You'll notice that it mentions stuff about both Percy and Jason, and probably wonder around what book this story is supposed to take place. The truth is, I have no idea. If you mean for ages sake, I'd say maybe Son of Neptune. Speaking of ages, does anyone know how old Nico is supposed to be as of the latest book? I'm going with about 14, but let me know if I'm wrong.

Chapter 1: Meet Jenna and Leif

Nico di Angelo was walking through the grape fields, producing a prominent air of Nico-swag- oh wait, that's just what the delusional noob-authors say. In actuality, he was plodding along like any normal angst- ridden son of Hades would do. Though I suspect that's not what the noobs saw. But that's beside the point.

A rustle sounded from a nearby laurel bush, along with suppressed whispers and loud thumps followed by an "Ow!". A camera lens with the cap still on poked out from amongst the leaves and was jerked quickly back in. The commotion died down until there were only a few slight branch movements any unsuspecting onlooker would think was just the wind. Nico snapped his head up, looked back at the bush, then shrugged and kept walking- he was probably too busy acting all badass (a.k.a. minding his own business).

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" said one of the bush's occupants, a strawberry-blonde satyr with an unfortunate case of acne. He was tall and lanky, and he kept adjusting the position of his goat-legs in attempt to get comfortable in the enclosed space. Evidently, he wasn't comfortable with whatever they were doing. He glanced nervously in either direction like someone was going to jump in on them at any moment.

The other person in the bush, a mousey- looking demigod, rolled her eyes. "Dude, this is our big chance! We could actually do something for a change. You'll get a chance to make friends, and I'll get a distraction from the hot sauce!"

The satyr eyed the girl doubtfully. She was a daughter of Hermes, pretty much another insignificant 14 year old except for one thing; he obsession with hot sauce. She put it on everything- sandwiches, waffles, mixed into her evening glass of milk... she couldn't get enough of it. This wasn't limited to food and drink- sometimes she even spread it on random objects when she was nervous. She was doing that now with the branches of the bush, and was about to absentmindedly pour some on the camera until the satyr snatched the bottle away.

He bleated nervously."But Jenna, you know how much that kid creeps me out. Why couldn't we do this with someone nice, like Percy? He's pretty handsome. Or Jason. I'll bet a lot of girls would like Jason."

"Because," the girl, Jenna, replied, looking down and blushing. It probably wouldn't be a good time to mention her secret crush on the dark boy with messy hair who showed up mysteriously from time to time. Not even Leif, the satyr, knew about it, and he had been her best friend since the time he dragged her up Half Blood Hill when after finding her semi-conscious behind the Tabasco factory. "Percy is cute and nice, and so is Jason, but the noob authors don't care about cute or nice. They want a straight up bad boy, who wears a chain for a belt and carries a Stygian Iron sword! Come on, Leif. Nico never stays for longer than a week, and who knows when he's going to come back. It's now, or never."

Leif hesitated, then shrugged reluctantly. "I guess," he mumbled. "But I'm not going on camera, and if anyone tells Nico about this, or Chiron about where the video camera went... I was never involved."

"Deal!" Jenna said brightly, then pulled out her spare bottle of sauce. She knew he would agree. He always did what she asked him to, which was part of the reason he made such a good best friend. She tended to have some pretty wild ideas. She thrust the camera at Leif, who uncapped the lens and held it up to his shoulder. Jenna took a long swig of hot sauce and flashed him the thumbs- up.

"Rolling in five... four... three... two... one..." he muttered.

The demigod put on her camera-face just as the little red light turned on on the mechanism. "Good afternoon, half- bloods and nature spirits. I'm Jenna Malone here with the first episode of the first camp broadcast in history. Every week, we'll watch our favorite son of Hades become confused out of his mind, like we usually do every time a new crop of OCs invade camp. But this time, we've got it on camera. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm proud to introduce... The Nico di Angelo Dating Show!"

Leif looked back through the leaves one more time, stared at Jenna like she was out of her mind, and did a big fat facepalm.

This isn't exactly a submit-a-sue; that would be kind of boring and stressful for me. You can most certainly submit ideas though, and they can be as broad or specific as you'd like. Just don't send in an entire character with a form and stuff. Basically, a Sue is going to be featured in each chapter, all with different cliched personalities, and she's going to try and steal Nico's heart. Nico, however, will think they are insane. Tell me what you think should or could happen- characters, events, reactions, mock dates, et cetera. For now, my Sue ideas include the classic good-at-everything-prophecy-star Sue, the sweet, shy violet, the annoying badass, the strange, dark, moody girl, and the extremely beautiful one who's probably a nymph or something. There's one other rule: no submitting an OC to be host with Jenna and Leif. No exceptions. So, have fun, and may the force be with you.