Kid flash, aka Wally West, sat in front of the guest bed and looked at his girlfriend of two years. She had come from Jump City, to his apartment in Star City. She looked so sweet and innocent and peaceful in her sleep, but Wally knew better than that. He decided to ignore that fact and just pay attention to the little noises she made and the way she scrunched up her nose so cutely. It had taken forever for him to talk her into visiting, even for the short three-day weekend that she was there. He sat there and watched her for what seemed like a few minutes but was evidently a couple of hours.

"Jinx-y Winks-y," he whispered into her ear as he shook her softly, "Time to wake up."

Jinx's eyes flew open and flashed pink. Wally jumped out of the bed and cowered behind the nightstand.

"Never," Jinx growled, "Call me any pet names. Ever."

Jinx got up and made a breakfast of eggs and bacon, since Wally had been forbidden from cooking on her first day. As they were eating, Jinx looked up from her food to see Wally staring at her. Wally noticed and blushed as deep red as his hair.

You're not the type

Type of girl to remain

With the guy, with the guy too shy

Too afraid to say,

He'll give his heart to you forever

"Jinx, you're an awesome cook." Commented Wally quickly.

"I know that. How do you think the Hive Five ate? How do you eat when you have to cook?" Jinx shuddered at the memory of his charred attempt at breakfast.

"I just order take out and stuff…" Wally muttered deep in thought.

Jinx was surprised that her boyfriend could ever be deep in thought, and decided not to comment. Wally looked over at her and stuffed a handful of bacon in his mouth

I'm not the boy that will fall to his knees

With his hands clenched tight

Begging, begging you please

To stay with him for worse and for better

"Inx, ed be ahsone if ou ould, ou no, ay ere ith ee orehver," mumbled Wally through a full mouth of food.

Jinx rolled her eyes at his manners and slowly asked, "Repeat slowly and without that much food in your mouth."

Wally swallowed his food and mumbled to his plate, "It'd be awesome if you, um, stayed here with me, for like, longer then a weekend."

Jinx widened her eyes and played back his words in her mind. Was he asking her to move in? Seemed like it. Would she accept? Maybe. Her life would be, as he put it, "Awesome". Living with the fastest boy alive and junior hero of Star city would indeed be absolutely-

"Ya know Jinx," Wally interrupted her thought, "Since you're like a villain in Jump and I couldn't live without yo- Your cooking. You could make a new start here."

But I'm staring at you now

There's no one else around

I'm thinking you're the girl for me

Jinx cursed the stupidness inside herself for letting her believe that there was another reason that he wanted her to stay, and Wally cursed himself for making it seem like he didn't just want her to stay for her.

"I'd be fine with me if you stayed and you know, cooked for me and stuff." Wally said in an attempt to make up for his previous comment.

Jinx caught on to her boyfriend's awkwardness and leaned forward, making the gap between them only 1 inch wide. "Wally, did you really think that I would let you stay here alone with your rancid cooking. I'm never leaving." Wally grinned about to speak, but she quickly silenced him with a kiss.

I'm just saying it's fine by me

If you never leave

And we can live like this forever

It's fine by me