Chapter 2


Dead or Alive

David was completely surprised for what he was hearing, except for Hagi due to he already knew

"I'm very surprised that someone would be able to get the information about Chiropterans and Saya" David said

"Not just Saya, I know of Diva & her chevaliers" I replied

"I'm not surprised that you from the real world would come here... but the question is why?" David stated

"I'm trying to figure that out... but somehow I can't remember..." I said scratching my head

"That's not the only problem... some of the Chiropterans made it to Okinawa... somehow" Hagi mentioned

When he said that, it shocked me about something

"Then we need to head to Okinawa to find out what Drakula is up to..." said David

I glanced at Hagi as he gives me a familiar katana to me

"You might need this... it belonged to Saya after she went into hibernation..." Hagi said

"But... I can't fight, Hagi" I replied

"You will... once we reach Okinawa, I'll teach you" Hagi stated

"Ok..." I said to him with a nod

However elsewhere, in a laboratory... Unknown to anyone where they can find it

"Just when everything was going perfect... the failed experiments managed escaped... sadly we didn't get the girl in time..." said one

"There's no need... since we have the original blood from Diva & other chevaliers that died... we'll put her to the test" replied the other as he gripped on his crystalized arm

At Okinawa

We entered a cooking place; I remember it quite well... This is where Saya started by having amnesia & her adventure began

"Wait here..." said David as he went through the door on his own

"Bobby, I'm going to check on Saya to see if she is all right..." Hagi said to me

"But what about the training you said we're going to do?" I asked

"Don't worry. We'll get to that, but I need to go check on her to see if something has not disturbed her hibernation cycle" Hagi assured as he left

I sighed sadly as I sat down in one of the chairs, by looking at the tables. The flashback of the last episode came into my mind, watching people that I knew having fun. I felt really tired; from getting all the way to here, I lay my head down on the table as I closed my eyes to sleep

But then suddenly, I see flashbacks in some kind of laboratory. I was in a deep sleep while unknown people; putting strange blood into my body, how was I seeing this? The question still remained until I saw a man with a crystallized arm. Wait… that guy... his face looks familiar… could it be? I suddenly felt a shove on my shoulder as I woke up.

"Are you alright?" asked Lewis

"…Yeah, I'm just tired" I replied

"Don't worry I'm sure you can get more rest here in Kai's place" Lewis stated

"Hey, Lewis…" I said to him as he glances to me

"What is it, child?" He stated

"Did Amshel… get killed in that auditorium?" I asked

"Of course he did, I saw it with my own eyes… why do you ask?" he replied

"There was a man… with a crystallized arm" I stated

We heard a door opened by David and with Kai behind him; He grown up a lot since Saya was put into hibernation. They both came up to Lewis and I, "Kai, this is Bobby… the one we found in the laboratory" said David.

"Nice to meet you" stated Kai as he offers his hand for a handshake

I offered my hand to his as we both shook our hands; right behind them was the two little girls that looked just like Diva and Saya. They've grown up as well; they seem to be either eleven or twelve, but look adorable at the same time.

"You can stay here for as long as you want, the girls won't mind at all. They like visitors" said Kai

I gave them a smile and wave as they did the same. During the night, I slept in the guest room; the dream from earlier recurred to me. But it was different; I saw an envelope with some blood samples inside. Then changes back to me still asleep, the people covered me up for some reason as I heard blood splatter everywhere. Is this where they got attacked by Chiropterans and kept me here for so long? Then it changes to a beach where a mysterious person stood in front while I was behind, as the person turned to me face to face. The eyes were glowing red like blood

("…Saya?") I said

("…You need to listen to me carefully… these new Chiropterans... won't be so easy to be kill… you already know what kills them… right?") replied Saya

("Y-Yes, it's the blood that you and the twins carry… the blood that turned me into this in the first place…") I stated

(There will be overcoming obstacles for you ahead… they're will be some familiar faces you will see before you… and the man that turned you into a Chiropteran Queen like me… and Diva…) Saya said

("Diva!?") I said in a shock

I woke up out of the sudden and heard the girls screaming and gun firing as I grabbed Saya's katana, I ran quickly to the girls room with a Chiropteran inside. I brought out her weapon as I cutted myself right at the tip of the sword near the handle with my hand, bleeding through the blade. I sliced the monster in half like a potato; the girls glanced at me with the fear in their eyes. But I slowly came up to them as they hugged me knowing that they are safe from harm, Kai and the others came into the room hoping that they were okay. They lowered they're weapons and sighed in relief, however… outside, Drakula and his companion stared out of the window.

"So… that's my new baby sister…?" said one

"Indeed she is… we must head back to the others and give report of her progression, it was… just only her first obstacle…" Drakula replied

"Hmm… you're right, maybe when she toughens up… I could play with her… just like my big sister…" stated one

In the morning-afternoon, the girls stayed at Mao's house for a few weeks as they hugged Kai for goodbyes; I waved to them goodbye as we all headed. Kai glanced at me

"Thanks…" said Kai

"…For what?" I asked him

"For rescuing the kiddos of course… I didn't know what to do if you hadn't rescued them" he replied with a smile

"Oh...No problem" I said with a smile on my face

To be Continued…