Giganotosaurs to Suzanne.

"Were you trying to bring back four of them, Nigel?" She inquired, as she glanced down to them in holding pen.

"No." He replied "I was only following one; the one I was originally following got kicked in the face by an Argentinosaurus, so I got these four instead." He chuckled "Where's Bob?"

"Still trying to round up those Argentinosaurs you brought back." Suzanne replied, pointing to Bob in the distance; it seemed that he had got one of the Argentinosaurs under control, given that his hand was full of rocks.

"He'll be alright." Nigel stated, watching Bob as he attempted to corral the Argentinosaurs "Will the Talenkauen recover?"

"Hmm?" Asked Suzanne "Oh! Oh, the Iguanadont? Yes, yes. Oh, yes, they'll be fine."

"They?" Inquired Nigel.

"You didn't know?" Suzanne asked; her question was rhetoric so she continued "She was pregnant; that's why she was attacked - she hadn't eaten in months and was weak from hunger."

"Will the baby be alright?"

"Yes," Suzanne assured him "I've checked on the ultrasound; the baby is fine and healthy. There should be no problems. Not from them, at least. I don't know what a Sarchosuchus is like when pregnant - which the one you brought back is - but I expect they're more dangerous than usual?"

"You'd be right to think that." Nigel replied "Wow; a pregnant Talenkauen and a pregnant Sarchosuchus. I did well. And, how is the Pteranodon?"

"He's settled in well; he's in the avairy with the Quelzalcoatlus." She replied, smiling "The Pteranodon and the Quelzalcoatlus often interact and they get along well. There should be no problems from them."

"Good work, Suzanne."

"Nigel, I want a word with you!" Began Bob, as he approached "Why did you bring those back?"

"They were one of my targets - those are my other targets." Nigel pointed down to the Giganotosaurus.

"Oh my word, Nigel!" Cried Bob "I'm going to have to bring in more staff!"

Nigel laughed, patting Bob on the shoulder.

Next time, Nigel and an unwilling Bob, go back 280 million years to rescue a predatory synapsid genus that flourished during the Permian period and find that they may have bitten off more than they can chew.

Creatures caught this chapter:

Sarchosuchus: 1 Adult Female

Pteranodon: 1 Adult Male

Talenkauen: 1 Adult Female

Argentinosaurus: 6 Adult Males, 6 Adult Females, 1 Young Male

Giganotosaurus: 2 Adult Female, 2 Adult Male

To Be Continued