Romano scrolled through Spain's contacts. "Are you sure that you have Netherlands number in here?"

"It's in there," Spain confirmed. "Try looking in the N's."

"That's the first place I checked," the Italian spat.

The Spaniard laughed. "Oh, then try looking in the H's for Holland."

Romano scrolled up on the contact list. "I don't think you have it," he said frowning.

Spain sighed and held out his hand. "Let me look."

"I don't think you'll be able to find it." The Italian handed him back his phone.

The Spaniard took a few seconds to scroll through his phone. "Found it! I for some reason I accidentally stuck a Q to the front of his name, making it QNetherlands."

"Whatever," Romano said rolling his eyes.

Spain selected the contact and hit the green send button. "Alright it's ringing," he said as he handed his phone back to Romano.

"What am I supposed to do with this?" the Italian asked now holding the phone.

"You need to ask Netherlands if he will return my-"

Romano cut him off. "Why can't you ask him to return your dollhouse, basket, frying pan, or whatever the hell you let him borrow from you?"

Spain sighed. "I don't think he wants to talk to me."

"Bastard." Romano held out the phone back for Spain to take back.

The Spaniard didn't take the phone. "You do it. We really need that basket back, if we want to have a successful-"

The Italian cut him holding the phone out closer to the Spaniard. "I don't want to talk to that guy, either."

"But, we need that basket back!" Spain protested pushing the phone away from him.

"You do it!" Romano pushed the phone back towards Spain.

"No, that will just cause problems," the Spaniard complained pushing a ringing phone back to the Italian. "We just need that basket back!"

"You talk that guy if you want it back so badly," Romano opposed pushing the phone back towards Spain.

"Please, Romano, just ask Netherlands nicely to return my basket," Spain said sighing holding out the phone that was just shoved into his hand. "I really don't think he wants to talk to me."

"No," the Italian grumbled. "You're big enough to deal with your own problems."

Spain put the ringing phone to his ear. "He hasn't picked up, yet."

"Maybe he won't."

Spain sighed and moved the phone away from his ear. "Please, just take it," he said holding the phone out again.

"No, handle this problem yourself."

"Please, he might not pick up. Will you please just leave a message for me?"

"No, and stop saying please," the Italian said irritated.

The Spaniard sighed. "Please." He held out the phone again.

"Ugh!" Romano took the phone. "I better get a good percent of tomatoes out of this!"


Netherlands sighed. "Belgium, Spain's calling me."

"What does he want?" Belgium asked looking up from her book.

"I don't know," the Dutch man said. "And I really don't want to talk to him."

The Belgian sighed, and set her book down on a coffee table. "Want me to talk to him for you?"

"I was just going to not answer."

Belgium held out her hand for the phone. "I'll talk to him."

"You don't have to," Netherlands said handing her the phone anyway. "He probably just wants to waste my time."

Belgium took the phone. "We'll see." She put hit the answer button and put the phone to her ear.

A very distinct voice came through the phone. "Look, bastard, you need to give Spain back-"

Belgium cut him off. "Is this Romano?"

"Belgium?" The owner of the voice was probably blushing.

She laughed. "That's me!"

"Uh... sorry wrong number," he said to quickly making it sound more like sorrywrongnumber.

"Don't hang up," Belgium said laughing. "You're wanted to talk to Netherlands, right?"

"Spain does." Romano's voice sounded nervous.


"Yeah... he wants to ask him to return his stupid basket or something."

"You two can come pick it up with you come over for dinner," she stated as a plan came into her head.

Netherlands looked up when he heard the word dinner. "Your not inviting Spain over, are you?"

The Belgian ignored the Dutch man. "Romano? Are you still there? Are you guys coming over for dinner?"

"Yeah... we'll come." If Belgium could see Romano she would see that he was turning as red as a tomato.

"Great! See you and Spain around six!" She hung up before Romano had the chance to protest.

"Romano, will you please join me in the kitchen?"

Romano blushed. He had only been at the house for two minutes, and Belgium was already asking him to join her in the kitchen. "Sure," he said nervously.

"Great!" She smiled. "Netherlands you play nice with Spain."

"So, how have you been?" Spain asked Netherlands once Romano left the room with Belgium.

The Dutch man ignored him, and flipped to the next page of his book.

