I hope you guys like it. Just a fic I thought of. The start is over used just so you know.

I awoke to the sound of steady beeping. The harsh light of the hospital wing in the Watch Tower hurt to look up. The material of the hospital gown was itchy and thin. My head was pounding and my arm felt like it was on fire. But it all passed in a few seconds.

Realizing nobody was here I picked up the book on the table, sat up in criss cross applesauce and started reading. It was a really good book called Witch and Wizard. Before long I was super hungry. I picked up my uniform.

A shirt that cuts off at my stomach and goes to my wrists. A skirt that cuts off mid thigh with knee high black boots. Everything black with electric blue, earthy green, a soft purple/white, and a soft red almost pink but not quite. I don't wear a mask, an action along with my outfit choice was something my overprotective dad, uncles, brothers and boy cousins didn't like at all. My dark black hair was pulled back with a matching headband.

After putting it on I walked to the cafeteria sticking to the shadows. It helps that my daddy is Batman and nobody sees me unless I want them too. Speaking of family. My name is Andrea Wayne. This means courageous in Greek because my mom is Wonder Woman and she is Greek. My uncles are Superman, Green Lantern, Flash, J'onn J'onnz, Green Arrow and the Question. My aunts are Lois, Hawk Girl, Linda, Black Canary, and Huntress. My cousins are Steven Kent 15, Alicia Kent 15, Rex Stewart 17, Britney West 15, Justin Queen 16, Piper Queen 17, and Nicki Sage 15. My brothers are Nightwing, Robin, and my real brother Jason Wayne after the second Robin. Alfred is my adoptive grandfather. Yeah the whole family is made of superheroes pretty much. Nothing is ever realty boring so that's a plus.

Anyway I walked in and everybody looked over at me. I gave them a small hi and wave. The next thing I know I'm on the ground being crushed in a hug from Alicia, Britney, and Piper.

"Can't breathe guys" I managed to rasp out.

"I don't care! You scared me to the point where I wouldn't stop crying." Replied Britney who never ever cries. But they let up and allowed the boys to hug me. I blushed when Steven hugged me. A fact that didn't escape the girls. They gave me a, we will talk about this later look.

I sat down to eat when behind me a throat cleared. I turned around to see my parents and aunts and uncles. I jumped up and gave my parents a hug and kiss on the cheek.

"How are you baby girl?" my dad whispered/asked. We always had a special connection since my first word, smile and laugh was in his arms.

"I'm fine dad." i replied in the same way.
I was aloud out later and we were just sitting around my house completely board. When I had a stroke of genius.

"Let's have an ice cream sundae contest. Alfred can judge."

"Oh thank god something to do." said Piper who was always was impatient.