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"Five minutes till show time, ladies!" Sean called from back stage as he paced nervously while checking on the costumes and props needed for the upcoming performance.

Boy, was he stressed before every performance. He really needs to take a chill pill, thought the twenty-five years old, Cece Jones, as she finished fixing her makeup and readjusting her police officer uniform costume. She looked back in the mirror one more time before smiling and blowing herself a kiss in the mirror. Cece walked away from her vanity mirror and walked over to her starting place behind the curtain. She put her hat on and shook off any pre-performance jitters she had. She took up her starting position and waited for the curtain to rise. As soon as the curtain rose and the show started, Cece lost in the song and dance.

I need a tough lover, yeah yeah yeah I need a, a tough lover, woo I need a, a tough lover, yeah yeah yeah A tough lover, ooh yeah . . . . . .

Gunther Hessenheffer sat at the bar at some high end club that he didn't really know the name of. He was new to LA and was just checking out some club that his best friend, Ty, suggested to visit while in LA.

Gunther soon found his head bobbing and foot tapping to the song. The singer had an amazing voice, with a great dance moves to match. Her red curls bounced on her shoulders with every move she made. Guther found her to be breath taking. He was mesmerized by her move. The was just something about her.

Then Gunther realized who she was. She was Cece Jones, his old flame. Seeing her up on stage made think back to the last time he saw her, when they found out Shake It Up! Chicago was ending.

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