"Oh, okay, I guess that you're not talking to me," the Spaniard said sighing. "I guess I'll just sit down and wait for dinner to be ready." He sat down.

Netherlands got up from his chair and moved to a seat farther from Spain.

Spain frowned. "Okay, yeah that chair is probably more comfortable or something."

"Please stop talking to me," the Dutch man said looking up from his book.

"Oh, sorry." The Spaniard leaned back in his chair. "Hey, do you know what we're having for dinner?"

Netherlands glared at Spain. "No." He went back to his book.

"That's cool. I'm sure it'll be good, whatever it is."

"Stop trying to make conversation," the Dutch man spat looking up from his reading martial.

"Sorry." The Spaniard gave an awkward laugh. "Hey, what are you reading?"

Netherlands lifted up his book for Spain to see the cover.

"Oh, Steven King's It," Spain said reading the cover. "I haven't read that one. Is it any good?"

The Dutch man lowered his book. "It's kind of hard to tell that when somebody is talking."

The Spaniard laughed. "I hate it when people don't realize that you're reading a book."

"Yeah," Netherlands said in a firm voice, not looking up from his book.

"So, what's your book about?" Spain asked curious. "I might want to borrow it from you."

"A clown that comes out of the sewer and kills children."

"That's horrible!" the Spaniard gasped. "I don't think I want to read a book about that."

"Good," the Dutch man mumbled flipping to the next page of his book.

"So, what was the last book you read? You know, the book you read before you started reading this book about a demon clown eating children?"

Netherlands sighed and ignored Spain. Why didn't the Spaniard realize that he didn't want to talk to him? He clearly had a book in front of him. That's the universal indication for "I'm reading. Don't try to talk to me".

"The last book I read was The Thorn Birds, by Colleen McCullough," Spain stated after Netherlands didn't say anything. "It was really good. The author is from Australia. Isn't that wild?"

"Why do things have to be so awkward?" Belgium asked as she took a bowl of fruit out of the refrigerator.

"I'm not getting you," Romano said looking through the cabinets. "Where are the plates kept?"

"The next cupboard," the Belgian answered setting the container of fruit on the tabletop. "Why do they have to be so distant with each other?"

The Italian took the plates out of the cabinet he was directed to. "Who?"

"Spain and Netherlands," Belgium responded sighing. "Why can't they just talk to each other like normal people?"

"I don't know." Romano set the plates on the table. "Hey, are we going to need bowls?"

"We're just having waffles and fruit," the Belgian confirmed. "You know we should really do something about their relationship."

"We?" The Italian blushed.

Belgium laughed. "I came up with a plan earlier, but I'm going to need your help."

"My help?" Romano turned a darker shade of red. "Forget it!"

"Please?" She made the same face she made when he was a little kid wanting a kiss. "My plan won't fail."

He really couldn't resist that face. He's thought about it from time to time, and now he was seeing it again. "Fine, but the second it starts to fail I'm out!"

Belgium laughed. "It won't fail."

"If it does I'm out," Romano repeated. "What is this plan, anyway?"

The Belgian grinned. "Just play along with everything I say."

"And that's why I don't bother watching Disney sequels," Spain said, finishing a story he was telling to a very annoyed Netherlands.

"Dinner's ready!" Belgium's voice called from the dinning room. "Come to the dinning room!"

Netherlands set his book down on a coffee table. "Yay."

"I wonder what we're eating," Spain said standing up from his seat on the couch. "I'm sure it'll be good, whatever it is."

"Yeah." The Dutch man stood up and left for the kitchen.

"Oh, we aren't going to walk together," the Spaniard said frowning. "That's cool."

"Belgium, pass me the sugar." The sugar was actually closer to Spain, but Netherlands wasn't going to ask him to do anything.

The Belgian sighed, but handed him the sugar anyway. "So, Romano and I have a big announcement-"

Romano looked up from his waffle. "We do?"

"Yes, we do sweetheart," she confirmed giving him a stare.

The way she said "sweetheart" made Romano blush.

Belgium smiled. "This is our one week anniversary," she continued. "Isn't that great?"

"Congratulations!" the Spaniard said as the Italian's face turned a darker shade of red.

"One week anniversary of what?" Netherlands asked, clearly mad and not paying attention to the mountain of sugar he was dumping onto his waffles.

"Dating." She grabbed Romano's hand and held it with hers. "We made it through seven days, and we're still happy to be together!"

"I'm so happy for you guys," Spain said as Romano's hand began to sweat out of nervousness. "Romano never said anything about you guys dating. I could have given him advice."

Belgium laughed and gave Romano's hand a light squeeze. "He could have used some of that advice."

"Why didn't you tell me that you were dating Mini Spain?" the Dutch man asked, still not aware that he was adding too much sugar onto his waffle. The waffle wasn't visible anymore.

"I did," she answered smiling. "You were just too busy reading It to listen."

"How did you guys start dating?" the Spaniard asked curious, before Netherlands could say anything else.

"I'll let Romano tell the story." She gave his hand another squeeze.

The Italian just stayed silent. He was turning the color of stop sign, and he was too embarrassed to act like himself. If he were being himself, he would have snapped the second Netherlands called him "Mini Spain".

"Darling, you need to tell them how you asked me out," Belgium said turning to Romano. "You tell it so much better than I do."

"Uh..." The Italian really wasn't sure what he was supposed to say. "Well... one time I was at a bar... and Belgium was at the same bar... and we drank... and yeah."

The Dutch man raised an eyebrow. "How badly do you tell the story?" he asked the Belgian.

She just laughed and moved her chair closer to Romano. "Come on, honey, tell them the real story."

"It's embarrassing," Romano protested. He really didn't know what he was supposed to say. It really wasn't fair that Belgium was doing this to him. And why was she sitting so close to him?

"I want to hear this story." Netherlands's voice sounded more like it was giving an order.

"Me too!" Spain added.

Romano blushed. How much redder could his face get? "Well, uh, do you guys remember that rainy day I flipped my car in the ditch?"

"You drive too fast," Netherlands stated finally setting the now empty sugar bowl aside.

"After I flipped my car I called my brother, and he was out of the country visiting the potato bastard. So, that idiot couldn't help me. Then I called Spain, and he didn't pick up-"

The Spaniard cut him off. "I'm sorry Romano! I misplaced my phone that day."

The Italian ignored him. "Anyway, finally I called Belgium. She came to help me, and I don't know. I guess she just looked really cute in the rain."

"What about the bar you mentioned earlier?" the Dutch man asked frowning.

"He bought me drink after I helped him," the Belgian answered. This was a lie. After she helped with getting his car out of the ditch, they both just awkwardly left each other.

"Okay?" Netherlands raised an eyebrow. He didn't seem to buy it.

"Well, I think it's wonderful!" Spain exclaimed. "I'm so glad Romano is expressing his more romantic side."

"Oh, since Romano's car is getting repaired you're going to need to drive him to our dates," she told Spain.

"I have more than one-" Belgium cut Romano off by stepping on his foot. "Ouch!"

"So, Spain, do you think you'll be able to drive my honeybun to our date tomorrow?"

"I'll love to," Spain said happily. "I could give him dating advice along the way!"

Before Romano could say anything, or scream anything, to protest, Belgium turned to Netherlands. "Oh, Netherlands, my car is also destroyed. Will you drive me to our date tomorrow?"

Netherlands frowned. "What's wrong with your car?"

Belgium smiled remembering the fun she had with those hedge clippers. "It just refuses to start."

Netherlands frowned. "I'll look at your car tomorrow. If it's too bad, I'll call Germany."

"You'll drive me to my date right?" she asked. "Romano promised to take me down Amsterdam's Red Light District."

Netherlands thought for a second. He wanted to go there too. "Sure."

She smiled. "And before we do that, Romano promised to take me flamenco dancing."

"Can I watch?" Spain asked. "I would love to see Romano doing the flamenco."

The Belgian laughed. This was almost too easy. "That would be fun! If he messes up you can show him how it's done."

"I'll come to," the Dutch man said before the Italian could scream something, or punch something, in protest. "Just to make sure Spain and Mini Spain don't try anything to funny."

"You're a good dancer, right?" Belgium asked holding Romano's hands as they stood together in the doorway.

"I... uh..." Romano felt uncomfortable. "I haven't danced in a few years."

She leaned in and gave him a peck on the lips. "Unless you want Spain to humiliate you, you should practice," she whispered as she moved her face away.

"Okay," he said dazed.

She smiled. "Good."

"Romano!" Spain called from the car. "Its time to go!"

On his way to the car, Romano couldn't help but put his hand to his lips.


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